Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 3rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 3rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik watches Nandini run the ground again. He says to Pandit doesn’t he think he is taking it too far, she might not be able to stand after this even. Pandit ji says I am the teacher not you, so I will give the instructions. Nandini stops running, she was panting hard and was about to fell off. Manik runs to her, but Pandit ji holds her before he could. Nandini smiles, opens her eyes and is shocked to see Pandit ji. She looks at Manik standing on the side. Pandit ji leaves her, she says I am fine. Manik asks if she is sure she is fine. Pandit ji asks Manik to get to his guitar, and takes Nandini along her. Manik says Nandini is tired, but Nandini says I can do it.
Cabir wonders if he should make a call or not. He says if he doesn’t call he will be really disturbed. He talks to Navya’s mother and introduces himself as her friend. He says Navya is fine but misses her a lot, she needs to come to Mumbai to surprise her. When he hangs on he says I am sorry Navya, but I had to do this.
Pandit ji asks Nandini if she is fine, she says yes she is. Pandit ji says this means he was right that she acted about falling off.
Manik plays guitar vigorously. He thinks about Pandit and Nandini.
Pandit ji says to Nandini that Manik has a lot of control over himself, he is really talented. She is also talented and he wants to showcase her talent in the concert. Manik comes in, he says to Pandit ji that it seems he is busy with Nandini, so he can practice alone as well. Pandit ji says to Manik that fusion concert cannot be done alone. They will practice tomorrow in college and leaves.

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Cabir thinks no one wished him even, as it is his first day at studio. Mukti comes and asks him where he is going, if he is finding Navya she is home. Cabir says he has other things to do too. She asks if he is going on a date, Cabir asks if she really doesn’t remember. He was about to tell her when her phone bell rings and she leaves saying it is important.
Manik watches Nandini playing with paintings on staircase. He turns to face her, she smiles and backs up worried. He moves forward when they come across a couple. Manik asks him to get out. Manik tells Nandini not to show him attitude, was she getting fainted to fall in Pandit’s arms. She says how would she know he was there, and she fell for him to hold her. Manik says he would never hold her but watch her fell down. Nandini says fine, and leaves. She turns to see Manik, then drops her bottle and fell over it. Manik comes and help her stand. She says my hopes have won Manik, and goes smiling. He smiles too.
Mukti comes to hospital not to find Abhimanyu in the room. She asks the nurse, who tells her he had several reactions due to chemotherapy and is in ICU. She watches him over the ICU glass and cries when she gets Navya’s call. Navya says to Mukti that she wants to call Cabir at home as it is his first day to job, she wants to invite him. Mukti was crying, and says Abhimanyu is in ICU. The doctor said it already she won’t be able to take the pain of chemotherapy. The bell rings, Navya goes to open the door. It was Nandini. Navya gets back to call and asks her not to cry, think positive as it makes everything well. Mukti cries that nothing is positive in her life, she is seeing Abhimanyu lying in front of her eyes and she is helpless. Nandini hears this, the nurse comes to Mukti and she leaves.
Cabir comes to studio, ready to start his show. He tells himself to calm down, what if mama isn’t here to wish him all the best. The best is yet to come, he doesn’t has his friends around to says yes Cabir, you can do. But he can do, all he can do is a cup of coffee. Cabir comes out of the studio, Dhruv, Aalya and Manik were there. Cabir was surprised and silent for a while. He asks about Mukti.
Navya tells Nandini it is Mukti’s secret. Nandini says what secret, she was crying bad. Navya says she doesn’t want her anyone to know that she loves Abhimanyu and Abhimanyu is last stage cancer patient. Navya says she was crying hard, and she didn’t know how to take care of her. Nandini says we should tell her friends, they can take care of her. Navya asks what about her promise, Nandini says for Mukti’s well being promise is too little to be kept.

PRECAP: Mukti says to Manik that his and Nandini’s relation also didn’t end well. Manik says there is still hope, Mukti says this means he plans to patch up with Nandini again. Abhimanyu says to Nandini that she and Manik have a lot of time to play games, he and Mukti doesn’t have time.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Mansi u r a vry gud poet dr..:-) no f8s! Prcp-manik tells sumthng 2 nandu(wich i cud nt hear prprly).nandu says she hates holi n leaves d room.manik says i WILL play holi wid u whether u lyk it or nt!

  2. Hi iki bro mansi n sanyu! Again luvd manan n d lst scene! Nandu ws r8…manik let hr fall!!

  3. Manik vil nevr let hr fall* nish u here?

  4. Hy guys fo u know mr ?

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