Friends. . Condition Apply 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Friends. . Condition Apply 6th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chirag and Shakti about to kiss Each ther..Suddenly Omar comes and takes Chirag..Murli is shocked to see Shakti with Chirag…Omar takes Chirag with anger..Murli raises pistol against Chirag…All friends see…Murli calls Parents and puts Phone on the speaker..All friends shouts tells their parents to help..all Parents are sitting listens and cries One of the parent faints…Murli beats Chirag Soo much..Chirag iss bleeding..Juhi shouts to stop..Murli tells the parentsto stop major otherwise will kill all..Secretery tells that its not in their hand its in Ministry hand..Murli tell they will call to stop the mission…Murli beats Chirag..Chirag is bleeding bevomes unconsious…JUhi shouts and tells to stop..Omar slaps Juhi..Benoy shouts..Shakti gets up and goes to Murli tells him to stop beating Chirag..Murli tells Shakti to go back otherwise will kill…Shakto refuse..Omar takes Shakti backwards..Murli tells the parents that he will count from 10 If the mission didnt stop they will kill..Murli calls 10,,9,,8,,7 parents tells the secretery to call Major otherwise Chirag will be killed..Anotherside Major goes near a house and tells his commando to ready..Murli says 6..5..4..3..2..1..Murli shoots..Major shoots and open the door Sees two husband and wife is sitting.Secretery call and tells MAjor to stop the mission.Major says okey but proceeds..Shakti runs and picks up Chirag..Chirag is unconsious..Shakti sees Chirag is okey..Major asks the people where is all children..They cry and ask which children??Major says the one who was kidnapped..the husband wife cries and says they dont know…Major tells his commando to check the house..Commando says that mission is to stop..Major tells its his order..Commando tells its against rule..Major is quiet..He says that this is wrong address..Major tells its means Ravi gave the wrong address…Major calls his friend and takes his help,,
Shakti sit snear steps and feels guilty herself..Shakti thinks how Murli beat Chirag..Shakti cries..Chirag comes and sits..Shakti and Chiraag look at each other(romantically)..Shakti tells that Chirag is very brave..As to safe Imple he put his life in danger..Chirag tells that he know one girl who want to safe her friend took bullet on her..Shakti tells she is not correct..Chirag tells he should thanks Her..Because of him Shakti messed up with dangerous guy like Murli..Murli asked why he messed up???Chirag tells that it means Shakti likes her..Chirag says Shakti to confess her love..Shakti tells she want to tells something to Chirag..Chirag tells now nothing is important..Chirag tells He should give choices to Shakti or he will tell..Chirag counts 6,,5,,4,,3,,2,,1..Shakti puts her hand on Chirag’s mouth and says that She want to tells Something which is very important….Chirag tells he dont want to listen anything else..Now nothing is Important..Shakti tells she really want to say..Shakti tells that Chirag is very good..Shakti tells she want to be good like him..Chirag tells that this is the only way Shakti have to confess her love..Shakti and Chirag looks at each other..Suddenly Murli and Barli comes in the house..Murli gets angry seeing Shakti with Chirag…

Precap:Murli is outside..Chirag tells everyone to get up As kidnapper’s is outside..All friends runs..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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