Sajna Veh FF – Epi 15 – ” Swara falls down the cliff “

Sajna Veh

Episode 15… Swara falls down the cliff !

@Next day

@Walia Mansion

@Swara’s bedroom

Swara is shown draped in a pretty saree. She suddenly looks at her phone and smirks.

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@Raichand Mansion

@Swasan’s room

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Sanskar paces his room impatiently making A puppy face. Suddenly, laksh and ranveer come to his room with a box of sweets .

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Laksh – what happened bro ? tere muu pe bara kyu baje huye hai ?

Sanskar – simple yaar. I woke up at 10, and its been 1 hour since then. And its only 11 am now ! like what the hell !

Ranveer laughs – its only normal bhai !

Sanskar – what ? oh…

Laksh – u have gone crazy. Come on munch some sweets . im finishing all before Rags comes home. She is such a fitness freak that she wont let me touch these.

Laksh says munching all the sweets .

Sanskar – mmh …yumm…this is wonderful …who made this ?

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Ranveer – savita aunty’s daughter pari..

Laksh – yum..i d get married 100 times to pari to have these sweets ..

Sanskar – me too…

Ranveer – hey bhai..u know there is a recorder in my phone..

Sanskar – hmmm so ?

Laksh – hmm..wait what ??? ranveer !

Ranveer – I will show this to swara and ragini bhabi…

Laksh and sanskar start running behind ranveer. He climbs up swara’s bed.

Laksh – ranveer ka baccha come down ..

Ranveer – kya bhai..pehle shadhi toh karwa toh..phir mera baccha yuhi niche ajayega !

Ranveer jumps off the bed and runs out of the room with laksh chasing him.

Sanskar bumps on his bed..

  • – Aww I miss u Princess !

Suddenly his phone beeps. He checks a text !

  • – I miss u too my darling prince !

Sanskar face lits up at once and he calls her…

Swara – good morning Mr.Raichand

Sanskar – wah mrs. Raichand, kya good morning kya maar rahi ho ! my morning is so tasteless without u !

Swara chuckles…

Sanskar – when r u coming back ?? arent u scared. ? u have left ur hot, handsome and innocent husband in this cruel world hmm ?

Swara – haww…ur so mean sanskar. Waise, im not scared. Because even if a thing is hot handsome and perfect its mine and no one will touch it.

Sanskar pouts – u should miss me so much that u come running to me right now !

Swara-…I miss u like mad..but that doesn’t mean ill come right now. U r mine sanskar. U and me r not going anywhere. Im ur wife..and mai un ladkiyon me se nahi hu jo tumhe durse dekhke hi idhar udhar behosh hoti rehti hai ..

Sanskar – hmmm….pouts*

Swara- bye ! I hate u !

Sanskar – I love u too…!

Swasan laugh !

@2 months later

Annika is shown standing in front of a full length mirror. She observes her self well . shivaay comes from behind and sees her. Annikka keeps blabbering to herself.

Anika – ambe ma..if this continious, ill grow fat in know time and shivaay will keep looking at those nglish women with black heels. I cant let that be.

Annka sees the sweet plate and hides it under the dresser. Shivaay nods in disbelief.

Shivaay – anika..whats going on ?

He holds herh and. Anika looks embararssed.

Annika – nothing shivaay . im just looking at the the bump.

Shivaay smiles.

Shivaay – did my baby have food?

Annika – I did..

Shivaay – not u baby..

Annika – haw ! how unromantic shivaay ! chale koi nahi ..khaliya..

Shivaay – are u sure ?

Annika looks at his eyes and nods in negative.

Shivaay smiles and taks out the plate from the dresser , and feeds her a laddu.

Annika – but shivaay. Im full.i don’t want to..

Shivaay – oh my my annika..uur refusing sweets. Am I dreaming ?

Annika pouts and sits on bed.

Shivaay feeds her..

Annika – fine. I will eat it. But I was thinking …

Shivaay – about joining a maternity gym

Annika – how did u know ?

Shivaay winks – don’t underestimate the power of shivaay singh raichand !

Annika looks embararssed – billu ji…plz get me admitted here

Shivaay – anika.i once told u that I want to hear billu ji from u in the clinic doesn’t mean ull always call that..tahst ..thats so middle class ..

Annika – okay handsome blue eyed man…plz admit me there na..pz shivaay..

Shivaay – okay fine but only yoga..

Annika – but..

Shivaay – annika..ur a gynae..i cant blv ur dieting and gyming in ur own pregnancy. These are strict against protocols..why ?

Annika pouts – wo..ab mai waise hi curvy nahi lagungi na..toh aap..

Shivaay – oh my god.anika .anika.anika..tumhari sabse khubsurat curve rahegi… ..that would be neough for me.

Anika smiles .

Shivay – yes..this …

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Anika gigles, shivaay continues feeding her.


@Raichand mansion

Suhana and dadi are shown making garlands for puja .

Dadi – suhana. Im really happy that shivika are hgaving a baby. But im tensed as well.

Suhana – why ma ?

Dadi – u know about the old tradition of our family. the son of our family , whose wife bears the boy child first, gets to be the owner of raichand industries .

Suhana – how can I forget that ma ..just because Shivaay was born a boy, his father that is jethji became the owner of raichand grop of industries. And maya’s dad was left speechless.

Dadi – suhana…

Suhana – its okay ma, I don’t mind. Im happy that anika is pregnant. I wish she gets a boy. So that amrit bhabi’[s soul will rest in peace seeing shivaay being the owner of raichand industries .

Dadi – me too .

Suhana fadely smiles .

Dadi – but I doubt Anahita would like it. As because, after amrits death, anahita married Jignesh and bore laksh . she would want laksh to inherit the properties and not shivaay.

Suhana – doesn’t matter ma. Even I may want sanskar to inherit the properties. Will it matter ?

Suhana nods in disbelief and walks in away. Dadi looks on .

Anahita is shown eavesdropping.

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Anahita in her mind . – no other son in Raichand family sshould have a boy before Laksh.

Shes looks on stern .


Suhana – swara . leave it beta . ill make coffee for sanky .

Swara – its okay mom..i will make it. Sanskar loves my special coffee. With extra cream and extra sugar..

Suhana – and also the magic of ur hands..

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Swara blushes.

Suhana – ur such a darling beta …so easily u have adjhusted to the family.

Swara smiles .

Suhana – and the way say mom is more lovely. Now I feel I have 3 daughters…maya , jeevika ,and you .

Swara – thanks mom..even I feel I have 2 moms now.

Suhana – and I think u should plan babies soon, after all it will have 3 moms ..

Swara – it will have 4 moms…

Swara realizs what she said and bits her tounge.

Swara – nahi mom, now ur sanskar is still ur baby. How can he have a..

Suhana – no he is habituated to u only

Swara – mom…

Suddenly sanskar calls out from his bedroom ..- baby !!! sweetheart !!!! my towel !

Swara blushes beetroot red…

Suhana laughs ..

@Raglak room

Ragini is shown sleeping . laksh comes from jogging and sees her.

Laksh – oh my god .. this girl is still sleeping…

He goes and sist beside her..

Laksh – ragu baby..cmon wake up na ..

Ragini – laksh..let me sleep..

Laksh – ragu..plz wake up..see its 11 . what will all say..wake up na..

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Ragini keeps snoring. Laksh looks tensed.

Laksh – mom will beat her black and blue. He strtas pulling ragini’s hands and feet.

Laksh – ragini utho ..earthquake..bhukamp ageya/ragini..bhukamp..utho..bachao…

Ragini groans – laksh..kya hai ? kya bak rahe ho. Mai nahi phas rahi tumhare jaal me..goodnight.

Laksh – areh..meri ma .uth ja na..

Ragini – uff..ek toh raat ko sone nahi dete ho aur ab subhe bhi nahi sone dete !

Laksh bluhses and smiles itching his eyebrows..

Laksh – yaar…

Anika knocks on the door.

  • May I come in ? devar ji ?

Laksh – oh bhabi ..plz come and wake ur bff up . mere se nahi hona..

Anika comes and tries to wake up ragini.

Anika winks at laksh – lucky..u hsould have let her sleep at night na..

Laksh defends – but bhbi..we didn’t even touch each other last night. Dinner and straight to sleep..

Anika nods and takes of blanket from ragini. She is shown wearing Laksh’s black shirt with 4 buttons open …

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Annilka stuns – oh..btw devarji..isnt this the shirt u wore yesterday

Laksh cuts his tounge…- mai nashta karke aya !

He runs away in shame. Annika laughs.


@Maha Kali mandir

A huge mandir is shown on top of a mountain . the raichands and walias are shown gathered for puja .

@one corner .

Naira is shown stick to a wall .Kartik runs his fingers on her belly..

Image result for kaira naira kartik

Naira – kuch toh sharm karo..we r in a mandir..leave me ..u indecent brat !

Kartik – Naira..i dont now how u resist such a handsome lad .

naira – u know how i resist u ???

kartik – how ??

@2nd corner

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Ishani – bcoz I don’t fine u handsome at all ?

Ranveer – oh is that so..but other girls do find me very hot..wanna see the proof ?

Ishani – me the proof ?

Ranveer walks away and smiles and waves at a girl.

The girls waves back and signals him to call him ,and blows him a kiss.

Raveer smiles when he notices ishanis angry face. Ishani fumes and removes her slippers and strats running after the girl . Ranveer runs behind her and tries to stop her. Virika are shown laughing.

Jeevika – viren ji..just imagine what will badi mummy react, when she will know that her 3rd son chose a girl who read till tenth and worked at ur house.

Viren smiles – I don’t know and I don’t care. Im just happy that we got the prettiest daughters of the RAichand house..right Aru?

Image result for virika

Arjun smiles – yes. Offocurse and also the hottest ones. He licks his lips at maya .

Maya – shameless u is a mandir..

Arjun – so what ? ur my wife Maya ..

Image result for arjun maya arya

Jeevika – viren ji, learn somehing from ur brother. How romantic he is and see u ..

Jeevika pokes his cheeks .

Viren – uh..if I must learn I would like to learn from u ..

Viren caresses jeevikas cheeks. Jeevika turns red.

Rohan – bt bhai..u guys have cheated me. one took the hot tempress and another the soothing beauty …and what about me ?

VirJun laughs .

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Prince silently smirks …

  • Kya bhai hai Ro Bhai ? why so disappointed. Waise bhi, u didn’t want Blossom or bubbles..u always wanted the sherni buttercup …

Prince points at Kaanchi who is shown taking slefies with Durga , Kunj and Twinkle.

Rohan blushes .

Sanskar hugs Swara she stood their pouted .

Sanskar:when did u came here

Swara tried to come out of his arms but failed… Sanskar laughed on her struggle .

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Sanskar:no use babe u r stuck here for rest of the life of us

Swara:let me go

Sanskar:no I won’t



Swara:let go!!

Sanskar:ok on one condition!!


Sanskar:be ready we’ll have a diffeent fantasy tonight !

Swara:no I don’t want to !

Sanskar: why !

Swara:u can do it with ur secretary..u r so loving towards towards her no…??

Sanskar smiles seeing Swara jealous …

Sanskar:oh yeah nice idea let me call her …

Swara: oye…no need I’ll do it…

Sanskar:no its ok I’ll call her …

Swara: seriously ??

Sanskar:yeah she’s u know she’s hot also

Swara’s face drops ..sanskar gets awwed of her..

Sanskar – aww..upset hoi mujhe tum..

He cups her baby face..

  • Mera pyaara baby hai…im just kidding jaan..i cant even thing of touching anyone except u ..

Swara pushes him off.

  • Leave it sanskar ..! im going. I will not come back to u. bye !

Sanskar looks on in disbelief..

Swara walks away.

Laksh laughs at sanskar..

  • Lagta haiu..luck kharap hai..kitni hukmat chalai hai Swara !
  • Chup baith..tera bhi din ayega..

Laksh shows his tounge to snaksar.

@ cliff side.

Swara is shown playing with Virika’s son jerry.

Swara is shown blindfolded.

Swara- my little tiger cup..ill hold u in no time. Where r u ?

Jerry – bua..catch me bua..

Swara –jerry…

Swara doesn’t notcie the cliff and falls off.

She scraems – sanskar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sanskar screams – swara !!!!

He runs to her and sits near the clif. Swara is shown holding a tree branch..

Swara – sanskar save me..sanskar!!

Sanskar – swara relax..give me ur hand..cmon swara..cmon…

Swara tries but in the process her hand slips off..

Swara – I love u Sanskar !

Sankar –swara !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swara falls down in deep water ….sanskar looks on flaggerbasted

Precap – police declare swara dead. Sanskar breaks down . later, ragini gets a treat call. Laksh looks on suspiciously. Swaragini sanlak’s photo frame breaks !

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