Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila cries by keeping her head on Hetal’s lap. Hetal consoles her that everything will be alright. Gopi on the other side also cries by keeping her head on Pari’s lap. Pari also consoles her and says Kokila will accept her soon again.

Gopi reaches Urmila’s house with Pari. Madhu asks her the reason for coming. Urmila tells Kokila kicked her out of house. Dhaval asks Gopi not to worry.

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Vivan calls Radha and tells that he was about to kidnap Pari when Gopi came and rescued her. Radha says she knew Gopi would create a problem and asks him to be careful.

Kokila while descending stairs thinks about Gopi and is about to fall down and subconsciously calls her. Meera holds her and says she knows she is remembering Gopi.

Tolu and Molu fight over a T-shirt and say Jigar that Pari would have solved their problem easily. Jigar shouts at them. Ahem comes there and asks Ahem to calm down. Kids says Jigar has become same after Pari went. Ahem hugs Jigar and says it is all because of Gopi.

Pari reminisces Vivan warning her that he will marry her at any cost and gets afraid. She tells Gopi that if she stays here, Vivan will harm her. Urmila says if he enters here, she will teach him a lesson.

Ahem calls Gopi and asks her why is she doing this. Gopi asks what did she do. He says because of her Kokila and Jigar are sad and says from today, she cannot enter his house. She says that house even hers. Ahem says until she takes Pari’s side, she cannot enter house and continues scolding her. Kokila comes there and says Ahem that Gopi is her bahu and it is problem between her and her bahu, he does not have any right to scold her bahu, so he should apologize her. He apologizes her and even Gopi apologizes for talking to him loudly. Kokila takes call and Gopi apologizes her. Kokila says she has not forgiven her yet and asks her not to take Pari’s side.

Pari apologizes Gopi for being troubled because of her. Gopi says she does not have to apologize. Pari calls her dad and tells because of her, Gopi is in trouble, so she wants him to come and take her from there. He says he will reach there in 2 hours.

Neighbours reach Modi bhavan. Kokila asks them the reason to come. They say Radha called them for new year party celebration. Kokila says she did not invite them and asks them not to listen Radha from hereon. She says since they have already come, they can come in and have some snacks. Savita asks about Gopi and Pari and asks why are they missing. Hetal says Gopi has gone to her mom’s house and will come back soon. She calls Gopi and asks to come right now with Pari. Gopi says she will right now. Radha calls Vivan and says their work is done.

Kokila says neighbours they will do bhajan and aarti. Savita says how can they do bhajan on new year’s party and asks neighbours to come to her house for party. Kokila says if she walks out without praying go, she will be punished by god. She prays god to set things right and says Hetal that she does not want Gopi to leave house, so she is helplessly allowing Pari in. Hetal says she has taken right decision and asks her to leave everything on god. Jigar comes home and asks why are neighbours here.

Urmila, Gopi, Madhu, Dhaval and Pari wait for auto. Dhaval and Madhu leave in 1 auto while Gopi, Pari and Urmila wait for another auto. Pari asks if she is doing right by coming with her. Gopi asks her not to worry. Auto stops. Pari sits in auto and before Gopi could sit, auto speeds up. Gopi runs behind auto. Auto driver is none other than Vivan. Pari pleads Gopi to help her and Gopi runs behind auto. Vivan kicks Pari and she falls on ground and hits her head on stone. She goes unconcious. On the other side, while performing aarti, lamp is about to blow off when Kokila holds it and thinks something is wrong, prays god to protect her Gopi.

Precap: Pari informs Modi family about Gopi’s accident.

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