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Sadda Haq 9th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Randhir snatches away her book and tears paper. He asks her why she’s wasting her time. She says, whatever it is, she won’t let anyone control her mind, especially him. Along with his hands, his mind is dirty as well. She then says she can help him. She goes and quietly picks up her water bottle. She hides it and goes to Randhir and throws water on his head. She says, he can clean his hands on his own, but this way, his mind may get cleaned too. He pulls her to him. She asks him to leave her. She takes Vardhan’s name and he finally leaves her. Sanyukta takes her book back and tells him, she will definitely solve this code language.

YoYo brings Kastuki somewhere and shows her lots of junk. She asks what’s that. He says that her task is making best from waste, so he gathered all waste that he found. She can take whatever is helpful. She says, not all, but some things may be helpful. She was going to pick them up, but he tells her to tell him and he will take it out for her. She says she got more than what she wanted and tells him that he’s so cute. She leaves. YoYo is over the moon.

Parth is trying to go to Prof. Rao’s room, but YoYo and his friend are in his way. He waits for them to move, but they don’t. He throws something and YoYo and his friend leave. Parth approaches towards the room. Vardhan sees it in camera. A guard is also going there. Seeing that, Vardhan gets up and goes there too. Parth is opening the lock. Vardhan stops the guard and tells him to bring all guards to his room, he wants to discuss some security issue. After sending the guard away, he progresses towards the room. Parth is still trying to open the lock. He opens it and goes in. Vardhan comes there and looks in. He asks in his mind, what is he (Parth) upto? He calls to Rao’s doctor.

Sanyukta is trying to crack down the code language. Vardhan passes by the classroom. He sees it and asks her what’s happening to her. If she joined a different Dream Team because he didn’t give this task. She says she’s trying to decode Randhir’s language and asks him to look at it. He says it’s so easy to distract her and asks her to focus on her task. He leaves. Sanyukta again goes to the board. Vardhan stops and tells her that he had appointed a captain as well. He asks her to go and complete the task with him.

Parth turns on the lights on his phone. Randhir’s script is seen there as well. Parth then sees some files and papers. He says, there is no machine here, then what did Vardhan sir want from her? He thinks it would be best to leave from there. He’s then opening some door in library with his tool. Sanyukta comes there and asks him what’s that. He hides the tool and asks what? She says how his tshirt got burned. And then says, she forgot that he forgets everything else when he’s working. She shows him something and sees his tshirt is dirty. She cleans it up and both freeze for a moment. Parth moves her hand and leaves. She says she should get back to the task.

Randhir and Sanyukta are working on the task in a room. Both their hands get cut. Both look at each other. Randhir was about to go to her, but Parth comes there and takes Sanyukta for the aid.

Parth is doing the aid. He tells her that he knows she has too many things to do, but she should look after her. Sanyukta says and there are some people who don’t want my stress to end. Randhir comes there and says, if people keep remembering him like that, then his life age and their stress will keep increasing. Jiggy and Kastuki are also there. Jiggy sees wound on Randhir’s hand and asks what happened. He says, small injuries like that do nothing to him. Jiggy brings tea for him. Randhir burns his hand. Sanyukta taunts him saying some people think they are hero, but they forget they can feel the pain too. Randhir gets up to leave. Jiggy asks where he’s going. He says he has other work too. He has to finish the task. He leaves. Sanyukta says, his ego hurts. He behaves like whole Dream Team is his and others don’t know anything. Jiggy and Kastuki leave. Sanyukta tells Parth that she needs his help. She has early morning class and she needed some things to complete her design. He says he will get it.

Sanyukta wakes up late yet again. Randhir too wakes up. He is in her class before her. Sanyukta comes and is shocked to see him. She thinks he is behind her like a nightmare.

The teacher says today’s assignment will be of making salad. It’s important to decorate it nicely as well. She says this will be monitored by Randhir himself. Sanyukta says in her mind, what he will monitor. He only knows how to eat others brain. Randhir says, he wants this task between Sanyukta and one of other girls. The teacher leaves with other girls. Sanyukta says she knows she will never win. Why she’s even trying. Randhir looks at bandaid coming off. He says she doesn’t even know how to aid properly, how she will win the competition. He picks up a tissue and cleans her eyes/face.

Precap: Randhir snatches Sanyukta’s book and runs. Sanyukta chases him. He closes her in a room. He quickly re-paints all the wall. Sanyukta manages to come out of the room. Randhir realizes he forgot classroom’s bench and says, oh no, she has cracked down my code.

Update Credit to: Tina

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  1. awesome update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nice one!

  3. Really nice update


  4. what the code can be?????? I think its i love u sanyukta and that decode is written on the paper which sanyu was trying to pick it up when she sow 1st time this code. πŸ™‚ Very exited!!!!! Waiting for mondays episode

  5. I think vardhan same thing like randhir in profezsor rao cabin randhir on his mentors track lovely

  6. Nice update but one fact wrong..
    parth tries to slip the key of rao’s room to vardhan’s cabin
    beneath the door when sanyukta sees him.

    Here its written that ‘He’s then opening some door in library with his tool. Sanyukta comes there’

  7. WOWWWW!! Finally an awesome epi…Love u Sanyukta and
    Randhir u weren’t bad today πŸ˜‰

  8. I luv u sandhir

  9. M waitin fr the day wen sanyukta n randhir wl say i love u to ech odr.. πŸ™‚

  10. where’s 10th may’s episode ?

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