Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 25th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Archie learns Maharani’s truth

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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 25th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Maharani meeting Veer and crying. She remembers Yash and blesses Veer to have a long life. She hugs Veer. He pacifies her. Maharani goes and gets a call from someone. He asks her to prepare someone for sacrifice. She asks him to make arrangements done. Kunika slaps Pavitra for killing Kedar. Pavitra says I haven’t done anything. Vandana says you have killed Yash. Pavitra says I had gone to meet my husband, who threatened to kill my baby. Akshay questions her. She says I m not Bhagwan, trust me. Veer says we can’t trust your drunkard husband, maybe he is involved with you. Maharani slaps Pavitra and calls her a devil. She asks Akshay to get Pavitra arrested. They all go.

Pavitra asks Archie to just feed medicines to her ill child. She says fine if you don’t want to trust me, but take care of my child. Kunika says Pavitra has killed my Kedar, I will not leave him. Neeraj says you are wrong, Pavitra can’t kill even an ant, she can’t kill Kedar. Kunika says you mean she isn’t real Bhagwan. He says no, Bhairavi wanted to kill everyone and today she has sympathy for everyone, Pavitra is now framed, everyone hates her, someone is playing a big game. Kunika says you mean real Bhagwan is roaming in palace. Neeraj says yes, I want him to kill Veer this time. Rajguru asks Veer to do puja in the temple today.

Rajmata says I m scared, last time Yash died on this day. Maharani says I know, Pavitra killed him, I m happy that she is caught, our royal family will get saved forever. She asks Rajguru to prepare for puja. Archie takes care of Pavitra’s son. She gets the receipt of medicines and checks time. She says it means Pavitra is saying the truth, Bhagwan is still inside the house. She takes the bill and shows to Maharani. She proves Pavitra innocent. Maharani says bhagwan is smart and can produce any fake evidence, Pavitra has a motive to kill Veer, police will find out, you should leave now. Archie sees the black glove in her bag and thinks its similar to the one which Bhagwan wears.

She gets back from Maharani. Maharani says I m proud that you saved Veer and exposed Bhagwan, I m thankful to you, go to your room and rest now. Archie recalls the glove and gets thinking that Maharani is Bhagwan. She says I should talk to Veer, but no she is his mum, he won’t like this, I should find out. She spies on Maharani. She thinks no, Maharani can’t be Bhagwan, why will she want to kill Veer. She goes to check the glove. Maharani comes to leave in the car. Archie hides in the car dickey. She checks the bags and gets the black glove. She thinks its similar one, it means Maharani is Bhagwan, but why is she doing this. The car stops. Maharani asks driver to leave, she will drive the car ahead. Archie thinks where is Maharani going. Maharani drives to some place and stops the car. Archie gets out of the car dickey. She follows Maharani.

Maharani meets the baba and asks for some solution to save her children. Baba says when the curse is fulfilled, then your children will be fulfilled. Maharani says if my sons will get back if Veer dies, then Veer has to die. Baba says your sacrifice won’t go in vain, ask for the children’s life when Kaal Bhairav meets you, ask for freedom from this curse. Archie gets shocked. Baba asks him to apply something to her forehead. Archie asks what is this nonsense. Baba says you had to sacrifice Veer, its the last day today, you won’t be seeing Yash again if you don’t do this. He says you had sacrificed Yash, you have to do the same with Veer. Archie thinks what, she has killed Yash because of this false belief, she wants to kill Veer. She drops her phone. Maharani turns to see. Archie leaves. Maharani takes baba’s blessing and leaves. She says you made my work easy, I was thinking to trap you, you came in my trap. She locks the car dicky. Archie shouts for help.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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