Sadda Haq 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vardhan comes in. Everyone is shocked to see him. He says to sanyu stop calling God and check mechanical extension. He goes to randhir and says where is mechanical engineering in your idea. I didn’t expect this mediocre performance from you. Kabir says welcome to FITE vardhan. This is the first time I am welcoming you here. Vardhan says what you thought I wont come back and you will sit in my cabin? You can take my cabin but not my place in this college. Kabir says I am faucalty here and you cant change that now. Vardhan says positive attitude, I like it. FITE needs positive people like you. Kabir says in heart lets see what happens this time vardhan. Do whatever you. Vardhan goes and sits beside maya. Kabir presses a button and Randhir’s wall breaks down, then Sahil’s and the parth is done too. Ankit says she makes so much fuss of her engineering and look she is left. SAnyu hits the wall and breaks it.

Parth says what it is this question. sahil says we cant get it. Kabir says the answer is from the 4 historic books that men wrote centuries ago. Solve it down quickly. Kabir says the rules of universe. Randhir is trying to solve. Sanyu says this means vaidh. Kabr says you have 10 minutes left. Sanyu says yes grandma and mom taught me vaidh. Its a normal linear equation now. She is done. Randhir is shocked. Kabir says correct, 8 minutes well done. Randhir is done as well. Kabir says I am impressed. Agarwal says to ankit lets go I cant see all this anymore. Kabir says sanyu solved question first in 8 minute but since randhir broke the wall first its a tie. SAnyu and randhir both are first. You can go interview to the perspective employer.

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Jiggy and yoyo congratulate sanyu. Rehan says to randhir congrats, your gf is smart. I thought she would be down but she gave you a competition. He shakes hand with sanyu and says congrats. He says I am rehan I saw you and thought you will win it. You look intelligent. He puts his hand on her shoulder. He says You can join SAniyal and Bajaj as intern. Randhir will be there as well. SAnyu says I will join my dad’s company it has been my dream. He says good you should follow your dream but think about my offer first. sanyu says I have decided already. He says okay then good luck. SAnyu says I have a request. Can you please leave randhir alone he needs his space. Rehan says he is my brother how can I leave him alone. Who will take care of him if I don’t.

Scene 2
Agarwal says it took me years to gain respect and this girl ruined it. Anju says whats wrong? what she did? Ankit says she made fun of us. He tells her everything. Ankit says papa offered her but she said no. Agarwal says she said I will come with my talent she has so much ego. Anju says I will talk to her. Agarwal says let her come to my company I will tell her what engineering means and how it is to compete with boys.

Everyone is praising parth. Yoyo says there will be a lot of interview letters. Jiggy says lets see what will be tomorrow’s task. YYoyo says you are scared like you are going on border. I have field in village you can work there. Jiggy says shut up what are you saying. They all leave, parth sees vidushi and goes to her. Vidushi says what now? are you going to sau vidushi cant you see? He says focus on internship. Vidushi says stop hanting me and I will. Parth says I came here to says two things, just keep calm and focus and secondly all the best. He leaves. sanyu asks parth have you seen randhir? He says no. sanyu texts him where are you? please don’t fight. What will you get. She sees randhir coming to her with a smile. Randhir says I was angry but couldn’t stop myself from appreciating your effort. I hope you get internsip in your dad’s company. I realize how important it is for you. I should shatter your dreams for my personal fights. Sanyu hugs him and says I missed you so much. He says I am sorry I reacted too much. Sanyu says I beat you in the task. He says you were looking beautiful and you distracted me otherwise I would have been first. He kisses sanyu’s hand. He says I love you, sanyu realizes it was just her dream. She sees randhir’s photo and says that idiot cant be this loving. Anju calls sanyu and says are you in college? SAnyu says I am on stairs. Anju comes there. sanyu is shocked. sanyu says maa you are here. I performed so well in the task. papa and ankit went in between. Anju says they couldn’t handle the insult and you didn’t accept his request. sanyu says listen to me. anju says when you will this end? You took four years and now this internship.

Randhir is in lab, he recalls rehan’s and vardhan’s words. ishika comes in. She says hi. Randhir says cant see I am busy. Go from here. sanyu says never hug and congratulate me. if ankit would have done it your would have been proud. He and I have same place is dad’s company. ishika says I will learn a lot from seeing you work. Ranhdir says all right but don’t touch anything. ishika says not even you? sanyu says I won because of wha you taught me. I thought you would be happy but you came to scold at me. I want you and my dream both. Ishika holds randhir. Randhir says leave if your bf sees he will make an issue. sanyu comes in lab and collides with ishika on door. She asks randhir what was she doing here. e doesn respond. sanyu says I am disturbing you but you can answer me at least. randhir says she came here to propose me.

Precap-sanyu says you will destroy our future. SAnyu says I have not even prepared for interview tomorrow. Randhir says I wont let you be there. He faints sanyu that day and takes her to lab.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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