Million Dollar Girl 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 6th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti’s mother makes roti in the kitchen..Avanti goes in the kitchen and tell very nice smell is Coming…Avanti tells she want the keys of Shop..Avanti tells please..Avanti says that she took Money at 3% intrest from market..Avantitells that she took money from dangerous people..If she didnt returned then they will come to home and can do anything..Avanti please..Avanti’s mother shows the key and tells Avanti she will give If Avanti sell all the Saree and returned the money back..Avanti agrees…Avanti’s mother gives the keys..She tells not to sell Saree saying Banarsi..Avanti agrees..Vicky and Tj sitting near Ganga river..Vicky says his father is like a hitler..always count the money and takes..Tj tells this parents takes revenge,,,
Avanti comes and tells Vicky and tj to come..Vicky says where???Avanti says Sachin tendulkar is absent soo To do batting,,Avanti says to sell Sarees…Vicky tells where they have to go???Avanti says to go everyone’s home and sell Saree..Vicky says that means like sales men “Washing powder nirma..Nirma..Nirma”” ..Vickys gets a call his father tells to come..Vicky goes..Tj tells she to have to go as at her home Satyanaryan pooja is there..TJ says sorry and goes…Avanti tells friends are of no use She have to do hard work alone..
Avanti goes to everyone’s home..but no one buys..Avanti goes to a pious pandit and tells him to buy the saree for mother or daughter..The Pandit sees and tells that he is pious and left everything of this world..He does no belong to this worls..Avanti goes..Pandit eats Burger and drinks Coca cola…

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Avanti goes to lalita Auntie’s house..Servent comes and tells that Avanti came..Avanti’s mother is sitting..Avanti’s mother tells to buy the saree like from Salesgirl..lalita agress..Avanti comes and tells that she have brought Saree’s.Avanti’s mother is hiding and listens everything….Lalita aunty asks is it banarsi Avanti says no its Banarsi saree..Lalita aunty gets upset tells that nowady’s people are not buying polyster Saree..Avanti’s mother listen’s and gets happy…Avanti tells now a days in market people are not buying expensive things..As 80 thousand phone will be sold in Some months in 25thousand…Avanti tells that customer’s gets attracted by saree not to which type..Avanti tells to think from mind..Avanti pleases but lalita says no..Avanti tells to think again..Lalita agrees..Avanti gives the Saree..Servent comes and tells he also want to buy saree for his wife Avanti gets happy and agrees..Avanti comes calls to Vicky says that lalita aunty buy the saree..A car comes and pushes Avanti..Avanti shouts and tells to come out…Virat come out from car and laughs…Avanti tells he is blind.,Virat says Avanti that he dont play childish games like Avanti..Virat tells that he will go to Avanti’s house and tells to Aunty..Avanti tells thhat shop is on her name..Virat tells he can make paper’s by the help of lawyer’s..Avanti tells that she will go home and tells her mother not to enter Virat in the house..Virat says for that Avanti has to go before in the house..Virat says Avanti can only go in his big car.,,but he will not give her lift this time..Avanti tells Virat that he dont know Banaras routes..She can go from shortcut…Avanti runs…while Virat also goes in Car..Avanti comes in the house and shouts and tells no one should open the door..Avanti’s mother tells that is Avanti is gone crazy..Avanti tells that mad bull is running outside the house..not to open the door…Avanti’s mother tells to wait and opens the door..Virat comes in with with paper’s..Virat tells to sighn the paper’s..Avanti comes in between and tells Virat that they dont even want to sell Slipper to him..Virat tells he is talking to his client.,,,Avanti tells Virat to keep his english in rightside pocket..Virat moves and tells Avanti to let him go..Avanto tells Virat to go away otherwise she will beat him..Virat tells Avanti’s mother how Avanti is talking..She tells Avanti to talk properly..Avanti pulls her mother away and tells that she will work hard and not to sell the shop to VIrat Avanti pleases…Avanti’s mother finally tells Virat they dont want to sell the shop..Virat is shockes and tells okey.Virat goes..Avanti gets happy and hugs her mother..Avanti’s mother tells to learn and have experience..WIthout experience no one will be sucessed..Avanti’s mother tells that her father used to say to start the work from small work..Avanti tells that she cannot become sale’s girl..Avanti’s mother tells that her work was to explain its Avanti’s choice to agree…Not to spoil her father’s name..Avanti’s mother tells its Avanti’s choice to agree or not..

precap::Avanti becomes sales girl..Virat comes and tells Avanti to show different Saree and Irritates her…

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