Nadaan Parindey 9th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 9th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher missing Bebe and thinks about Mangal’s words. Bebe looks at Meher standing far and is happy seeing her wear the dupatta. Bebe blesses Meher and thinks your sorrows should come in my lap. She thinks she should leave before anyone sees her. The pandit asks the groom and bride to make each other’s garlands. Sameer comes and stops Meher from putting the garland saying this marriage can’t happen. Everyone are shocked.

Mangal and Nimmi scolds Sameer and blame Bebe for all this. Nimmi asks sarpanch to see all this. Sameer says I m also finding Bebe, she is not here so I came alone to stop the marriage. Dimple asks whats all this. Nimmi gets angry and asks them to kick out Sameer. Sameer says listen to me, they are fooling you, stop the marriage I will tell you everything, they are cheating you. RV is already married. Everyone are shocked.

Sameer says his first wife is in Canada. Mangal says what are you saying. Dimple says nonsense, he is insulting us, he is lying. Sameer says fine, prove it I m lying. RV asks what proof do you have I m married. Sameer says I heard them talking, RV is not divorced, he wants to marry Meher and keep her as second wife. Nimmi says Sameer is clever. She says why will RV do this, does he want to go to jail. Everyone ask Mangal did he find out about RV, such men beat their wives and send him. RV says what will Sameer say, I will tell it, Sameer loves Meher. Meher and everyone are shocked.

RV says he is jealous of me, he does not want me to marry her. RV asks Sameer does he love Meher or not, tell the truth. Sameer thinks about Purab’s words to do anything but stop the marriage. Sameer says yes, I love Meher. Meher is shocked. Nimmi says see what is he saying now. RV’s parents thinks to leave else the villagers won’t leave them alive. Dimple says why did you trap us if this was going on, Meher is loose character. Dimple asks RV why did he not tell before. RV says I did not wish to hurt Meher and get defamed. Dimple asks Channi and says why did you cheat us.

She says that’s why you were in hurry. They call off the marriage. RV says I will take the revenge of my insult and beats Sameer a lot. Sameer says I m saying the truth, they are bad people. Mangal says stop it. Mangal asks RV’s dad to talk and let the marriage happen. Dimple says we don’t want such girl for my son. They leave. Nimmi tries to stop them. Sameer says I m not lying. Nimmi slaps him and says you ruined everything. She cries. She asks the sarpanch to give them justice as Sameer has ruined their respect. She says who will marry Minty now.

Meher asks Sameer why did he do this, ruined me and my dad. Nimmi taunts Meher for being involved in this. She says I will see you Meher. Purab calls Meher and Minty talks to him. She cries and tells about marriage being called off. Purab is relieved. Purab says why are you crying. She says Sameer said RV is already married but no one believed him, so he said he loves Meher. We got insulted and they left. Purab says its bad, is Meher fine.

Minty says mummy has taken Meher to Bebe and kicked her out of the house. Tell us what to do now. Purab says don’t cry, I m coming. Purab says Sameer did not work right but why did he say he loves Meher. Bebe sees RV and his family going. She asks where is Meher. Dimple says Sameer insulted us. He said RV is married and his first wife is in Canada, he also said he loves Meher. Bebe is shocked. Nimm confronts Bebe and asks her to take Meher with her. Bebe requests RV’s family not to leave and says Meher is not like this, give her one chance.

They leave. Bebe says what did you do this Sameeer. Nimmi throws Meher on Bebe. Mangal says she is our daughter but in your control. Meher hugs Bebe crying. The sarpanch says this happened very bad and its all infront of us. She says why should Minty’s life be ruined. He says Nimmi and Mangal does not want to keep Meher with them. Bebe says she is their daughter, where will she stay, what will people say. Mangal says we don’t have to do anything with her now. Bebe gets angry on Sameer and slaps him.

She asks why did you do this. Sameer says whats was my mistake, I was saying the truth. I heard RV saying he is married. Meher would have ruined if she married him. Nimmi says they started the drama again. Bebe asks Sameer not to come at her house. Sameer says I swear on you. Bebe says you won’t come in my house again. Sameer and Meher are shocked.

Bebe aims at Sameer in anger saying you are not my son who ruined Meher’s life and shoots at him.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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