Million Dollar Girl 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti thanks Panditji,,Avanti calls vicky and asks where is Virat..Vicky says in his office..Vicky and Avanti goes to Virat’s office….Avanti tells that Virat has a habit of lying everyone..As he is lying everyone for years…As about his personal life…Avanti tells that Virat is not a Son of Buisness tycoon Brijbhusan,,As he tell lies,,Avanti tells about loans..big projects everything Virat is lying,,,Avanti tells that person like Virat cannot do buisness and show fake dreams of making mall in banaras..Vicky tells Avanti to come,,,Avanti tells that her work was to explain them its their decision to work or not…Avanti goes,,,Virat is quiet…avanti tells Vicky that Virat is rich and willl understand this language oly…All client goes away..Virat’s secretery stops but they goes….Virat drinks alchol at bar and thinks and beats one waiter…Avanti,,Tj and Vicky goes..Avanti tells Tj that taste will come more than eating food than to teach lesson to some one,,Avanti tells that stomach and heart will be full…Tj and Vicky smiles says yes….Avanti says that her phone is not working..what to do…Tj tells Avanti to use her old phone and return when Avanti becomes a rich buisness women…Vicky says and too pay his bill of dhabba…Tj tells Vicky to drop her..Vicky and Tj goes..

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Vicky and Tj goes…Avanti gets shocked to see a person near shop..Avanti goes and sees Virat lying down..Virat is drunk and is unconsious…Avanti takes pictures of Virat sleeping…Avanti puts a slate on virat saying “On sale”…Avanti takes a selfie with Virat…Avanti tells now she will teach a good lesson,,,Virat gets up and shouts…pushs Avanti ..Avanti asks what happened and tells why je is pushing..VIrat tells “kiss”..Avanti gets shocked..Virat says that the way he insulted him…Avanti says that why Virat sent Polyster Sarees thats why she did..Virat tells that Avanti dont know how he much hurted and feelings,,,Avanti says that she have feelings…Virat pushes and takes along with her..Avanti tells to stop..Virat tells that she will push in Ganga ghat…Avanti tells how dare..Virat says no Ganga will get populated..Listening one neighbour comes out Virat shoouts..Neighbour gets scared and goes inside…Virat tells Avanti to come along with her…Avanti gets scared tells that he is already drunk. Next morning Avanti uploads Virat’s pictures on Facebook…Kavya brings tea and sees Avanti doing something..Kavya asks this Ankit’s laptop…kavya tells that Ankit will not give handkerchief to anyone how he gave laptop..Avanti tells that Ankit gave because he wanted to update a software If he gave in market will cost RS 2000..Avanti tells that she lied and took the laptop saying her friend is Software enginerr..After finishing her work will return saying that her friend is out of station..Kavya asks what work??Avanti shows Virat’s picture..Kavya gets shocked..Kavya tells that Virat is rich not to mess up with him..Kavya tells her mother will beat If she came to know,,,Avanti tells nothing will happened..Kavya tells that If virat saw his portfolio on facebook will become more angry and will take revenge from Avanti,,,Kavya asks If their relatives saw Avanti’s facebook what will happened..Avanti tells that her relatives dont even know the difference between Tv remote and ac remote..What they will know facebook…Kavya laughs.. Virat gets up..Rajat is beside/..Rajat congrats Virat tells that he earned alot of popularity…Rajat says that 501 likes he got…Rajat says whole banaras is talking about this…Rajat tells that his father wanted to become MAhatma thats why gave all the buisness to irresponsible Virat,,RAjat tells he will call and tells to his father all about this..Rajat tells that this girl Avanti is back of their buisness and is like bone in mouth.Virat says its nothing like that he knows how to handle Avanti..Rajat gives tablet to Virat to handle himself…Virat gets angry..

precap::Virat tells Avanti he do not play childdish games..Now he is going directly and buying shop..

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