Kriyam FF chapter Love in trip (episode 10)

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Sayyam has cried his heart out in front of Yuvani and she has decided to help him.

After 30 minutes

Doctor comes from the OT. Everyone asks about Krishna’s condition.

Doctor – We have started the operation but her chances of survival are very less.  (Sayyam gets angry and he grabs the doctor’s collar)

Sayyam – How dare you say such things. I don’t want to listen anything I just want  Krishna back. You have to save her and if anything happens to her then I won’t leave you (Everyone tries to free the doctor from Sayyam’s grip. Finally they succeed.)

Doctor – Listen Mr Sayyam I can understand your condition but we are trying our best now you all should pray for her.

Suhani – (With tears) But doctor Krishna will be fine na.

Doctor – I must say that in this case her chances of survival are really very less. Now excuse me we are starting her operation, (He again goes to the OT)

Suhani goes to a the reception where the Ganesha Idol is kept and there she prays for Krishna.

Sayyam leaves from the hospital and he starts walking on a road. He is broken from inside and Krishna words were ringing in his ears. He is getting flashes pushing Krishna and holding her throat. He comes back to senses as he hears the ringing of temple bells. He sees that he has came in front of a temple.

There are some persons standing and cheering for a man. He goes to them and asks the temple priest.

Sayyam – What is going on here. Why is this man walking on the coal.

Priest – This man is walking on coal because he had taken an oath that if his mother recovered from her illness then he would do this.

Sayyam – If I want someone’s recovery and if I do it, so will the person recover.

Priest – If you do it from your heart then yes.

Sayyam – Then I will.

Priest – Ok so start. (The man fulfills his oath and now it’s Sayyam’s turn

Sayyam – (points to goddess) You always separated me from my loved ones. I never got anyone’s love in my life. But Krishna she cared for me and today because me she is in this condition. I never complained you about anything but today I am ordering you that you have to return me my Krishna. I will walk on this burning coal till she gets fine.

Sayyam goes starts walking on the burning coal. He continuously utters Krishna’s name and while taking every step he gets flashes  of  Krishna. It’s been half hour but still he is walking on the coal his feet have burned very badly.

In hospital

Doctor comes from OT.

Doctor – The operation is successful but.

Everyone is happy.

Suhani – What but doctor, she is fine na

Doctor – She went to coma.

Everybody is shocked.

Yuvani – We have to inform Sayyam.

Suhani – But where he is.

Yuvraj – I will find him.

Yuvraj goes to find him. But he is unable to find him. He asks some people nearby and finally he finds Sayyam. He tells Sayyam everything except the fact that Krishna was in coma. Sayyam gets very happy knowing that Krishna is fine. He is unable to walk due to his burnt legs but his desire to see Krishna is so strong that he runs to the hospital.

In hospital

Sayyam – Maa where is Krishna, has she opened her eyes.

(Suhani looks tensed)

Sayyam – Maa why are you so tensed aren’t you happy that Krishna is fine.

Suhani – Beta though she is out danger but still she won’t open her eyes, she won’t talk to us as she is in coma.

Sayyam is now feeling so helpless. While coming back to the hospital he was on 9th cloud of happiness. But now Suhani’s words have crushed his happiness. He hugs her and cries.

Sayyam – Maa why every time It happens with me. Why do I always get pain and sorrow. I wanted to speak to her and see na now she won’t talk with us. Maa she will soon come out from the coma na.

Suhani – No Sayyam don’t think that you are getting all the sorrow. We atleast know that our Krishna is safe. And believe me she will soon come back to us.

They go in Krishna’s room. Doctor tells them that she can hear everything and she can understand it. They all urge Krishna to come out from the coma. They finally leave Sayyam alone in her room.

Sayyam goes to her side and hugs her. Some tears come from his eyes, he then quickly wipes them.

Sayyam – Krishna I have hurt you a lot na. So take revenge you hurt me as much as you want but please do it physically I can’t handle it when you don’t talk to me. Please get up and fight with me and wait a minute.

He takes out a flower and goes on his knees.

Sayyam – I love you Krishna I love you. You are my life and I can’t think of spending my life without you. (Some tears fall from his eyes, he holds her hand). Krishna today when I was about to lose you at that time I realized my love for you. I don’t know if you forgive me for my mistakes or not, but when you wake up I want to start a new life with you, were there would be no bitter memories from our past there would  only be loving memories. I want just one a chance and I promise that I will make our relationship better. And Krishna I think my confession was the most unique one, my love is sleeping and I am safe from being slapped (He smiles and falls asleep with his head resting on Krishna’s hand)

Precap – 1 month’s leap. Krishna comes out from coma. But will she accept Sayyam’s love. Will she be able to trust him again?

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  1. Awesome dear
    Loved it
    Hope she accepts his love.
    I m really getting impatient to read next part
    Plz post soon

    1. Iyat

      Thanks a lot. I will try to update it as soon as I can. And yes krishna is kind of hard to convince. So Sayyam has to try hard to make her fall for him

  2. Awesome dear
    Plz post soon

    1. Iyat

      Thanks a lot. I am trying my best to update it

  3. Muniya

    Woooooooow…such an amazing and superb update?????
    Loved it so much.

    1. Iyat

      Thanks a lot. For loving it ?

    2. when you are going to update ur stories muniya

  4. Wow so awesome and wonderful and amazing update loved ur ff so much. Waiting for next update please update soon

    1. Iyat

      Thanks a lot. I am trying my best to update it soon

  5. This part is very wonderful I m reading again n again love it plz update next part soon don’t make wait us long time

    1. Iyat

      Thanks a lot. I will update it soon

  6. Neeeeeext!!!!! Oh! What a epi. Breathtaking… Tani if I die u will be the one to accuse. Because I forget to take breath while reading. Ha! Now update quickly as possibe otherwise I will die out of curiosity!! Ok. Bye. Have a nice day. P. S BTW, Saiyyam’s confession is the safest one. Ha!! Ha!! The most funniest part of the epi.

    1. Iyat

      Thanks a lot for such a lovely comment dear?. I am Glad that you are loving it. And ha I won’t let you die I will soon update it. ?

  7. Its amazing story waiting for next part plz don’t take much time to update plz plz update quick

    1. Iyat

      Thanks a lot. I won’t take too long I will soon update it

  8. Ssuperb story

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