Sadda Haq 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 5th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rana asks sanyu whom are you talking to? and how you got this phone? reporter says this is mine. Rana breaks it, he says i called you in to convey my message. mind your own business. Rana says to his men what were you doing? He says she wanted to talk to mom. Commandos disguised as doctors come in. Rana asks them different questions about hospital. she shows him card as well. he inquires from rest of the two. he checks the bag, it has only aid. He takes out inhaler and asks what is it? He says inhaler. rana says none of them has asthma. Doctor says i have asthma its for me. rana says okay come in if you act smart i will shoot you. They come in. Rana says renuka see your doctors are here.

They start checking students. they dress bruises of all. one commando says lets check each of them one by one. suudenly there is a gas in all the corridor, rana’s man kill all the commandos. rana says i was only waiting to see what you can do. rana says where are parth kabit and yoyo. go find them. He grasps sanyu and puts gun on her, rana says now for your mam’s smartness you will pay. she has shown she doesn’t love you randhir. Rana calls renuka and says i am getting your tricks. renuka says listen to me, rana says your son is going to pay. renuka says please leave my son. P

Parth and yoyo come out. Aister and vidushi hug them. Parth says lets go in. randhir says to renuka you showed money is more important for you. you will be responsible for anyone’s death here. inspector calls rana and says you helicopter is ready. dispose all the bombs , rana says i wont. randhir and sanyu have to pay for going against me. Vardhan says rana i killed your men, kill me and leave them. Vardhan says please leave them. Inspector calls rana and says your car is ready, you can leave easily. Just leave them. rana says i wont. He says your death shall be interesting. Everyone outside is crying. rana says vardhan you think you are genius, now see me. Rana takes out a remote and says you know what it is. Your life remote. if you press this yu will be safe but entire hostel will blast and if you don’t press it you will die. He says welcome to FITE show, lets see if they kill all the students in hostel to save themselves. Vardhan says stop playing stupid games, kill me. Rana points a gun at him, vardhan grasps him. Rnaa says you are about to die. Randhir fights with another man. rana hits the pistol, vardhan hits rana hard, rana takes out a gun and shoots vardhan. Vardhan tries to shoot him but his men shoot him multiple times. Everyone is shocked. sanyu and randhir are crying. randhir says diffuse this bomb rana then i will show you your worth. randhir is standing on the line. randhir says your vardhan sir is not in world now. so decide if you want to save yourself or all the students in hostel. rana asks his men to pack the stuff. He says i made a mistake you are the genius of this college, you have laptop in front of you. you can diffuse it from the laptop. He breaks the laptop.

Inspector says let rana come out of the building then we can send bomb diffusing squad and try to save them. rana says inspector don’t try to make any plan. Rana says to reporter you will be my key to go out. and sorry randhir sanyu, you wont see the world again.

Rana comes out, inspector says leave the reporter and sit in the car. rana says unti i dont sit i wont leave her. All the cops surround rana, rana says remember i still have this remote. rana sits in the car. Ranadhir and sanyu see all corpses in front of them including vardhan. sanyu says we couldn’t live together at least we are dying together.

all the students say i wish we could save them. anju says i wont let anything happen to her. she tries to go in. cops stop them. anju says let me go, i have to save my sanyu. Agarwal says please keep calm. renuka says they have only 10 minutes why don’t you do anything, randhr says i wont give up like this. I wont accept this. No one will decide how i die, you wont accept it either. randhir says how can you not be stubborn like always. break these ropes sanyu, you can do it. sanyu breaks the ropes, randhr says come one sanyu run. go from here, sanyu moves towards him. he says in 1o minutes it will all blast sanyu says i wont leave you alone here. i can’t run from here. he says so you will die with me? sanyu says yes i will die with you. randhir says you my last wish is i want you to go from here. sanyu says i am trying to diffuse the bomb. randhir shoves her and says go from here sanyu. sanyu starts repairing the laptop. randhir says go from here. sanyu starts on working how to decode the bomb.

Anju takes inspector’s gun and points in on her self. she says let parth and yoyo go in or i will kill myself. they can help sanyu. Inspector lets them go in. Parth, yoyo and vidushi run in, they see vardhan dead. randhir says you can’t do it alone sanyu go from here, parth says sanyu is not alone randhir. sanyu smiles. randhir and yoyo start repairing the laptop with her. the laptop turns on. sanyu starts working on the code, only few minutes are left. after the time, bomb doesn’t blast. yoyo says its diffused, everyone heaves a sigh of relief. randhir steps forwards, sanyu hugs him. parth hugs both yoyo and vidushi. They look at vardhan and cry their heart out. They recall how he used to mentor them.
Cops take them all out, sanyu and everyone is crying. randhir takes sanyu out. parth says rana is safe and i feel bad for that.

Precap-sanyu asks doctor randhir? He says we couldn’t save him, sanyu says you are kidding me, A dead body comes out, sanyu loses her mind.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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