Million Dollar Girl 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 5th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat tells all of them to stay here and goes,,Ankit tells that all of them trapped here,,Avanti tells that she have a idea she known that who will save them..Bhuwan comes and tells policeofficer to release..Bhuwan says that Ankit and Vicky have to stay here tonight because there is no choice..Avanti and Dj tells thankyou to Bhuwan..Bhuwan says that he was also drunk and was being driving,,Bhuwan says everyone should be given a fair chance in life..
DJ,,kavya,,and Avanti comes home..DJ’s is shocked to see her parents..Dj’s mother slaps her..Dj’s father tells that thankgod police officer called and inform him about DJ..He tell that Dj is drinking and running on streets instead of doing pooja..DJ’s mother tells takes Dj home..Avanti’s taayaji tells that she and kavya insulted them..Tayaaji tells Avanti and kavya to get out of the house..Avanti tells that it is her house also..Tayaaji tells that because of his small brother he is bearing Avanti..Tayaaji tells that Avanti is insulting the name..Avanti tells that tommorrow she is going to win the compedition..And will get Rs10lakh,,and she will give the money back,,Taiijii calls Tayaaji tells him something,,Tayaaji agrees and tells that Avanti has to pay Rs30,000 per month otherwise he will sell all Avanti’s house furniture,,,Avanti tells that now by anyhow she have to win the compedition..
Anotherside DJ’s father breaks DJ’s piano..DJ cries and tells to stop..he tells from today onwards Dj should not get out of the house..Dj cries..Next morning Avanti is sitting thinking about last night..Avanti gets a call saying to be at venue till 11am..Avanti agrees..
Avanti goes at office and sits..Virat is sitting next to him..Virat tells that finally Avanti has came..Virat says Avanti will loose the compedition..Bhuwan and judge comes..He tells the partcipants to write on a chit partner name..Everyone writes..Vicky..Avanti,,Virat..Bhuwan tells pass to right person..Bhuwan tells that whoever gets the name will have to sell the product to them..Avanti gets the name of Rajat..While Virat gets DJ’s name..Bhuwan tells to pick up another chit which has the name of the product name..Vicky picks up name he gets name of ciagratte..While Virat gets name of Cream..Bhuwan tells whoever sells the product fast and comes here will win..,,Avanti calls DJ tells her that Virat will come to sell the product but not to buy and waste his time..DJ tells that her father will not allow to meet Virat…Avanti tells its soo sad,,DJ tells its okey she will handle Virat..Avanti goes to Rajat house..Avanti tells that Rajat is not at house what to do..Avanti goes to dhaaba but does’nt find
Avanti meets Alia..Alia tells that she find Rajat cute..Alia tells that she went to Rajat room..But she thinks that Rajat is not intrested in her.Avanti tells its okey..Avanti tells that may be Rajat is intrested in boys..Avanti and Alia laughs..Alia tells that maybe Rajat is at Ghat with Ranvijay..Avanti thanks Alia..Alia tells she have to go..Alia leaves…Avanti’s mother calls her and tells that Ankit is selling kavya’s scooty for rent..Avanti goes home along with cameraman,,Ankit sells Avanti’s scooty..Avanti comes and tells to stop..Ankit tells what to do his father need money..Avanti is tensed..Virat tells DJ”S father that its Avanti’s mistake as DJ is innocent..Virat tells that closing DJ at room nothing will get..Virat tells that its Avanti work to trap innocent girl and spoil them..Virat tells Avanti is not good..DJ’s father tells that Virat is right..He tells Virat can meet DJ..Virat goes..

precap:Virat and Avanti reaches venue But Bhuwan tells that Aman won the compedition as he reached before

Update Credit to: Ansari

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