Sajna ve twinj ff part 18

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Sajna ve twinj ff part 18

Kanasu and tanvir comes to kunj
Papa says tanvir and kanasu cutely kunj turned to them smilingly
Kunj- tell me my babies what you want ? Chocolates?
Tanvir- no actually we came here to inform you that
Kanasu- let me tell tanvir
Tanvir- no me
Kanasu- no me
Twinkle- anyone tell first what is the matter? Now dont tell me kanasu that you brought new complaint ???and tanvir you? dont say you broke mobile and TV
Tanvir- siyappa queen first let us speak if you talk non stop how we can say anything…its good my papa is very nice he listen to you knowing you are drama queen just like kanasu kunj laughing
Twinkle- shut up
Kanasu- oh why you blaming mumma haan its good mumma only married this sadu sarna otherwise any other girl in that place then she couldn’t handle this sadu and she runs away looking at his kadus avathar.
Kunj – oye choti siyappa queen now leave mumma papa tell me whats the matter why you both got ready nicely
Kanasu- oh ho ill look good always
Tanvir- yes because 24 hours you spend in makeup ony
Kanasu- shh so sadu and siyappa queen listen shying we we both are in love with our partner and want to marry them only papa mumma we brought future daughter in law and son in law for you both. Kunj twinkle shocked
Tanvir- I know you both feeling proud of us right!! Mumma aap ki cute bahu
Kanasu- papa aap ki hot dhamad both show other 2 cute little kids
Kunj and twinkle- shut up you both joking right?
Kanasu- who will joke on this mom ?
Tanvir- we are serious…
Twinkle- no no i dont want london bahu
Tanvir- mumma please crying
Kunj- and i dont want this one to be my son in law it reminds me yuvi face
Kanasu- papa please
Boy – oh kanasu baby doll come on we will run away from home
Kanasu- yes good idea wait before we go we will tale selfie
Tanvir apply sindoor on that girl forehead and run away from that
Kunj – nooo leave them no this cant happen noooo
Kunj fell from bed its his dream and twinkle sit on bed rubbing her eyes
Twinkle- to whom i kicked??? I saw alisha in my dream so gave kick to her in my dream
Kunj- oye siyappa queen why you kick me
Twinkle- aww kunj why you sitting on floor
Kunj- you kicked me so siyappa queen help me we have to go and catch them too
Twinkle- who?
Kunj- kanasu and tanvir ran away from home to marry
Twinkle- hein?
Kunj held her hand and ran to kids bedroom and open door there two of them sleeping peacefully twinkle gives look to kunj angry look
Twinkle- sadu sarna
Kunj- oh i mean to say that oh oh is it my dream? Twinkle pinch him
Kunj- auch
Twinkle- confirmed now its your dream stupid dream you spoiled my sleep for it huh they go back to room
Kunj hands travel on twinkle body sensually
Twinkle- sadu let me sleep
Kunj- mey ye keh raha tha ki sleep ka tho oh my mata ho gaya hey so this time we can spend romantically nice idea right?
Twinkle- bakwas idea…if you not getting sleep go and cut vegetables got it. Dont disturb me I am damn sleepy and next moment kunj heard snor sounds kunj also slept cuddling her having no option left ..
Next day twinj have to attend party they lefy kids in home with riya it was very difficult to kunj to convince them to stay back at home kunj wanted to enjoy with twinkle
At twinj room
Twinkle- where is party?
Kunj- which party?
Twinkle- you said to babies we going to business party
Kunj pulls her by waist
Twinkle- leave me
Kunj- no ways
Twinkle- kunj??? door is open
Kunj- my romantic mood is also open darling come in it my dear siyappa queen i planned date for us got it get ready in this giving her one dress he kiss on her cheeks and leaves from there
Twinkle gets ready and comes out side kunj mesmerised he comes near her twinkle becomes shy

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Kunj- looking hot
Twinkle- you are not less

Loving these clicks .. Thank you @amitkhannaphotography

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Kunj – lets go they left for date
Kunj took her near sea area where he arranged dinner for them its looking beautiful
Twinkle- it is beautiful ??

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Twinkle start to have dinner kunj makes puppy face after dinner
Twinkle- lets go home now
Kunj- hein? You cane with me for date just to eat and go haan?
Twinkle- haan come babies will be waiting for us she starts to go kunj pulls her to other side where every couple dancing its night pub
Twinkle ?? kunj I am going
Kunj pulls her and signs DJ to put song bg song aa raat bhar plays
Aa raat bhar.. aa raat bhar..
Jaayein na ghar.. jaayein na ghar..
Hai saath tu.. Kya hai fikar
Jaayein na ghar.. aa raat bhar
(Kunj pulls twinkle twinkle hands land on his chest both share cute eyelock kunj lip sync song )

Jaayein jahaan jahaan jahaan dil kare
Jaane kahaan kahaan kahaan phir mile
Iss raat mein beete umar, saari umar
Aa raat bhar, jaayein na ghar
( kunj hold twinkle by waist and her one hand on his shoulder and other hand held by kunj they both moves body according to beats)

Namkeeniyan hain, nazdikiyaan hain
Rang hi rang hai nazaaron mein
Hansne lagi hoon, phansne lagi hoon
Armaan dil mein hazaaron hain
( kunj twirls twinkle and again started romantic dance moves every girls steps on stage snd does ramp walk twinkle to comes and gives flying kiss to kunj )

Toh paar de sabhi hadein
Gale lage kabhi nahi hone de sehar
Iss raat mein beete umar, saari umar
( twinkle turns back to kunj and fall from stage knowing kunj holds her . Kunj holds her and twirls around )

Aa raat bhar.. (aa raat bhar)
Aa raat bhar.. (aa raat bhar)
Jaayein na ghar.. (jaayein na ghar)
Aa raat bhar

Aa raat bhar.. Aa raat bhar..
All claps for them
(Sorry i dont know to how to explain dance moves)
Its12.00 twinj stands infront of sea both at a time
Kunj /Twinkle- happy anniversary siyappa queen /sadu sarna and both hygs each other
Kunj gives her box twinkle opens it
Twinkle- diamond locket and ear ring its so beautiful ???? kunj is it for me?
Kunj- no twinkle its for our neighbours wife then for whom yar twinkle for you only

Twinkle- my gift i left in home only thinking we will go back to home
Kunj- you gave me 2 anmol rathans na kanasu and tanvir they are big gift to me but also if you want to give you can give pulling her by waist …I want to eat you now
Twinkle shies
Kunj- i have booked honeymoon suit here lets go darling

Twinkle comes out of washroom wearing

Kunj open mouth in big O being shocked
Kunj- are you fine??
Twinkle- no feeling very hot??? looking at you chikna my rasgulla
Twinkle- why kunj didn’t you liked my return gift ?
Kunj pulls her close by waist
Kunj- i just loved it ??? now no one can save you from me
Twinkle- I am yours touching his face sensually
Kunj and twinkle in swimming pool romancing
Twinkle- baby you look hot without shirt

After some romace in pool kunj lift her in bridal style and throw her on bes where Twinkle sits on bed and gestures him to come to her by moving her hands looking very hot kunj couldn’t control jumps on her kunj captured her lips in wild kiss both kissing widely twinkle bites kunj cheek kunj gives many wet kisses on her already wet body he doesn’t leave place and gives her many love bites twinkle moan kunj name continuously soon both become naked and covered with blanket showering there love on each other two souls become one again…
Morning twinkle wakes up and doesn’t find kunj beside she takes bath and comes outside in bathrobe looking hell cute kunj already sitting on bed looking at her
Twinkle- where you had been? Applying her moisturising cream
Kunj back hugs her keeping his chin on her shoulder and looking at her in mirror
Kunj- meri sherni ko bhuk lagi hogi na so i went to get breakfast for us
Twinkle- yes I am hugry
Kunj- i know baby yesterday you lost your all energy in making session
Twinkle-??? shut up sadu
They had breakfast and left for home there life going on wonderful there without any Stress
Sarna mansion
Usha cooking in kitchen and mahi chopping vegetables
Usha- oye idiot do it fast (pov because of this girl my kunj twinkle and grand daughter/son staying away from me . All because of this girl cruel deeds she tried to kill twinkle but also this family members kept in home and my kunj left home ?? she snatched there home from them. And she snatched my hapiness. Ill not leave her ??)
Usha saw yuvi coming there she took vegetables from mahi mahi looked at her being confused mahi turned to her holding knife in hand usha held her hand and started to cry drametically and fear in her voice
Usha – m..m..mahi beta please dont kill me dont hurt me …..I have to work na ok ill do and call you as ma’am also but please dont hit me ?????
Mahi – ???
Yuvi saw the scene and got angry on mahi
Yuvi – mahi ??? scream loudly
Usha- yuvi puttar ill do every work but please tell her to not to hurt me . I just said her to cut vegetables because my hands paining but see she saying me as her servent and telling me to give her leg massage
Yuvi – what ??? how dare you mahi
Mahi- no yuvi…before she talk further she got hard slap from yuvi she looked at him teary eyes only to fet another tight slap
Yuvi – how dare you haan??? what you think of yourself you idiot.. Iam sorry usha aunty
Usha – why you sap her yuvi after you go she will continue to torture me ???
Yuvi- ill teach her lesson todayhe drags mahi outside and push her in hall mahi falls on couch yuvi takes his belt and start to hit her like anything while she crying and saying him to stop but he doesn’t listen to her after he became tired he leaves her
Yuvi – from now you are the only one servent in sarna mansion I am sending all workers on holiday you have to work here as servent . If any mistake i found out then it doesn’t take me more time to correct your mistakes by my belt got it. And he went from there to office
Mahi crying usha looks at her and smirks
Usha – ale ale kya huva puttar mahi looks at her to get another slap from her
Mahi – ahha
Usha- now you are feeling the pain right my dear mahi bahu that day when you tortured my twinkle when she was pregnent you didnt felt for her right you made that goons to kick her like this na kicking her while mahi wince in pain
Usha- you know what I dont want to do it . I also have daughter but I cant leave you also daily you have to regret for everything for ruining our happy family.huh now start work otherwise ill call yuvi again
Mahi runs to kitchen to do her work
Usha takes bebe food and goes to her room where bebe holding twinj photo with there babies and caresing it with tear filled eyes.
Bebe- usha I am sorry tell them to come here without them sarna mansion is nerthing but empty home only they can fill hapiness in it. ???
Usha- bebe please math royiye aap ka thabed karab hoga vo nahi aane wala hey bebe
Bebe – kunj twinkle left home because of me i did wrong i did wrong because of me they left home saying this bebe held her chest
Bebe – ahha bebe got milk heart attack
Usha – bebe what happened? Kya huva utiye bebe manohar ji aayiye koyi idhar bebe is not speaking someone come here please
Bebe admitted to hospital
At london
Twinj sleeping peacefully twinkle sleep got disturbed because of continuous phone ring she received cell
Twinkle – papa ji
Manohar – twinkle ?????
Twinkle- papa ji kya huva why are yiu crying?
Manohar- oh puttar bebe our bebe got heart attack
Twinkle- what kunj woke up saw twinkle crying
Kunj- twinkle what happened? Who is on call? Twinkle just crying saying bebe kunj took phone and when he heard news bebe in critical stage he drop phone
Kunj – twinkle bebe????
Twinkle- kunj please dobt cry nerthing happens to our bebe come we will go there now after bebe look at your face she will become well again hena rothey nahi hey avo kunj hugged her tightly
Kunj- I am selfish twinkle in my anger I am hurting bebe I am so bad I am responsible for bebe state today
Twinkle- shh no kunj you are not selfish. Now dont cry please
Kanasu and tanvir who just entered room shocked to see there parents state looking at there tears . Automatically tears started to come in there small eyes they go near twinj who are sitting on floor
Kanasu- papa mumma why both crying
Tanvir- I cant see you both like this why you people crying mumma dont cry ok ill give you chocolates
Kanasu- papa ill give you my new toys ok ??? but dont cry
Tanvir- ??? we will not get any complaints ok please stop crying twinjs hugs there kids and cry heart out
Kunj- twinkle dont cry our bebe will be alright she is strong twinkle my bebe is very strong babies we are going to india to meet bebe get ready ok ill book tickets now only
Twinkle- ill make everything ready until then will you both help me
Kanasu- haan what we have to do?
Twinkle – pray baba ji to make bebe fine ok you both are babies na god will listen to you
Tanasu ran and sat infront of mandir praying for bebe cutely folding there hands
Twinj family left to INDIA
To be continued…
(Thank you for likes and dislikes dear friends now tell me how is this episode dod you guys enjoyed or its boring. Share me what you feel via comments. And any suggestions accepted
But dont forget to comment it motivates me to write.bye love you all)

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    Love dear keep writing and rocking ple post soon . And take care dear

  6. Hi anusha love u dear thanku fo r posting u r literally doing a very great job u need to appreciated by all of us u r already writing 4 ff and I understand it’s a bit difficult for you but u have become an inspiration for other writer thanks for writing 4 ff for our twinj and the episode was brilliant felt very pity for mahi . And twinj romantic scences was awesome and the date was mind blowing thanks for everything .
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  7. Awesome episode
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    Twinj moments were amazing??
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