Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 25th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Happy breaks Chintu’s heart

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Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 25th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happy looking for Chintu. Aaliya flirts with Rocky. He asks her not to act cheap and just go. She asks did you get bored by me. He says you stayed for long, you are lucky, be happy. Aaliya says but love is for life. Rocky says person gets bored of same clothes, I get bored of same GF. Happy looks on. Aaliya says you loved me. He says this is my swag, every girl feels I truly love her, other girls also need a chance that I shower love on them, I m like a lion, not a cattle to domesticate. Aaliya cries. He asks her to get lost, he hates tears. Chintu thinks to find Happy’s answer and looks for her. Happy scolds Rocky. They get arguing. She asks him to get away. He asks her not to cross her limits, else he will not spare her. She says you and your brother have no right to demean me, if you both stay in limits, it would be better, else I will punish you. He says you can tell anything about me, if you dare to say anything about my brother, I will not leave you, you will be punished.

Rocky pushes her in the pool and goes. Happy struggles. Chintu comes there and sees her. He says she is drowning, I don’t know swimming, but I have to save her. He jumps in the pool and gets drowning. She gets shocked and says Chintu is drowning. She rushes to save him. She gets him out of the pool. Dinky’s haldi goes on. Tai ji asks Sandhya to give the jewellery to her, she will keep it safe. Chintu’s mum looks on. Sandhya goes. Happy asks Chintu what’s his problem. She scolds him for professing love to her. She says I told you no, no means no, forget everything, I have no interest in you, I don’t love you. He says sorry, I take my words back. He goes and cries. She gets sad and thinks did I scold him a lot. He recalls her words and packs his bags. He thinks of Happy. He sees Happy dancing with everyone.

Bua asks how did Chintu go this way. Biji asks her to stop it. She defends Chintu. Happy hears them. She says someone played a prank with him, he felt ashamed and went somewhere, I think someone has broken his heart by talking rude, Chintu would have never left. Happy says I have broken his heart, so he has left. Kulwant asks them not to worry, maybe he has gone to do some work, he will come back. Kulwant’s wife says he should have told me, why didn’t he inform us, he didn’t wish to stay here. Smiley comes to Happy. Happy says I broke Chintu’s heart, he left from the wedding, he came to say sorry, I got out of control in anger and scolded him. Smiley says let him go. Happy says I had to talk to him, I will apologize to him, how shall I get his number. Smiley asks her not to overthink. Happy says I have to do this. She sees Sania pushing Rocky to the bathroom and asking him to take a bath. Happy smiles and gets an idea. Smiley says no. Happy asks do you have a better idea. She goes. Smiley worries. Happy enters Rocky’s room. Smiley says you are asking for trouble. Rocky takes a bath. Happy looks for his phone. Rocky comes out wearing a bath towel. Happy gets his phone and finds phone locked. Happy hides seeing him. He sees his phone fallen down and says how did it fall down. Happy passes him the phone. She worries. He checks his phone. She thinks to take it fast. She thinks Rocky shouldn’t see me. She tries to remember Chintu’s number and throws back the phone. Rocky hears sound and turns to see.

Biji says Happy has run away, where is she. Happy meets Chintu and says I m sorry. Chintu says I m very sorry. Pratap gets angry on Sandhya and says Dinky doesn’t want to come to mandap without Happy, I will not leave Happy if anything goes wrong.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Please bring in a new hero. Jasmin jaise heroine ke liye better hero chahiye. Also show cute fights. That rocky keeps on insulting happy I hate him. I am so upset with gul. Firstly ishqbaaz main manjiri, but niti aya ab sab teek hogaya and in dthhj ansh. Kya hogaya hain gul ko. Agar jasmin ke opposite ek better hero hota then for sure the show would have got better trp in the first week. Ansh is not good opposite jasmin. Please gul bring a new hero a handsome and and an actor who acts better.

  2. I don’t understand why are the makers copying tei scenes.. Kunj drowning twinkle saving same scene here also. Kuch toh naya Karo. I feel only jasmin is the element of the the show. Other characters are annoying like rocky, beeji, rockys mum his sisters name oh god. Jasmin you deserve better

  3. I kno why the trp is not good. Insulting women, degrading women is not accepted by the viewers. In this show from day one happy and her mom is insulted. So no body want to see it. The promo was really good. But I am not liking how story is shaping. Rocky need to be kicked out. Doesn’t know to respect women. Such a bad man. Hate him

  4. The show is perfectly awesome ? and I am like really really really enjoying the show good job ? to all creators of the show and there’s nothing wrong with the actors ???amazing job guys??

  5. Sohi

    In the whole show only chintu and happy characters are good and rockey is just over acting, I want to kill him doesn’t know at all how to respect women, plz bring new character in the show opposite jasmin she deserves better

  6. The show is going great ….viewers who are thinking that Ansh aka rockey doesn’t know acting should check his projects first , he’s really a good actor and was a semi finalist in INS …. he’s doing his role of a spoilt brat so well and that’s why they hate him ….looks always doesn’t matter , it’s the acting and Rocky is seeming totally realistic in his male Chauvinist spoilt role ….people should give the show some time … Ultimately things always don’t end up as it seems and evidently rockey , biji all will change their attitude and respect women , happy and her mom as well ….the serial through it’s present track is trying to show us the effect male chauvinism creates on innocent feminism…. Viewers should act mature and give some time instead of complaining like idiots … it’s a show , c’mmon ! & If someone says about copying scenes then they should first check thoroughly : 90% Indian tele dramas are scene – to – scene copies of Hollywood , Korean/Japanese and Thai dramas…so it doesn’t matter really if same scene is being shown , what matters is the effect and charm created by different artists on same thing …. that’s all I had to say & each actor on this show as well as creatives are going on the right track for me …. hoping for the best.

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