Saraswatichandra 9th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 9th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir leaving the message for Saras and Kumud hearing the location name where he is being shifted again. He writes it on a paper and holds it in his hands. (Luckily, he got pen and paper right infront of him, also on same height where his hands are tied, I mean table is also served him to ease out his problem, LOL!!) They take Kabir in their car. Saras sees him taken away and runs after him. Kumud calls out Saras. Saras says sit in the car. They leave to follow Kabir. The goons take out Kabir from the car and take him. Kabir’s hands are shown free. (Can’t he fight with two men, its not so tough!!)

Saras and Kumud too reaches. Danny thinks about Kalika and Yash’s mum’s words against him. He thinks about Kalika’s condition. He thinks of Kusum and calls her. He stops and says what will I tell her, she trusts me but how will she make everyone trust me, I don’t have any proof to prove myself innocent, why don’t I remember anything. Kabir says guys just leave me. Saras shouts Kabir seeing him. Kabir turns and says Saras. (So Filmy!!) The brothers have an eyelock with teary eyes. Saras walks slowly to him. Kabir beats the goons now to free himself. (Why did you not do this before!!) The goons catch Kabir again. Saras now catches pace and runs to Kabir realizing this is not the time to stare. (That can be done once they reach Ratnagiri!!)

The goons take Kabir in the car again. Saras gets there and Kabir leaves the paper for him. Saras gets it and reads the location. He writes Leceister Square Tomorrow. Kumud comes running to Saras. Saras tells it to Kumud and they leave. Badimaa and Guniyal have a talk and wonder why is Kalika doing this, is she alone or anyone is asking her to do this, if this is her plan, we have to find some proof and stop Kalika, even Danny does not remember anything, I wish Saras was here, he would have solved it. Don’t know Saras and Kumud found Kabir or not.

Kumud and Saras take a room in the hotel at night. Kumud feels much cold. Saras warms her hands. He asks are you fine. She nods and says yes. She sees him igniting fire and smiles. They sit near the fire. Kumud feels better now. Saras holds her hand and looks at her being upset. They talk via eyes. He gets a call from home. Kumud says they might be worried, talk to them. Saras talks to Badimaa. Badimaa asks about Kabir. Saras says we are meeting him tomorrow. I will bring him. Badimaa says you are lying, I can understand, you are worried about Kabir, you did not get him. Saras says he was infront of me, I reached him but could not save him. (They are simply dragging the story!!)

Badimaa says Lord wants you to meet him, Ghuman can’t do anything, she will get punished by Lord, don’t worry, bring Kabir, you brothers will win. Badimaa says Saras??? Kumud takes the phone. Badimaa asks Kumud to support Saras and have strength. Saras asks how is everyone here. Badimaa says everyone is fine, we are waiting for you three, take care and tell Kabir to come soon to his home. She ends the call. Saras cries and how would have Kabir lived so long alone, what did he go through, he was so alone, I was told you I feel some connection with him whenever I met him. I felt there is something that links us.

Kumud says you believed him and saw goodness on him no matter he did. She says its because you had blood relations. Saras says now I know he is my brother, why could I not hug him. She says tomorrow he will be with you. He says will I be able to save him. She says yes, don’t have any doubt in your heart. He says why do this happens with me, the people I love go away from me. Kumud says because they know their Saras will find them. Saras holds her hand. She says nothing will happen to Kabir. Next day, Saras and Kumud reach the place and find much crowd. Kumud says how will we find him in so much crowd. Saras says we will surely find him, its his birthday today and Ghuman planned to kill him today. They try finding Kabir.

Danny comes to Desai house and asks for Kusum. Guniyal says in her room, how are you. Danny says do you think I did this. Vidyachatur says no, we won’t believe anyone, Kalika or anyone. They ask him to go and meet Kusum. Kalika sees Danny and asks them what is he doing here. Guniyal says he is going to meet Kusum. Kalika says Kaki and starts the drama. (b*t*h…. Danny should believe in himself instead of asking others to believe him, and slap that b*t*h!!)

Kalika reminds them of what Danny did with her and asks is he more than my respect. She says if he stays here, then I will not stay in this house. Guniyal tries to calm her down. Kalika says if this happened with Kusum and Kumud, you would have kicked that man, but you are not doing this for me, as I m your bahu. She cries and says I will go mad and do something, keep Danny away from me and this house, ask him to leave. Badimaa comes and says enough, we are hearing you as you are our bahu, even you know it very well that Danny can’t think to do this.

Saras and Kumud look for Kabir. Kalika says great Badimaa, you have called me a liar to save your son in law. Guniyal says we can’t do injustice with anyone. Kalika says then do justice with me, ask him to leave. Kusum comes and says Kalika is right, ask Danny to leave right away. Danny and everyone are shocked. Kalika smiles. Kusum goes back to her room. (What happened to her now!!) Saras gets Ghuman’s call and she says Saraswatichandra, its Kabir’s birthday, you have only six hours to save him. Kumud asks Saras what happened. Saras and Kumud see Kabir’s jacket on the ground and think he was wearing it.

Ghuman burns Saraswati’s pic and says good bye, soon your son’s Arthi’s will be burning like this. Saras comes to Kabir. Kabir says don’t come here Saras, Ghumanwill kill you too. Kumud looks on. Saras says nothing will happen, I have come now. It gets dark and someone attacks Saras. Kabir shouts Saras………

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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