Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 6th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mala saying I got the property papers but how can I give this to Ankush, I will keep this with me, this will be fine. She keeps the papers and says I don’t know what he has in his heart, how to tell him that I was acting to be in love with him, and I really fell in love. She gets his call and smiles, its good connection between us. Ankush asks what is she doing. She says nothing, you went without asking me, you did not ask will I come along. He says fine, I will make your wish true, I can understand you are bored there, I have booked tickets for your fav hero movie, I stood in line for two hours. She asks really? He says get ready fast, tell Aai I called you for some work. She says fine, I m coming. She smiles and says I can’t believe he knows my fav hero and booked the first show for me, I just said I wanted to see movie, I m very happy that he cares for me so much, it means he loves me, yes…….

She says Ankush, you took one step towards me, and I will confess my love to you today, once I confess, I will give the property papers. She sees his pic and says Ankush I love you, I have to confess to you, I know your answer will be yes, I love you so much. Sachin talks to Astha. She says I m worried, as Aai and Shlok did not come from temple till now. She says even call is not connecting, you take care of food truck, I will go to temple and get them. Sachin says yes, food is ready, I will serve. She sees Anjali coming in auto, and getting Niranjan with him. She is shocked seeing him. She asks why is Baba here, what will we tell Shlok. Anjali says help me, I can’t leave him on the road in this state. Astha and Anjali shoulder him and take him home.

Kalindi tells Ajju that she gave the property back to Ankush, she is glad that if Ankush goes with property, he will be going happy and be a better man, will he come to meet us, if he don’t, we can go to meet him. Ajju says he will surely come. I got habitual to him, I m sure he is also habitual of you, he will come, now our home will have happiness and no one bad sight will affect us. The doctor checks Niranjan and says it looks like he was hungry since 3-4 days. Give this medicines to him, and let him rest. He leaves. Astha asks Anjali how did this happen with Baba, is this his plan, where did you get him. Niranjan wakes up and says Shlok…..

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He looks at the small home. Anjali asks him to rest. Niranjan says Astha, and gets teary eyed. He folds hands and apologizes to Astha. He asks about Shlok. He says I want to apologize to him. Shlok walks towards home. He says tell me where is Shlok, will he forgive me? Shlok comes home and is shocked seeing Niranjan. Niranjan is glad seeing Shlok, and gets up. Shlok gets angry and asks who is he and why is he here. Niranjan cries, and recalls his old words about his trust, respect and love. He folds hands and says forgive me. Shlok says I don’t want to listen to me, either he will stay here or me. Anjali says listen to me. Shlok says I hate him. He leaves. Niranjan cries.

Anjali cries seeing his genuine tears. Niranjan says Astha, tell Shlok that I just came to apologize to him, and hug him just once, then I will leave from him and not show my face ever, what I did with you, happened with me, my own blood has kicked me out of home, its fine, I will leave. Astha cries. He pleads to her. Anjali asks Astha to go and see Shlok, he is very angry. Astha leaves. Niranjan says I will fall in Shlok’s feet and apologize. Anjali says calm down, let Shlok’s anger calm, else the relation will become more weak. He says I love him a lot. Jyoti, Sid and Riya are checking shopping, and Sid says its good we got the loan, all work will be done.

Renuka asks about car in the list. Sid says we got loan, not lottery, and whats the need of car, the guy is independent, he will buy himself. Renuka says enough, spend well in Riya’s marriage, or do you want to buy something for your wife. Sid says no, I can’t waste money, we can’t buy car. Jyoti says I will see car rates, if mum wants to buy for Riya, its fine, relations are made by trust and love, money can’t value it. Renuka asks does she keep pravachan keep with her always, and don’t tell me what to do in my daughter’s marriage. Riya says she will explain mum and leaves. Sid says I will convince mum, don’t worry Jyoti.

Jaya is stunned seeing Sojal wearing a western dress, and says I also want such things. Sojal gives her some clothes. She says Varad gave me credit card and asked me to buy whatever I like. She shows the necklace and Jaya is happy seeing her daughter rule without Anjali here. She says if Anjali was here, I would have not seen this happiness. Sojal says I m happy, but I hope Aai should be happy too. Astha talks to Shlok. He asks what is he doing here, why did he come to ruin our life. Astha calms him down and says just listen to Baba once. He says I won’t, don’t talk to me, if you got her here, you did wrong. Anjali says Shlok, don’t tell anything to Astha, Niranjan came himself, I got him here.

He says why did you get him, did you forget what he did with you, you spent a bad life with him, either he or I will stay, its your house so you decide. She says its tough for me to choose between husband and son. She says I can’t deny he is my husband. Shlok says sorry Aai, you have to decide. He asks her to choose either Niranjan or him. Anjali looks on stunned.

Niranjan cries and hugs Shlok. Shlok stands emotionless and pushes Niranjan. Anjali holds him and says Shlok….. Astha looks on.

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  3. Na acting is outstanding and no more wrds ….
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