Love Everyone Like Yours – Episode 22

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Madhu enters Adi’s room. She smiles at the sight of Adi sleeping in Zoya’s lap.

Madhu: i think we should conduct your marriage soon.

Zoya blushes.

Madhu: but you should finish your studies first.

Zoya: ofcourse mummy ji.

Madhu: when did he slept, beta? That too without have food.

Zoya: he is stressed mummy ji. I will wake him.

Zoya wakes Adi.

Adi: Zoya please, let me sleep. You know what i felt like i lie my head on bed. You are so soft and bubbly.

Zoya(hits her head): Adi, mummy ji is here.

Adi(get up with jerk): what?

Zoya hold his chin and turn it towards Madhu. Adi smiles like a innocent.

Madhu(smiles): i didn’t hear anything. I temporarily lost my hearing.

AdiYa smile.

Madhu: see i had prepare your favourite Halwa. But you slept. You shouldn’t sleep with empty stomach. Also, you have to take medicines.

Adi: ok, mummy ji. Where is my halwa?

Madhu: let’s go to terrace and today i will feed you all with my hands.

Zoya: fantastic mummy ji. How long it is?

Adi: then for whom we are waiting here? Let’s go.

Terrace, everyone sit around Madhu. She feeds everyone. Then, everyone feeds her. Then, everyone feeds eachother. Have fun time until midnight.

All: once again happy birthday to you.

They wished Adi. After long time they all so so happy.


Mahir is cutting vegetables.

Bela: Mahir, this is not a big work. I will do it.

Mahir: chup.

Bela: what others will think, if they see?

Mahir: i am helping my wife. There is nothing wrong in it.

Bela: mom and Sumi ma will kill me.

Mahir: i told them to take care of you but they gave work to you.

Sumi and Janaki smiles behind them.

Swara(from kitchen): jeju, whether you finish chopping it?

Mahir: 5 minutes, Swara.

Swara: what are you doing Sanskar? (Sanskar hugs her from back)You told to jeju you will help me. But you are disturbing me.

Sanskar: if i tell like that means only, they will let me in with you.

Swara: will you leave me now? I need vegetables now.

Sanskar: wait, i will bring it.

Sanskar came out from kitchen to the dining hall.

Sanskar: bhai Swara asks vegetables.

Sumi(surprised): what are you doing in kitchen Sanskar?

Sanskar: i am helping Swara mom like how bhai helps bhabi.

Janaki: Mahir helps her wife because she is pregnant. But you

Sanskar: i am taking training ma. When Swara is pregnant, i have to do this na.

Bela: but you are not seem like helping, Sanskar.

Swara: Sanskar, vegetables.

Sanskar take vegetables and went to kitchen and he thinks great escape.

Mahir: how you identified that he is not helping there?

Bela: because he is your brother, then he will be like you only na.

Mahir smiles like a kid.


Ragini stands infront of mirror and she applies vermillon on her hair line. Laksh admires her by standing in balcony. Ragini sees him through mirror and winks at him as what? He shook his head as nothing. Both smiles. Laksh move towards her and hold her shoulder.

Laksh: you are looking so cute dear.

Ragini(blushed): you too Laksh.

Ragini (turns to him): Laksh, that report is fake only na.

Laksh(cups her face): 100% fake. She is normal. Don’t tell this to anyone till bhabi itself reveals about it.

Ragini nods.

Ajivish room, Vish is not normal since night. She thinks about Bela. Aji notices her.

Aji: Vish, breakfast. I have to go. It’s already late.

Vish: i keep it on table. Go and have.

Aji: what? I am telling i have to go.

Vish: haan. That’s why i am telling go and have.

Aji: where is my kiss yaar? I think that too i have to take from you.

Vish: what? Oh.. sorry. My thought was on Bela.

Aji: sometimes care for your husband also.

Aji and Vish come close to eachother and both share a passionate kiss.


Posh room,

Pooja: Yash, today is friday.

Yash(smiles): i won’t forget. We will go to temple. Today i am very happy Pooja. Mom is back, we nearly close to criminal. All our problems are going to disappear.

Pooja: yeah, Yash.


Noor(sleepily): bhabi, breakfast. Today i have college.

Madhu brings breakfast for her.

Arjun: we too have college today. Who ask them to open college on friday? Probably tomorrow will be holiday.

Noor: Mahi, we are worrying to go to college. You are not at all looking worried.

Mahi: there is nothing to worry in this, Noor.

Arjun: i know why she is not worried.

Madhu: why?

Mahi gestures Arjun to keep quite.

Arjun(smiles): nothing mummy ji, she is interested in studying.

Mahi feels releived. Trio came out after breakfast.

Arjun: we know culprit.

Mahi: what?

Noor: why you didn’t tell to us?

Mahi: there is nothing to say.

Arjun: you are happy to go to college so that you can see Yuvi.

Mahi(hides smile): shut up, Arjun.

Zoya’s room, Adi hugs her from back.

Adi: Zoya, you know what? Today Pooja won’t be in home until afternoon. Also, Arnoor and Mahi went to college. Then mummy ji will be in study room. So, we will be alone.

Zoya(casually): so what?

She winks at him.

Adi: so, we can have our own time alone.

Zoya: so.

Adi: we will ro

Zoya(interrupts and releses herself from him): study. This our study leave. Next week our exam. We should study. Bring your books.

Adi cursed her under his breath.

Zoya: pardon.

Adi(shouts): i am hungry, i am going to have breakfast.

By saying that he left. Zoya smiles.

– to be continued.


  1. The update was lovely…after everything they all are happy…behir and swasan scenes was lovely…ajivish scene was romantic….adi saying about his sleep on zoya ‘s lap without knowing madhu’s presence was funny…adi is waiting for some romantic time ..I think so…he is always longing for some time to spend with zoya…but zoya is always stopping him and also madhu is thinking of adiya marriage and it is happy to know that…madhu feeding everyone was cute…arnoor teasing mahi was nice …raglak scene was cute. .post the next soon dear….

  2. Superb ? so madhu already is thinking about adiya s marriage , aww bechara adi didn’t get his romance hope he gets it in next chapter

  3. SunilSneha

    Nice Sissy…… Behir scene with swara and sanskar kitchen nokjok was lovely…… And Adiya scene with Madhu was very cute

  4. Jasminerahul

    adiya madhu scene was sweet of mahir to help bela.raglak scene was sweet n romantic.swasan scene was cute n romantic. sanskar getting teased was funny.ajitabh stressing that he wants to go to get kiss from vish was naughty.ajivish kiss was romantic. arnoor teasing mahi was cute.adj in a romantic mood but zoya wants to funny.perfect pics

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