Pavitra Rishta 9th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 9th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pari recalling her meetings with Aman/ Naren and feels bad. She then recalls seeing him hugging Ankita and gets upset. Naren calls Ankita. Ankita asks him about Attu. Naren says, she is under observation and will be here for some days. He says, I don’t think I can attend Shekhar- Pari’s wedding. Ankita says, I miss you. Naren says, once I come back we will be together. You shall prepare lauke ki sabzi for me and make me eat with your hands. He asks about the engagement. Ankita says it was good. She tells him about raining there. Naren says, not fair. I am not with you. He asks her to enjoy the rain. Ankita feels vomiting sensation and disconnects the call. At the other end, Pari is looking at the rain and thinks Aman you have cheated me. I will never forgive you, I hate you. Ankita thinks, she loves Naren and really missing him.

Archana is about to call the caterer. Manav comes and asks her to sleep. He says, it is 12 am now. Archana says, I have to do so many things. Manav says, he might be sleeping now. He says, it is good that Pari is getting a good lifepartner, but our work will not end. We have to get marry Pia, Pushti, Gaurav and Rohan.

Archana says that she wants Soham’s kids to get married as well with their blessings. Manav hugs her and says your motherly’s love will bring him back. Soham is shown in a drunkard state on the road. He feels as if someone is following him and looks back. Soham thinks, what if I get caught and runs. Someone comes and follows him. Soham gets scared and enters in some house. Somebody knocks on the door. Soham gets very much scared. He opens the door and finds Balan. Balan hugs him saying my son. I am your baba. He says, I saw your poster and wanted to meet you. Soham gets shocked. Balan says, I am happy as my son is alive standing infront of me. Soham looks at the poster and is shocked. He thinks how to escape from this storm. He asks Balan to go and refuses to have any relation with him. Balan says, I brought you up. Soham says, I paid you for your doings. Balan threatens him to give his address to Manav. Soham says, you are blackmailing me. Balan says, I need food, drink and shelter. Soham agrees and warns him not to do anything. Balan promises him.

Balan says, I won’t anyone about you. He asks Soham to give him a drink. Pari looks sad. Neena asks her to get ready soon as Shekhar’s mom will be coming soon. Ankita thinks to talk to Pari. Ovi asks her to help her. Ankita looks at Pari and thinks why she is disturbed. Shekhar’s mom comes with the haldi shagun. Pia brings Pari for the ceremony. Shekhar’s mom applies haldi/turmeric on Pari’s face followed by other ladies. Ankita then applies haldi on her face. Pari is then seated for mehendi ceremony. Ovi asks Ankita to apply mehendi on Pari’s hands. Teju gives her mehendi cone and asks her to write Shekhar’s name on her palm. Ankita asks Pari, what is the problem? Pari says, I am just tired. Ankita gets Naren’s call. She tells him that she is applying mehendi on her hands. Naren asks her to write his name on her palm. Pari gets upset.

Pari looks at her mehendi. Ankita comes and says you are looking beautiful. She looks at the mehendi and says it is dark. Your husband will love you very much. Pushti looks at Ankita’s mehendi and tells the same thing. Ankita tells Pari that she is feeling that she is in tension if Aman comes back after her marriage. Pari says, I don’t have any intention to break my alliance. I don’t care about Aman. I am moving on in life and I know he got married. Ankita asks, how did you know? Pari says, yesterday I got to know about it. We got information that he loves his wife very much. I can be happy too. I have decided to throw him out of my live and give his place to Shekhar. Ankita says, he has bad luck.

Pari asks her not to say anything to anyone. Ankita says, I am your best friend and I want to become your strength. She asks her to smile. Ankita’s purse falls down. Pari picks Naren’s photo and gets sad. Ankita tells her that he is her husband, Naren Karmarkar. She says, I will introduces you to him when he comes. Shekhar comes. Ankita pulls his leg. She tells Pari is missing you and that’s why looking at her mehendi. Shekhar asks them to come. Ankita asks her to give her husband’s pics. Pari gives his photo.

Ankita visits the Doctor. Doctor tells her that she is two months pregnant and congrats her. Ankita gets happy on hearing the good news.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Who is rohan? :O

  2. rohan may be purvi n arjuns son..since purvi was pregnant when she left arjun..

    1. Where did u find the name rohan

  3. Where did u find rohan

  4. Can anybody tell me how many times Ankita got married till now?

    1. Can anybody tell me how many times Ankita Lokhande (aka Archana )got married till now?

  5. Dat nice!!!!

  6. Nice episode! But i am really worried about to twist to Come! When Naren will meet Pari he will leave ankita….

  7. Hey H Hasan, the comments section is blocked in today’s episode

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