Sajna Veh FF – Epi 21 – “Hurdles from the past”

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Sajna Veh

Episode – 21


@Raichand Mansion

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Ishani plays a pinch. Twinkle comes out of her dream .

Twinkle – areh…

Ishani – why r u looking at me like that..

Twinkle – ishu…I

Ishani sips her drink – ishu..stop day dreaming.

Twinkle- oh im so sorry.

Twinkle itches her eyebrow.

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Twinkle – recently every week I have a dream that ur pregnant.

Ishani – what ? what the f**k .

Ishani laughs.

Twinkle – im sorry…

Twinkle looks on embarassed.


Kunj and Ranveer are shown playing pool.

Kunj – is very odd. Isnt it ? here see, just about 3 months ago Swara bhabhi had gone through so much. And now u can see her happily giggling with everyone else.

Ranveer – yeah. Anyways . what have u thought about ur marriage ?i heard that many proposals are coming for her.

Kunj – well. I don’t know. But im sure, no one would mind. After all, she is just another girl who’s just a care taker. Just like me. u think about u . ishani literally lives there, she is darling of Choti Dadi (swara’s dadi). But at the end, she is a worker. And u r the son of…

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Ranveer- yeah I know. But Sanky bhai and Lucky bhai know about it.

Kunj – I don’t frankly think they’ve had taken it seriosly, Roody .

Ranveer looks on .


Archana (ragini’s mother , Gopi’s best friend cum neighbour ), and Gopi are shown standing with Suhana and Anika.

Archana – so beta..when is ur due ?

Anika – 2 months later aunty , umm in April .

Archana – oh.

Urmila (Anika’s mother ,Vandana Vithlani) – im sure my daughter will have a son only. And then all the business empire will be daamad ji’s. and only thenga will remain for sanskar and laksh. Hehe .

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suhana rolls her eyes.

Urmila – never minds.. me just jokes. Hehe !

Anika gets annoyed – ma !

Gopi – arent u planning a baby shower samdhan ji ?

Suhana – soon . but samdhan ji I don’t think it will be any better than Maya’s . thankyou so much . u are her maasi saas. But so beautifully u had planned everything.

Gopi wipes off her tear – after all rashi ben isnt there to .

Suhana smiles.

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@Main gate.

The hall is shown beautifully decorated. The people are shown enjoying the party.

Sanskar comes inside with a man. The man’s face is revealed. (Upen patel )Raghav Goenka is shown .

Sanskar – swara..come here.

Swara smiles – hey !

Raghav –  hi Swara !

Sanskar – princess. You remember him ? he was our batchmate for 5 straight years .

Swara- oh yes . Raghav..Raghav..umm..Goenka .

Raghav – yes .yes. I still remember u guys proposed each other in the 8th class ! I always knew you would get married one day !

Swasan smile.

Swara – so. How suddenly ?

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Raghav – sorry guys. But today I need to crash ur party.

Raghav takes out a microphone from his pocket.

Rahav  – Laado !

The word echos in the hall. Spotlight falls on Ragini. Laksh looks on.

( SWARA ‘S DRESS )                                         (Ragini’s dress )

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Ragini comes forward and looks at him. She gets shell shocked. Raghav smiles cunningly.

Raghav hugs Ragini . Laksh raises his eyes. Anahita, dadi and others remain surprised. Ragini pushes him off. Public is shown staring.

Ragini – raghav.what are u doing here ? why are u here ? im asking something ! I said get out of here.

Raghav – will . I will babes. But first I need to settle some scores.

He takes the mic and starts speaking loudly.

Raghav – so today..ill tell all of u a story. A love story. I loved a girl immensely.

Ragini closes her eyes. Durga looks on.

Image result for ragini maheshwari tears cry

Raghav – she loved me too. And not only with our hearts, but also ,with our hands, our bodies, aour lips , our tounges.

Laksh raises an eyebrow. Swasan look at each other surprised.

Durga nods her head in negative.

Raghav goes close to Ragini’s ears and says.

  • It was just another winter night. With our naked bodies wrapped around each other. My lips on her lips. My hands on her hips. We were one. And it happened.


He pointed towards Ragini’s stomach . Virika look on shocked.

Image result for virika

Arjun – what the f**k !

Maya – what the hell !

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Anahita – suhana whats going on ?

Suhana – I don’t have any idea.

Raghav – and that month, Ragini Shergill did my baby’s abortion.

Laksh gets raged and is about to slap Raghav when kunj holds his hand.

  • Raghav – No. lakshya. No . I can totally understand ur pain. Its hard to imagine ur wife clothlless in someone else’s arms. that’s hot
  • Lakshya – Ill kill you ..who r u and who paid u to say all this against my Ragini.

Ragini silently weeps. Durga nods her no. she is about to speak when , Ragini signals her no. tears stream down durga’s eyes. Raghav hands over a paper to Dadi. Ragini’s abortion papers. A single tear streams down her face as she looks firy with anger.

Dadi nods her head in positive . Rohan and Prince look on. Naira grabs durga’s shoulders .

Twinkle – what the hell is going on ?

Ishani – how can I know ?

Swara –dadi..what r u saying. We all know this is impossible !

Archana holds her head. Manav supports her. Gopi stands shocked.

Dadi goes to Ragini – Ragini. Yes or no. did u have an abortion in Delhi ?

Ragini keeps crying.  Swalak look on.

Dadi – yes or no Ragini?

Archana – aunty ji what r u saying ? how can u blame my daughter’s character ?

Kartik – u should be ashamed of alleging my sister !

Image result for kartik goenka

Gopi – maa ji, I respect u a lot. But this against ragini is not right. Like swara , even she is my daughter.

Dadi –im talking to my pota bahu. Ragini answer me. did u have an abortion with Raghav ? 3 years ago ? but then u were with Lakshya right ? did u cheat lakshya and sleep with Raghav ?

Archana keeps crying. Ragini remains numb.

Swara cups ragini’s face – Rags..rags plz say its false. Say its false and end the matter.

Kartik – yes di. Say its false and end the matter.

Sanskar holds laksh’s shoulder who is trembling.

Lakshya- ragini. Baccha. Say its false na ?

Dadi – I know the answer. Still im asking you Ragini. I heard this myself, but I had a hope..but don’t try to fool us by any fake story, you cleverly talk and get things in your favor, I did a mistake to not know about you well, even your family doesn’t know about you, whom shall I hold responsible now, you or our fate.?

Ragini – no dadi .

Dadi – yes or no ????

Dadi jerks Ragini.

Ragini – yes !

Yes echos is the in the whole hall. Laksh gets flaggerbasted. Swara walks back a few steps. Archana screams no !

Anika falls down.

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Shivaay and Kaanchi get her up.

Ranveer- bhabi ?

Dadi slpas Ragini hard. She falls on Swara. Swasan hold her .

Laksh comes towards ragini with tearry eyes. Ragini doesn’t look at him in the eye.

He jerks her had.

  • Why ragini ?? why..!! I asked why ?? u blo*dy whore! Why ?? why did u do this to me ?? u slept with..Ragini ..asnwer me…u blo*dy..why ????
  • Lashya…
  • Get out..i said get out. Get ouf of my fu*king house  right now !

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Sanskar – lucky..

lAksh – nahi…niklo mere ghar se abhi.

He drags her out of the house and she falls out of the threshold .

Ragini – laksh.

Prince looks at durga’s face full of guilt.

Gopi – I agree she had made a msiatke. But this is no way to behave. U could have asked for an explanation. Fine ,we will leave. Rags has done a msiatke. But u guys didn worry about reputation as well. We shall leave now. Swara, if u have any love for Ragini come with us and handle her,

Swara is shown holding Sanskar’s hand. She looks athim. He looks at her with tearry eyes.  Swraa letsg o of his hand. Sanskar looks shocked. Swara holds Ragini’s hand and leaves. The main door closes as the Walia and shergills leave.


@Walia house

@Swara’s room

Ragini is shown sleeping on bed. Swara is shown placing wet cloth on her head. Ragini has heavy fever. Durga is shown sitting holding her hand. Maid comes.

Image result for srishti jain durga

Maid – swara di.

Swara- hmm bolo..

Maid – sanskar bhai saahab has come to meet you.

Swara – me ? umm okay. Im coimng. Where is he ?

Maid – in the lawn.

Swara nods.


Swara – tum ???

Sanskar – hmm..wo..kal call nahi kiya tumne ?

Swara – hmh..tumne bhi toh nahi kiya nah !!

Sanskar – hmm….

Swara – can they all behave like this ?? they should have listened to Rags once. No one cares about her at all…

Sanskar – u care about me ???

Swara – huh??

Sanskar –Swara ..after such a long time everything was falling into place, me and u were one again, happy and at peace. , par bina soche mera haath chorne se pehle tumhe 1 min nahi laga…

Swara – haath chora tha Sanskar, saath nahi,and as for Rags, there is a sceret that she has told me ..par tumlog sunna kaha chahte ho…

Sanskar  –  aur tum batana hi kaha chati ho..never mind. I know u will tell me when the need will fall. But I hope, is raaz se ragini Laksh ka rishte toote jore jo bhi ho, par hamare rishte ko kuch nahi hoga…

Swara  –tumhare liye kehna aasan hoga sanskar, par meere liye sochna bhi mushkil hai….

They look on.

@Swara room.

Durga feeds Ragini soup.

Sanskar – so now ur better ?

Ragini – im fine.

Sanskar – whats the secet Ragini..pls tell me. its for ur own good.

Ragini – im sorry sanskar. For now, whateve u know is the truth.

Sanskar – fine then. I shall leave now.

Ragini nods.

Related image Image result for swara maheshwari smile

Swara – ill see u till the door.

Swasan are about to leave when

Ragini – sanky.

Sanskar looks at her. She avoids his eye.

Ragini – Lakshya ka khyal rakhna.

Image result for ragini maheshwari

Sanskar nods.


Swasan share a long eyelock..finally, sanskar pulls her by head and pecks her forehead emotionally.

Sanskar – call karunga..pakar lena..

Swara fadely smiles –hmm

He leaves..

Precap –


Laksh – u don’t know my pain sanskar. Its not ur wife u who sleeps around ! sanskar looks on.

Suhana and swara are on a call.

Suhana – how is ragini ? swara – she is fine mom.

Laksh comes down the stairs.

Laksh – I will divorce that whore !

Swara gets shell shocked. Ragini overhears.

Maid – Ragini di has attempted suicide suicide !

Ragini and Laksh are shown collaged.

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  2. Jasminerahul

    oh it was only twinkle’s dream.what a weird dream was it.wonder if this dream has got any significance.urmila as anika’s greedy mother was unexpected. upen patel’s entry was unexpected. oh raghav said so many dirty things about ragini.shocking.sad that ragini admitted it n she was kicked out.sad that laksh too didn’t believe her.I wish this separation is raglak’s drama to expose raghav.why did prince look at durga with guilt?all swasan scenes were lovely.liked the pics

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