Bepannaah Si Mohabbat Ki Hai AdiYa FS Part1

Bepannaah Si Mohabbat Ki Hai ….Loved you intensely…Part 1

A wedding reception party…
The bride groom Kabir and the bride Zara were getting wishes and congratulations from the guests.
Aditya Hooda and younger brother Arjun Hooda arrived there.They were the bride groom Kabir’s friends.
Aditya:Hey buddy..
Kabir:Hi..I was waiting for you guys.
Aditya hugged Kabir:Congrats man.
Arjun:Wish you a happy married life.
Kabir:Thanks thanks.Meet my wife Zara.
Arjun and Aditya greeted her:Hi..
Kabir:Zara..this is Aditya.And this is his younger brother Arjun.Both were my juniors in college.When I was doing PG they were in degree.We met each other during the drama fest.
Zara:Senior and juniors friends.Cool.

Aditya:Kabir was not like a kadoos senior to us.He was like us only.That’s why we became friends.
Zara looked at Kabir romantically:That’s so sweet of you Kabir.
Kabir smiled at her.

Arjun was walking to the juice section.By mistake he hit a girl who came that way.
Arjun:Oh I am sorry..
Suddenly he saw her face.She was smiling at him.He was surprised.
Noor:Surprised to see me here?
Noor:But I am not surprised as I knew that you will come here being Kabir’s friend.
Well..Zara is my cousin.So Aapi and I are here.
Arjun:That’s nice.I could see you.

They see couples dancing.
Arjun:Wish I could dance with you here.
Noor:You can dance here only in your imagination as I have come here with my family.If they see us dancing together you will be shot to death.
Arjun:Oh fate is to imagine dancing with you.
Noor giggled.

A beautiful girl came downstairs.Aditya was amazed to see her.
Aditya:What a beauty!Is she an Angel who came from heaven?
Aditya was lost in her.
His heart beat faster…he could hear his heart beat’s rhythm turning musical and beautiful.

Bepannaah Si Mohabbat Ki Hai

Dil Ne Bhi Yehi Chahaat Ki Hai

Loved you intensely
Even my heart desired the same

Tere Bina Mera Lage Na Jiya
Tere Liye Hi Dhadke Jiya

I don’t want to live without you
My heart only beats for you

Mere Dil Ko Tere Dil Ki Zaroorat Hai
Mere Dil Ko Tere Dil Ki Zaroorat Hai

My heart needs your heart

Main Tha Reh Guzar, Tu ne Thama Iss Qadar,
Ab rahi na koi bhi fikrr.

I was a traveler, you held me

that now there isn’t any worry left

Aditya:Who is this Angel?
Arjun who came near him heard it and said:She is not Angel,but Zoya.
Aditya:How do you know her?
Arjun:Arre have not seen her?She is in our college only.She is Zoya.Noor’s elder sister.She is Kabir’s wife Zara’s cousin.
Aditya was surprised:Really?
Aditya:I was thinking if we both get married to sisters how it will be?I mean Noor and Zoya in our house.
Arjun was stunned:Bhai!
Aditya:I was joking.
Arjun:Oh..I thought…

Aditya was sipping juice and walking towards Zoya without taking his eyes off her.

Main Tujh main Bannt lun, yun khud ko humsafar,

Reh Na Jaye koi Qasar.

I want to share myself with you life partner
so that there isn’t anything left behind

Tere Bina Mera Lage Na Jiya
Tere Liye Hi Dhadke Jiya

I don’t want to live without you
My heart only beats for you

Mere Dil Ko Tere Dil Ki Zaroorat Hai
Mere Dil Ko Tere Dil Ki Zaroorat Hai

My heart needs your heart

As he was absent minded the glass fell off his hands and broke.Unaware of it Zoya walked and her heel got pricked.
Aditya got panicked.
Adi:Oh I am sorry.It’s my mistake that my glass fell down.
Zoya looked at Aditya.
Zoya’s parents came.Her mother Roshnaq and Noor held her.
Roshnaq:Zoya beta…is it paining?
Noor:Aapi…are you ok?
Zara:Oh..her foot is bleeding.
Wassim:How can you be careless?Because of you our daughter got hurt.
Aditya got guilty and Arjun became upset.
Roshnaq:Wassim..control your anger.
Wassim:How can I when Zoya got hurt?

Roshnaq:Now instead of fighting let us take Zoya to the hospital.
Zara:That’s right.
They carried Zoya to the hospital.
Aditya was really guilty.
Adi:Arjun…to be first sight itself I felt something special for Zoya.
Arjun was stunned:What?
Aditya nodded silently.
Adi:I wanted to woo her.But the first impression itself has become the bad impression.Because of me Zoya got injured.
Arjun:I understand bhai.Now that you have entered her dad’s bad books he will reject me for Noor as I am your brother.
Aditya:Sorry yaar.Because of me you too will suffer.
Arjun:Chill bhai.I don’t care.Whatever Noor loves me and she will marry only me.
Aditya smiled.
Aditya:I want to apologize to Zoya.But how?

The next day…
Aditya and Arjun went to the hospital to see Zoya.
They saw Wassim and Roshnaq going out.Only Noor was there inside with Zoya.
Noor got missed call from Arjun.Noor came out and saw Aditya and Arjun.
Noor:You both here…?
Arjun:Ya…bhai wants to say sorry to Zoya.That’s why I asked you in which hospital Zoya is admitted.

Noor:Aditya..if you want to say sorry to tell her sorry now before Abbu and Ammi come back.
Aditya:Ok.But first say how is Zoya.
Noor:She is fine.Took injection and the foot is bandaged.She will be discharged soon.
Adi:I can’t face Zoya.So..
Aditya gave a sorry card to Noor.
Adi:Give this to Zoya on my behalf please.
Noor went near Zoya and gave her the card.
Zoya:What is this?
Noor:Open it and see.It’s by Aditya Hooda.He is guilty that because of him you got injured.
Zoya was stunned:Means..he came here?
Noor:Yes.He is standing outside as he is not able to face you.
Zoya was surprised.
Zoya opened the sorry card and smiled.
Zoya:Noor..please ask Aditya to come inside.I want to talk to him.
Noor went out of the room.Aditya was tensed.
Aditya:Did Zoya accept it?
Noor:How tensed you are as if it was a proposal card to accept or reject!
Aditya:For me Zoya accepting my apology is very important.
Noor:Go inside.Aapi wants to talk to you.
He could’nt believe it.
Aditya:Did she really say so?
Arjun:Go inside bhai.
Adi:But how can I?
Noor:Don’t worry.Aapi is not angry with you.You can go inside peacefully.
Aditya went inside with hesitation.

Zoya smiled at him.He was relieved.
Zoya:You sent this card?
Zoya:Why did’nt you say sorry directly?
Adi:I was scared.

Zoya giggled.
Zoya:Aditya Hooda scared?You seemed to be a rowdy in college when it comes to college politics.But now you are a silent cat.I can’t believe it.
Aditya was stunned:You know me?
Zoya:Who does’nt know you as you are into college politics?But I know that you are someone who always stands for right even in the matter of politics.
Aditya smiled.

Teri saanson mein mujhe guzaara mil gaya
Ho gaya mujh mein tera asar

I find my living in your breath
I am getting influenced by you.

Ye Mohabbat Teri Lage Rab Ki Koi Meher
Khatam Na Ho Chahatein Umar Bharr.

Love is like a blessing of Allah/Rab/God
This love for you will never die

Adi:I am sorry Zoya.I am really sorry.
Zoya:Don’t feel bad.You did’nt do it purposefully.It was only an accident.I did not get angry with you at all.
Aditya was relieved.

Tere Bina Mera Lage Na Jiya
Tere Liye Hi Dhadke Jiya

I don’t want to live without you
My heart only beats for you

Mere Dil Ko Tere Dil Ki Zaroorat Hai
Mere Dil Ko Tere Dil Ki Zaroorat Hai

My heart needs your heart

Tere Bina Mera Lage Na Jiya
Tera Liye Hi Dharke Jiya

Mere Dil Ko Tere Dil Ki Zaroorat Hai
Mere Dil Ko Tere Dil Ki Zaroorat Hai(Bepannah)

Zoya:My father got angry as he can’t bear my getting hurt.I apologize on his behalf.

Adi:No need.I can understand a father’s feelings.My parents are also like that.Thanks for not being angry with me Zoya.
She smiled.
Noor came in with Arjun:Aditya..please go fast.Abbu and Ammi will reach soon.
Aditya:Ok.Bye Zoya.
Zoya smiled:Bye.
Aditya went out with Arjun.

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