Sadda Haq 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 6th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ranhdir says I am not attendant of lab so I will know who comes in the lab. SAnyu says do you know what you are saying. He says I don’t talk to people to who don’t support me. sanyu says what will you get after destroying renuka? Randhir says your dad’s company isn’t the last in India. Sanyu says I don’t wanna work else where. What will you get in destroying renuka? He says satisfaction. sanyu says what will you do later? Murder? Please clam down. You will destroy our future. Randhir says stop this lecture. sanyu says I am already stressed out I have not even prepared for interview tomorrow. He says I wont let you sit in interview. Randhir gets a text from ishiat sanyu’s about to read it but he takes his phone.’

Randhir says to ishika you are rehan’s gf and you are flirting with, I wont have any problem. He will have. She says he doesn’t care about me. U liked you since first day of college and Rehan I have been dating him for three years. He just treats me like an option. randhir says so you don’t love him? SHe says I used to but he has been ill treating me. When I think about break up he come up with all the guilt and apology. He can’t live without me and doesn’t keep me happy as well. randhir says so you will ruin yourself to keep him happy? He can take care of himself. She says I wish every bf was mature and intelligent like you.

Scene 2
Roshan says how can I adjust rehna? Did you see randhir? He is so arrogant and you are asking me to hire him in my company. Rehan says calm down. Roshan says just because he is renuka’s son I will hire him. Roshan says everything will be in our control. Roshan says are you planning something with him? Rehan says you are unbelievable sometimes I think you are stressed out. Roshan says there is a lot of stuff pending. Rehan says complete the company formalities I will handle randhir.

Everyone is ready for interview. Parth says jiggy relax it will go well. Jiggy says mom will call me home If I don’t get internship. SAnyu says you performed well in task. Yoyo says eat this parsad. I have requested God to get you internship where you deserve. He give parsad to everyone. He says you look so good today sanyu. I will pray for you. sanyu says I hope so. She says I grew up with papa still I am nervous to give him interview. He says where is randhir? SAnyu sas I don’t know he isn’t picking my call. Parth comes out and is successful, everyone congratulates him. Vidushi is next, parth stops him and says all the best. He gives her a chit that says they asked question about turbine engine and the answer is no. Parth says in heart after interview I will tell you reality of varun.

Sanyu is stressed out. she goes to drink water. Someone comes and faints her. Its randhir he says I told you I wont let you make it to interviews, you should have listened to me. He takes her to a lab and keeps her there. He is going, ishika stops him and says best of luck. Randhir says I don’t need luck. She says I am tensed about rehan. Randhir says I will handle him. She says I turned down dinner with him. Randhir says I will teach him. ishika says you are so against her? he says yeah first because of my reason and now.. He leaves.

Randhir comes in. Peon says if you didn’t come for next few minutes we would have cancelled your name. Randhir says how can my family company cancel my name. Randhir sees agrwal interviewing sahil. Ankit says when will he go and sanyu come. Agarwal says she always annoys us. Randhir goes to roshan’s room. Rehan hug him and syas welcome bro, dad didn’t come he took mom on dinner last night so he was tired. He says to o0ther man can you excuse us? He leaves. rehan says dad didn’t want to hire you but I said bro should get a chance. Have a seat. Coffee? tea? Or you wanna talk straight? So Mr. Randhir singhn shekhawat. You know why I wanna hire you but why you wanna join our company? Randhir says to destroy you, your dad and renuka. Rehan says this is what I expected. randhir says many more will happen that you never expected. Rehan says I like it, I am excited for this challenge. What you thought I called you here for interview? I wanted to see my manly brother is how much strong? Randhr says I can make you doubt your manliness. Rehan says n 3 minutes you have to over power me and if you win you can join our company. but if you lose you will come to my company and say me good morning sir for entire three months.

Sahil is done, Agarwal asks peon to send sanyukta in. Peon looks for sanyu she is nowhere. Agarwa says look in canteen of washroom she must be there. Randhir attacks Rehan but Rehan counter attacks him. The both hit each other. Randhir shoves him. REhan says I will like to fight with you welcome to our company. Btw say all the best to your gf, it would be good if she was in our company. But we cant control her destiny. Randhir says I can. on time you will know about my charm wait and watch.

Peon looks for sanyu everywhere. SAnyu gains consciousness. She says what am I doing here? She tries to make noise. she says how will I get out of here. I got first chance to prove myself in front of papa.

Precap-sanyu is happy. Randhir says there is a road block in what i have called you for. Ishika says we will turn this signal green soon. They are close. sanyu sees them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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