Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 62

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Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date…


Om-Gauri , Sumo-Rudra came to the other apartment waiting for Shivika for tea since long time…their eyes stayed wide open seeing both of them happily sleeping cuddling each other.

Gauri went ahead to wake Anika up, when OM held her wrist and nodded NO..Gauri smiled and all four left from there.

‘’Om why didn’t you allow me to wake them up..i mean ‘’

‘’Gauri…I donno about Annika but , I have never seen Shivaay sleeping so peacefully ever…you know whenever he slept , he always had frowns on his face…frowns while sleeping and today I could clearly see he had peace all over his face…’’

‘’yes Gauri didi….Shivaay bhayya has been worried ever since my childhood….today he has got some peace so let him sleep. I know you feel awkward to see Shivaay bhayya cuddling Anika didi and sleeping…but may be that is where he finds his peace’’

‘’What do you both think, I am villain in their lives…’’ Gauri spoke looking at Om and Rudra

‘’Gauri/Gauri didi’’

‘’I just wanted to wake them up because they can’t sleep in the night…’’

‘’let them be awake whole night….as long as they are happy and together…isn’t it’’ Sumo added while all others smiled.

Days passed by and the bonding between Om-Gauri and Shivaay-Annika grew , Rudra and Sumo were altogether on a different tangent, they were still fighting with their emotions.

———–Day before Rudra’s birthday

‘’Priyanka…when will you be arriving?’’ Anika was on phone

‘’Annika..i will be there tomorrow evening ..’’

‘’Ohh God…how can you be so late yaar’’

‘’Sorry…but caught up and coming there takes a lot of time too’’

‘’ok fine…don’t say sorry…remember your arrival we have kept secret you remember right…and Nikhil will come to pick you…got it’’

‘’Yes Annika…I remember and you don’t worry’’

‘’Perfect…come soon yaa…we all are missing you terribly’’

‘’miss you too’’

The call ended and Annika-Gauri and Sumo gave hifi to each other.

‘’Dii…what’s the plan for next’’

‘’Saumi…tomorrow we have to send the boys out for the whole day and for that we need to do something very big and strange otherwise they will suspect us’’

‘’Do you have any plan dii?’’ Gauri asked

Annika smirked

‘’This smirk suggests that you are upto something really big’’

‘’That tho I am upto…you know how much I love to irritate that Khadoos singh oberoi’’

‘’not fair dii…Shivaay bhayya is really sweet’’

‘’ohh hello…you mean I am chilli….if he is sweet….’’

‘’I didn’t mean that’’

‘’you know what…you feel him sweet because I make him become sweet otherwise he is rude singh oberoi…kanji aankhonwala bhagad billa’’ she made her usual hand moments while speaking and the other two simply adored and giggled.

The day they arranged everything for the next day to decorate hiding everything from the three men.

———–Rudra’s birthday

Shivaay-Om got up and went to Rudra…Rudra was sleeping peacefully…they both looked at each other and left a deep sigh

‘’Happy Birthday Rudra’’ both whispered and being sad left from there.

‘’Shivaay…can’t we change Dadi’s thinking and celebrate his birthday?’’ Om asked being sad

‘’I so wish Om, but you know without dadi’s acceptance and blessings our celebration will be incomplete…I tried  many times with dadi but everytime I spoke she just kept mum…I know what happened this day…but what I didn’t know was why all that happened…and dadi said only Annika knows this answer of why and what happened….until this mystery gets resolved and everything becomes normal , we have to wait Om…we have to just om’’

‘’but you know what Shivaay…i feel really bad…really bad for both Annika-Gauri and Rudra…and we , we being around and responsible can do absolutely nothing’’

‘’I understand…but remember…Rudra will feel much sad if he sees us like this…and today I don’t want to make him sad…so wipe your tears and smile…he can get up anytime’’

‘’yeah …right…and by the way let me tell you, you can never see both of us sad on any given day…’’

Saying Om hugged Shivaay…

‘’Not fair…Obro Hug without me is not fair’’ Rudra came shouting

‘’uff…You Got up…my cry baby…atleast stop crying today Duffer’’ Om chided

‘’Uff…you can also stop calling me duffer for today O’’

‘’And Uff…you both can stop fighting OmRu’’

They 3 smiled and had the Obro hug….

‘’So what’s today’s plan?’’ Rudra spoke trying to ignore that , that day is his birthday.

‘’Nothing…as of now…but let’s see what the girls say…I am sure they will not sit quiet’’

‘’one second…one second….did you guys observe yesterday whole day the three of them were behaving weird as if they are hiding something…’’ Om spoke

‘’exactly O…you know they didn’t allow me to enter the apartment too…I am sure something is definitely cooking up’’

‘’Something big is definitely cooking up and I am sure that STUPID is leading this too…because I am sure Gauri and Saumya are naïve in such matters’’

‘’But what can it be?’’ Rudra tried to put up his detective cap

‘’Duffer stop thinking…when Shivaay can’t guess, it’s waste to even think about it…got it’’ Om adviced

‘’You are right o’’

‘’anyways forget it…if they want to tell they will tell and you know what, even if they plan something, they cannot do it all alone because they will need our help’’ Shivaay said proudly

Now the last sentences were being heard by Annika and she stormed into her apartment and sat with anger

‘’What does he think of himself…that we girls…we girls can’t do anything without their help. Now I will show them what we can do’’

‘’dii relax…relax…what happened?’’

‘’what happened? You are asking me what happened? Gauri, Saumya…do you think we girls are weak and can’t do anything without their help?’’

‘’no…I mean dii..what happened exactly’’

‘’Exactly…we can do everything on our own and this party will happen without their help…I thought to send them out and arrange now, they can be here or anywhere , but this party will be handled all alone by us…’’

‘’Dii…please tell what happened?’’

‘’gauri not now…but listen…I changed my plan…and you both will do as I say’’


‘’Saumi, you will decorate the house…Gauri you will be incharge of cooking….and I…I will be getting everything necessary that you order and help you and Saumya in everything …I will also ensure , they don’t barge into the apartment..but the thing is how to make them go out of the apartment…’’

‘’Exactly dii…how will I decorate if they don’t go out….’’Sumo nudged



‘’if I ignore and not let them in then they will walk away having no option…’’

‘’Are you serious…come on they are guys and they will be more than happy without us’’ Gauri spoke

‘’you don’t know men, they will make fun of us but if we aren’t there , they will go mad and try to get some peace of mind by going out in fresh air’’

‘’Dii…are you sure’’



‘’Ohho…I will do anything but make them leave…you guys start the work’’

Having no option Gauri and Saumi nodded and started their work…

Shiv-Om-Ru…came and knocked the main door of the apartment , but Annika used to put her head outside reply them and used to send them out….The doubts in the minds of ShivOmRu started to get increased, but the opposition was Annika and they three knew they can’t even think of taking any silly steps.

Getting bored all three left to roam around the city after informing Annika.

The moment they left Annika took the spare key and entered the apartment. She helped Saumya in decorating and called Nikhil to go and pick up Priyanka….The decoration and food got ready….It was turn to get dressed up….so all the 3 girls went to get ready, Annika wore the PRADA sequined dress that Shivaay gifted her…Gauri wore a Zara crop top and Palazzo trouser…Saumi wore H&M cold shoulder gown…

The bell rang and Prinku entered with Nikhil…Annika, Gauri and Saumya hugged Prinku and welcomed her….Annika thanked Nikhil for helping her …Nikhil hugged her and left from there assuring he will be at the party for sure but after attending his duties and before the party ends…

Annika asked Prinku to get ready as fast as possible….to which Prinku agreed readily and went ahead….when everything was set they arranged the cake on the table and then Annika called up Shivaay

‘’Shivaay where are you?’’

‘’Ohh finally someone has time to think of me’’

‘’Stop it Shiv, tell me where are you all?’’

‘’We are roaming around the city’’

‘’Fine come home soon, it’s urgent’’

‘’Why what happened? Is everything fine with you? Are you okay?’’

‘’Shivaay…shivaay…shiv..aay…shiv’’  the call got disconnected.

‘’Annika….annika…hello…Annika…’’ he screamed

‘’what happened Shivaay…why are you tensed?’’ Om asked worriedly

‘’I donno..Annika asked me to come home soon…I hope everything is fine’’

‘’bhayya let’s go home …’’ Rudra said and Shivaay drove as fast as possible

They reached the apartment and knocked the door, hearing no response they came back to their apartment and ringed the bell….it was dark and none made any noise…

‘’Shivaay you have spare key right …come on open our apartment lock’’

‘’yeah…yeah…’’ he checked his coat pocket and took out the key and barged in….the girls stayed calm….

‘’Annika…Annika …Annika didi’’ Shi-Om-ru called

The moment they heard Rudra’s voice a video started playing on the television


The lights were switched on and the scene that Annika-Gauri and Saumya saw left them into tears.

Rudra-Prinku-om-Shivaay all four were having tears in their eyes seeing the vedio.

‘’Shivaay.Om.Rudra.Priyanka…are you all allright?’’ Annika asked coming towards them

‘’Annika…Annika …didi…you did all this?’’

‘’No…we three did all this’’ Annika spoke holding hands of Gauri and Saumya

‘’So, you know today is my birthday and you know what is this day in your life , still you did this?’’ Rudra asked Annika having tears rolling out

‘’Rudra…first things first… HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you’’ she said wiping his tears.

Saumy and Gauri came and hugged Rudra and wished him birthday

‘’Dii…thank you…thank you so much…you know I am not thanking you because you remember my birthday, I am thanking you because for the first time Dadi wished me whole heartedly.

‘’Wait …wait a minute, your surprise isn’t yet over…you have something more to watch out for’’ Annika replied

‘’Something more?’’


Shivaay continuously kept staring at Annika while Om was staring at Gauri …both had pride in their eyes.

Annika played the video, and there Dadi was speaking

‘’Ru…I know you will be shocked as to why dadi is wishing you happy birthday today , when all the years since your birth, she hadn’t done so….Ru , you are my youngest and my naughtiest grandchild and this fact none can change..i love you the same as I love Shi, Om and Prinku….but I cannot forget the fact that the day you were born , the same day I lost Harsh and Meghana, who were also a part of my family, who were the son and DIL of this family, whether anyone accepted this or not….i know there was no fault of yours , but I never wanted to celebrate this day as a gratitude to their honesty and sacrifices…and in this process Ru, I had given sorrow to you…I am sorry Ru…but you understood me and never questioned me though you know you had every right to question me…you know being the youngest, you had been at your naughtiest best, but what was hidden was you are as mature as you are naughty…I am so proud of me Ru ..and what to say about your siblings? Shiv-Om-Prinku all of them stopped celebrating their birthday’s because they didn’t want you to feel bad. I am equally proud of them. But a week back when the daughter of Harsh and Meghana spoke to me and made me understand the fact that Harsh and Meghana can never be happy if I snatch the happiness of my family, I realised my mistake. I realised the fact that may be they both have given you life by giving their life…otherwise how could you have born without any complication despite of Jhanvi being poisoned during her delivery…isn’t it that blessing ? and when they are with you, why should I stop and snatch the happiness….so from today onwards, this house will celebrate everyone’s birthday as a festival….so come back soon and we will have a grand party….god bless you Ru and remember your Dadi loves you a lot….Gauri and Saumya, I praised Annika that doesn’t mean I forgot you both because you are the same to me as Annika, you three are born with golden hearts ’’

The video ended and all the Obro siblings were into tears…they had their eyes filled with gratitude seeing Annika-Gauri-Saumya

They four started walking towards the girls when the girls switched on the lights in the house and the Obro Siblings were stunned to see the decorations that were done, from slingers to lamps, from confetti to banners….everything was in order….Rudra’s photos from childhood till a week before were placed ….the food was smelling heavenly and the three storeyed cake was inviting hunger….The four felt as if they were living a dream which they always wanted to happen in real and today was that day ….

‘’Rudra…Happy Birthday’’ Annika said hugging him

‘’Annika dii…thank…thank you’’ he was into tears

‘’Now will you make me cry or what? Remember you are my partner in crime and we must make others cry ‘’ she smiled amid tears

‘’No didi…today let me thank you….you know I never knew what mistake I did that I couldn’t celebrate the most important day of my life…everyother I celebrated but this day I never did….because of me my siblings also gave up….these three used to come and wish me in whispers and leave before I wake up…but they didn’t know that I used to hear all their wishes and when they left I used to smile sadly….this sort of experience I never had and I thought I will never have….so thank you…thank you so much’’ Rudra took Annika’s hand and brought to his forehead and cried

‘’Rudra…Rudra …you know what I wouldn’t have done so , if Gauri hadn’t told me everything…so actual credit goes to Gauri and then you know what, if your best friend wouldn’t have helped me then this happiness wouldn’t have been seen on your face….and most importantly if Dadi hadn’t agreed then this plan wouldn’t have succeeded….so let me tell you something….your happiness matters us the most, because if you are happy, your siblings are happy, everyone around you will be happy and we will be happy….so now no more tears….’’ Annika spoke wiping the tears and cupping his face

Rudra hugged Annika while Shivaay looked with tears and was trying hard to hide them….Om was left dumbstruck and Prinku hugged Saumya….

Rudra went ahead and thanked Gauri and hugged her….she reciprocated the hug and hified with him….Rudra walked towards Saumya and looked at her…Saumya too looked at him but none spoke a word….when Rudra was about to thank Saumya…The doorknock was heard…everyone turned towards the door while Shivaay opened the door

‘’Dr.Nikhil…what a pleasant surprise…’’

‘’ahaa…it isn’t a surprise for me Mr.Oberoi….Jhalli , I mean Annika, had involved me in this plan long back , so I aint so surprised….’’

‘’Ohh Got it…got everything now’’ shivaay spoke looking at Annika while Annika was trying to hide her sight off him…

‘’Aree Dr.Nikhil why are you standing there…please come in…by the way where is your family? Uncle ji, aunty ji , Catherine?’’ Om spoke

‘’It is too cold outside and though I and Annika insisted my parents have denied to come…however they have sent their blessings to the birthday boy and promised to meet him before he leaves to India….sorry on their behalf’’

‘’ohh No…it’s fine…I mean I can understand the case with elders, but I wish your spouse was here’’

‘’Mr.Oberoi….she is fond of my parents and without them she wouldn’t come anywhere…that’s how it has been since my marriage’’

‘’You are lucky Dr.Nikhil’’ Gauri replied

‘’true…I am very lucky in this matter’’

‘’If your talks are done, shall we proceed for cake cutting…I am feeling hungry and can’t wait more to have cake and food as well’’ Annika spoke out of context

‘’Dii…how come you be hungry, in the name of tasting you were eating every now and then and how difficult was it for us to stop you’’ Gauri remarked

‘’Gauri Dii…’ saumya was about to say something

‘’Saumya now don’t take her side’’

‘’Okk fine…you girls can stop this here ….cake really looks delicious’’ Om paused the conversation

Rudra went ahead to cut the cake and everyone sang the birthday song…a three storey Blackforest cake with perfect decoration all over was looking elegant….Priyanka served everyone the cake while Gauri went ahead to get the food on table…Om followed her to help

———–In the Kitchen

‘’Gauri’’ Om called


‘’Thank you….’’

‘’for what?’’

‘’For bringing in this day in our life…for making Rudra so happy….’’

‘’Rudra is my brother too Om…how can I not do this?’’

‘’even then I should thank you , because you did what we being his own brothers couldn’t do all these years’’

‘’Come on Om…you do or I do, how does it matter? After all we are …’’ she paused

‘’after all we are …what Gauri?’’

‘’nothing,..,…everyone is hungry , so let’s take the bowls to the living room’’

Om pulled Gauri towards him while she turned to go…She hit his chest and he held her through her waist, placing his shoulder over her neck, he placed a kiss on her nape…her breathe hitched and she whispered

‘’Om…someone might come’’

‘’let them…I don’t care’’

‘’but I do…I mean , we are , we are’’

‘’We are what Gauri…atleast complete the sentence now’’

‘’uhhuu…not now, everything has a special time and special place to be spoken over…and neither this place nor the time is correct…so I think we should go out Om…’’

‘’I thought it’s only me who speaks philosophy , but you are much senior to me in this’’ he spoke leaving her waist….she smiled turned towards him and held his hands, entwining

‘’Om…I will speak my heart out very soon…and I will also listen to your heartfelt words….trust me’’ she pressed his hands….

Om bent and placed a forehead kiss while she closed her eyes….

‘’Gauriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…..’’ Annika screamed so loud that her scream would be heard in entire paris….

‘’Gosh Annika…..who screams so loud when the person is just a second away from you’’ Shivaay taunted

‘’I….i scream loudly…I just did…didn’t you notice…I mean didn’t you here….shall I do it again?’’

‘’no…absolutely No…one scream is enough to bring out a patient out of his Coma’’

‘’like really…I mean do you really think so…’’

‘’Annika that was a  satire’’

‘’Satire…you pulled a satire out of my scream…bhagad Billa kahinka’’

‘’if I am Bhagad Bi..bi…billa or whatever, you are Stupid …biggest stupid’’

‘’you are khadoos’’

‘’you are mangoose’’

‘’you are bear’’

‘’you are elephant’’

‘’haww…you called me elephant…what do you mean by I am elephant…am I that fat….’’

Shivaay made faces nodding Yes then No then Yes and then a confusing one…while Annika screamed a HUHHHHH and spoke

‘’you are …you are Hippotamus’’

‘’wait what? What did you call me?’’


‘’Gosh Stupid , it is Hippopotamus…say along with me , it’s not difficult, come on say it Stupid….HIPPO..POTAMUS…’’

‘’haan wahi’’

‘’Guys stop it both of you, you don’t see the place, time, occasion and start arguing anywhere….grow up guys…and please have your food ’’ Om interfered and calmed both.

Everyone had their food and praised Gauri for her cooking skills….

Then Praised Saumya for her artistic skills by specifying about the decorations…..

Annika made faces and pouted while everyone else supressed their laugh…..

Annika TAM ‘’I did nothing…so no one is praising me…well it’s true to, I just ordered both Sumo and Gauri everything…I wish I had some skills as they have…’’

‘’Annika / Annika Diii …you are the best in everything’’ everyone together screamed bringing her out of her thoughts and making her smile

They all had a group hug….after sometime Dr.Nikhil took leave and left from there…..

‘’This day was so perfect I mean, the best day of our lives’’ Shivaay spoke holding OmRu’s hand and resting his head on Prinku’s lap

‘’Why wouldn’t it be afterall who planned all this’’ Prinku spoke

‘’Ok ok enough of praising us Obro Siblings….i think that RUDRA BIRTHDAY was due to be planned and celebrated by me’’ Annika spoke

This line took Shivaay to his childhood days…


‘’Stupid….Stupid …’’

‘’haan Khadoos…I am here what happened?’’

‘’you know what Badi maa is Pregnant and Dadi said I will get a younger brother or younger sister after 9 months…then we siblings will be 4 in number’’


‘’one minute stupid why are you so happy?’’

‘’Aree khadoos…if one more little baby comes then you know I will play only with him or her….’’

‘’As If I will allow you to do so’’

‘’Khadoos I am telling you, you will not stop me from playing with the baby’’

‘’no…he or she will be my best friend and sister or brother’’

‘’Not fair khadoos….you already are 3 in number…we are only 2, so if I get that baby on my side we will be equal in number ‘’

‘’No way’’



‘’yes khadoos…and remember the baby will always be on my side only’’

‘’we will see’’

Jhanvi’s delivery date was coming nearer and Stupid-Khadoos possessiveness for the baby was growing more and one fine day

‘’one month more and the baby will be with me …yayy’’ Shivaay jumed in excitement


‘’I will not give the baby to you…I will play with him’’

‘’khadoos, I challenge you whether you will allow me to play or not , his or her first birthday will be celebrated by me…’’

‘’we will see’’

‘’yes we will see’’

They both turned with their backs facing eachother….after sometime both were into splits and hugged eachother thinking of their stupidity….


‘’Shivaay…Shivaay are you listening?’’

‘’mmm..what…what were you saying?’’

‘’Where were you lost?’’

‘’nothing tell me anything important’’


‘’Guys I think I need to thank Saumya personally…so excuse me’’

‘’you should …thank God you got atleast this thought now…go and yeah please don’t fight with her’’

Rudra nodded and left to the Room where Sumo was setting the things up…..

‘’Saumya’’ he called and closed the room door

Saumya looked at Rudra and then at the door and spoke ‘’Rudra…why did you close the door…what will everyone think’’

‘’Saumya I need to talk to you ‘’

‘’I don’t want to…and first open the door’’

‘’Saumya…everyone knows I want to talk to you personally, so they wouldn’t mind’’

Saumya looked at him…………



This is the Sixty Second episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!

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