Lovebirds – A Shivika ff Chapter 42

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Although I haven’t been watching ishqbaaz but I was pretty upset that Surbhi ma’am is quitting the show. There is no one who can portray Anika Shivaay singh Oberoi better than her, nor can anyone even come near to the sizzing chemistry between the two leads. The trending hashtag # NoSurbhiNoIshqbaaz is completely agreeable, but then fans have to understand that Ishqbaaz has lost its charm and I now believe that Surbhi ma’am should put her magic in a show that is worth her persona, and not one which is going to curb her skills by making her a mom onscreen. Good luck to her and the team. (No offense to all the beautiful actresses who play moms on screen and off screen and pull off their roles with utmost elegance. )

Recap :

Anika drove on and on. It seemed like she did not know where she was going, but then she is Anika. Whatever she does, it doesn’t make sense in the beginning, but all fits in, in the end.
Obros reached the area from where the whole confusion started, and followed the cars going the other way. Shivaay knew if he would speed up a bit, they could get to Anika.

They were on the same track, just far apart, just like how magnets are on the same line, just away from each other.

Anika drove on, and the way she drove, now looked clear. It felt as if she was being pulled that way. More than that, she knew she was being pulled that way and was voluntarily getting pulled.
The path through which the Obros were moving, was a bit deserted one. Not many cars, hardly any shops and no people around. Definitely they would be oblivious to the fact that there did exist places such as this one.

From their childhood, they were exposed to crowded places. People buzzing all around like bees. There were people wanting to meet the Oberoi children, there was paparazzi wanting to click the Oberoi heirs, there were people who wanted to use them for destroying Oberois, there were bodyguards around them the whole day, there were many other characters around them, just for the sake of them being the Oberoi children.
When you are exposed to such an atmosphere and you have been tolerating it from the very beginning of your existence, on seeing a desolate road, you simply cannot help but feel panicky, because you haven’t been in such an empty area. But relax, you are not to be blamed.
Rudra, “Bhaiya, bhaiya, where are we ? What kind of a place is this ? I don’t think bhabhi must have come this way. Let’s go back bhaiya, this is scaring me.”
Om, ” Hmm Rudra is right. This looks like a weird kind of place, but Rudra, this is not scary at all. ”
Shivaay, “Well yes, this place does look creepy. But guys, we took the other way from the crossing where the confusion started. After that have you seen any other way ? No lanes, no crossings, no bifurcations, nothing. There is this simple solid way and we are there. Anika must have come this way and if she has come here, then I am nlt leaving this place yet.”
Rudra, ” Bhaiya, we haven’t seen her though. Maybe before we came, she took the way back home or some other way which we do not know. How far will we keep going like this ? ”
Shivaay, ” Okay fine. Let’s ask someone here.”
They got down and started enquiring about Anika in the small shops and the people moving about there.
There was a small flower shop tucked away in a corner, and somehow Shivaay couldn’t help bu notice it. It was the same like Anika, he was getting pulled by something, he knew he was getting pulled by something and he was letting that something pull him.

Shivaay went and stood in front of the shop. It wasn’t even much of a shop, just a small ramshackle converted into a shop, much like we say a ‘ roadside thela stuck into the wall ‘ kind of shop. The shopkeeper was sitting right in the front, working away sincerely on a small bunch of flowers. Shivaay was looking around that shop, as if he was himself trying to understand what attracted him to this shop or why did he feel different about that shop.

When the person sitting there saw Shivaay intently staring away at his small source of livelihood, he couldn’t help but ask him, ” Arre Saab, aap kuch dhoondh rahe hai ? ”
His voice struck like a blow to Shivaay. He felt a lot of mystery and some kind of powerful sense in the voice which broke his eerie.
Shivaay, ” Uhh haa..yes. i was looking for something. ”
Shopkeeper, “Haha, then you have come to the right place. People say that when you look at flowers, all you want to say comes put throught them. They say that flowers help you look for your own feelings and many times you find the emotion you look for, in the same innocent flowers. Look at my flowers, maybe you get what you are looking for. ”

Shivaay, “I appreciate your advice, but I am not looking for emotions. I am looking for a person, an existing human being, and not a baseless or formless emotion. ”
Shopkeeper, ” Arre saab, you are not believing me. Okay, who are you looking for ? ”
Shivaay, “My wife. I just got pulled towards your shop. Doesn’t look like it is going to help me. I must go looking for her already.”

The shopkeeper was like a young guy in his mid twenties and as Shivaay retreated,  the young guy calls out from behind.
Shopkeeper, ” Saab, don’t you have emotions for your wife ? ”
Shivaay is stunned and he stops. He looks up and realises the meaning of the line the guy said. He turns back and goes to him again.

Shivaay, “What ? ”
Guy, ” Don’t you have emotions for your wife ? Meaning don’t you love her ? Love is the greatest emotion of all. ”
Shivaay ponders over this thought. Yes, Anika was like a permanent emotion for him. Under the influence of an emotion, you tend to behave in a different way, just like he did when Anika was around. With her, he behaved completely opposite to his khadoos character. He changes in her presence, exactly the way you do under an emotion. Anika was like his personal emotion and also for whom had had a lot of emotions.

Shopkeeper, “Where are you lost, saab ? ”
Shivaay, ” Yes. Yes. Emotion. See this is her picture, have you seen her ? “,  he says, showing Anika’s picture on his phone.
Guy, “Oh ! This lady. Yes I saw her. She came some time back to my shop. Very sweet natured. ”
Shivaay, “She came to your shop ? What did she buy ? ”
Guy, “She bought a small bunch of white lillies and carnations with some orchids. ”
Shivaay, “Lilies and carnations and orchids? Weird combination. ”
Guy, ” Yes. I dont make combinations like that. She asked for it so I made it. She said it is for someone special. ”
Shivaay, “Thank you so much for your help. ”
Guy, “Go saab and find your wife. Fill your heart with emotions. ”
Shivaay nodded and came back to the car. Omru were already there so he narrated the whole scene that happened.

Rudra, ” Bhaiya, why don’t you say it directly that you are jealous that Bhabhi has bought flowers for a specail someone and definitely that is not you? ”

Om, ” Rudra, we are discussing something serious here !! ”

Rudra,  ” Yeah, even I am serious. Bhabhi is buying flowers for someone someone other than bhaiya !!!!! Now my paraya dhan bhaiya will become devdaas ! Haye Ram…why didn’t you pick me up from this world before I see such days…”

ShivOm, ” Shut up Rudra. ”

Om, “Lilies and carnations toh theekh hai, but why orchids ? Also, I dont understand why would she come so far away from the main city just to buy lilies and carnations and orchids, where as you get better flowers in the shops near Oberoi Mansion. ”
Shivaay, ” Point. There is something else also. We need to know where has she gone from here. ”
Rudra was busy typig away on his phone.
Om, ” Rudra, for once can you leave the phone and concentrate here ? ”
Ru, ” Hey, you both only told me to shut up. Okay, Just a minute, O……and… Yes. ”
Shivaay, “What ? ”
Rudra, ” That when a woman buys flowers for someone other than her husband, that means something is going on . Haww….”

Shivaay, ” Get to the point, you dumbell. ”

Rudra, ” Okay..Bhaiya, Google says people usually use lilies and carnations for….”
Om, “For ? ”
Rudra, “Uh….er….um…ei…eh…”
Shivaay, ” Spit it out, Rudra.”
Rudra, “For funeral ceremonies and related things. ”

What is Anika upto ? Flowers for funeral ? Who is going to die ? Or is someone even going to die or not ? That is for you to gyess ?

I usually use italics also in my articles, but sorry I didn’t even have time to proof read it. Apologies for any errors. See ya soon. 

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