Samragni-the empress (episode 8)

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Epi 8
Raajat keeps looking at Ragini shocked. Before she could reach him, his army forces come to fight with Ragini.
Some gadodiya army also starts fighting with them.
Ragini raises her sword and defeats enemies.
While she is fighting Dp keeps looking at her. He reminds his words, “being woman don’t make you warrior..!”
But now, Ragini is fighting with all woman attire and not in warrior dress. Dp imagines Durga maa in her. He feels proud of her.
Raajat runs away with his people.

Everyone cheer Ragini. After all the war, sanskar comes.
Ragini goes angrily near him.
Ragini: where were you, while all this mess was happening..??
Sanskar: Rajkumari, I was ordered by Mahamantri Durga Prasad to follow you, while you were going out…

Ragini and rest all amazes.
Shekar: is that true maha mantri? And why didn’t you inform us when she is going out??

Ragini: because, it was mine and mama sri’s plan.
All amaze now again.

Dp: yes maha raja..! i observed princess was upset with all the rules. And i came near her yesterday evening.

Dp: princess, i know you were upset with all rules. But…
Ragini: i know mama sri. But, as a princess, this is important to me. But, i also want freedom.

Dp: then visit this kingdom. Go out as a unknown girl. And know about people.
Ragini agrees. Then she goes out.

Dp calls Sanskar.
Dp: i have sent her, but still I’m her mama. I’m afraid of her security. You follow her and protect her.
Sanskar agrees and follows.

Fb ends….

Sanskar: and, I missed princess while following.
Ragini: and, i never know that you were following me…

Sumi: and we never know that this much things are happening in fort. Dp bhayya, this is not fair.
Adarsh: yes bhabhi ji, you are right. Maharaj, this Dp has been crossing his limits all the time. If something could have happened to our princess??
Shekar: stop all discussion, everyone take rest. We shall talk in tomorrow’s court.

Next day….
In court,

Ragini: I have come out of palace and I understood the common life of people. And i have also seen different types of criminals. And, i have also seen how women are discriminated. Because, as a normal girl i myself faced it.(she remembers the goons tried to attack them in forest)

But, still there are men who respect them a lot. (she remembers Laksh)
Totally, this journey helped me a lot in understanding the real world. And, it is beyond this palace and beyond our thoughts.

She completes talking. All keeps looking and listening to her.
Later Ragini sits in her room and keeps all the jewellery and dress given by Laksh in a box. Dp comes near her.

Dp: beta, I’m sorry. I thought, being a woman makes you weak. But today, you have defeated my thoughts. It is the woman who is powerful and she is Shakthi. And, we all pray to her. I’m a fool to think women as weak. You can be as the perfect woman from today, you may wear whatever you want…!!

Ragini remembers how Raajat and goons in forest commenting her for being beautiful.
Sumi and Shekar also come there.

Ragini silently goes inside the changing room. They three don’t understand anything. After a while, she comes out in same warrior dress, man like looking dress.
They amaze.
Ragini: I will be like this only. Princess Ragini is different from all other girls. And, I have to be like this. No one should ever think I’m beautiful..!! everyone should say that I’m powerful and brave…! and, I have to be as the threat in men’s eye. I’m not a woman. But, I’m the Queen.
She takes a sword and forcedly throws it to wall. And that sword pins to wall strongly.
Ragini: that sword reminds me always, that I’m Samragni…! i’m the warrior..!!!!
Dp and rest all looks on….
{Flash back ends here…. friends, this was all flash back. Fb started in episode 4 and ends here. In fb Ragini was 16 years old. Now she is 20. Ok, now this fb ends and present story now starts…}

Empress Ragini remembers all that past looking at parrot. She comes out of her thoughts with parrot’s words, ‘you are beautiful…’
She smiles and puts it aside. She goes near the box which she closed four years back. She opens it and looks the jewellery and dress. She remembers Laksh. And, she also remembers seeing him in court as Prince.

She smiles and about to touch them. The curtain from Sword pinned to wall falls. She looks at sword and reminds her ambition. Then she closes the box again.
She stands before the mirror and says, “Ragini, everyone look into the mirror to check their beauty. But, you look into the mirror to remind yourself as the Queen. And, you are not normal Queen, you are a Empress…the ruler. And, the huge responsibility is ahead to you..! The Empire is going to break into small kingdoms in province kings revolution. The foreign enemies are waiting to occupy this Empire..! in this situation, normal people are suffering with hunger..! In such a situation, you have to grow up as powerful being and not as a dreamy girl. Keep aside all the things which make you dream…!!! Now, let’s begin the life as Empress and take responsibility of kingdom. Suppress the stupid revolution which breaks the unity of empire and suppress all the foreign invasions…!!! Jai maatru Bhumi..!!”
Ragini says those words strongly.
Adarsh looks at her from window and listens all that. Dp comes near him.
Dp: Adarsh ji, what are you doing here at this time??
Adarsh wipes his tears.

Adarsh: have you seen, what you made my brother’s daughter like. She is sacrificing her womanhood just for being empress..!! I have sacrificed my marriage life without getting married for this kingdom and Shekar bhayya. Now, why that innocent girl has to sacrifice?? If she never had dreams, she never gets married to anyone. This royal family has to become heir less again, and the throne becomes question mark.
Dp: you are thinking a lot. Being like that is Samragni’s own wish. No one forced her. And her marriage…? there is lot of time for it..!
Adarsh: Yes, and I’m worried for her. Because, I’m her chote papa. Maharani Sharmista devi and Maharaj Shekar were dead already to worry about her. And me and you only are left. Before we would die, we have to show her a love….

Dp keeps looking at him.
Adarsh: if that doesn’t happen, she becomes alone…
He wipes his tears and goes away. Dp looks on…

Precap: Ragini as Samragni, her new ruling start. Will Dp and Adarsh find her prince charming???

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