Sadda Haq 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
ankit and Samir are on table. Ankit says mom dad has slept. I have to sleep now. Who can stay up after eating such good food. Samir says yeah food was so good. Ankit says why don’t you eat again.
Samir says I would have been ready for one more but I am full. Ankit says sanyu will make box for you. Ankit asks sanyu to take the plates back. SAmir says I will do that.
Samir says to sanyu mind blowing if I had knew that you make such a good food I would have married you in childhood. If my parents eat their doubts will be gone. How did you change ? I am sure this is because of my love. He hugs her. sanyu says please. He says what will you do when you come to my home ? sanyu says what I am doing right now. and this is no rule that a girl can only study or cook. she can do both. Samir says come on lets eat ice cream with us. SAnyu says I am busy I will eat later. He says eat it don’t ever say no to me. Ankit says she never heard us. She won’t have been doing engineering if she listened to us. Samir says what you did in FITE? Ankit says blast. Samir says yeah super fast. what was that 100 miles in 60 seconds. They both laugh. Sanyu recalls her FITE and dream team days. She is very upset. She recalls all her achievements.
Sanyu says I am coming in a moment. SAmir says top where are you going ? Are you done with work ? So stay. Tell me when you decided to do engineering. You must have watched some movie for women empowerment. You must have thought if she can do I can do engineering as well. Sanyu starts crying. Amir says why are you crying ? I was just joking. Sanyu says I can’t do this any more. I tried to forget my college and engineering but I can’t. I am sorry Samir I can’t do that. I can be a good house wife but I won’t be happy. Samir says what are you saying are you out of your mind ? Sanyu says do you love me ? Samir says yes. sanyu says please can you let me do engineering. please. Samir says you are doing wrong I thought everything is fine I have won you. sanyu says papa has made you responsible for me. Samir asks Agarwal come out. Agarwal comes and asks what’s wrong ? Samir says uncle I want to talk to you alone. Its important I should have talked about it before.

Anju asks sanyuw hat did you say to Samir ? Ankit says her face says she has done some other drama. Sanyu says I said van I go back to my college ? its in my blood. I can’t live without engineering. Samir leaves. Agarwal comes and says sanyu go to your room. Anju I have to talk to you. Sanyu leaves.

Scene 2
At FITE, Radnhir is in the class and so is everyone else. Kasutuki says I have never seen a shameless and egoistic guy like him. vidushi is not in the class. Sahil says where is she ? kaustuki says she is sleeping she has attached her bag with SAnyu’s.

Sanyu comes to college with Samir. Samir recalls he said I am favoring your family she never thinks about anything else but engineering. Our family is related to yours now. If sanyu is free till wedding. if she is happy in doing engineering she will stay happy there. Send her on my responsibility I will make everything all right.
Samir asks where is your class ? Sanyu says in this corridor I will go.
Vardhan says you are in third year now no one will spoon feed you. Me and maya have designed a course outline for you that will make you a practical student. PKC has arranged your exmasn, Soon you will be having mid term exams. Randhir sees sanyu with Samir. SAnyu says thank you sanir. He says thanks is not enough. Always respect me and our relation ship. I love you that’s why I have done this. And if your mind starts flying look at this ring it will remind you that you are mine. SAnyu says I will never disappoint you. He says I hope so. he says I have brought you here so you can stay happy with your friends and machines. Don’t worry about tasks etc. Now go in will bring you luggage to hostel. SAmir sees Randhir, randhir sits down and hides. Samir is in utter confusion. Samir gets a calls he says in heard why would that mechanic be here. He goes out talking ont he phone. Sanyu comes and says may I come in sir ? everyone waves her. Vardhan says no late comers are not allowed. He closes the door. Sanyu goes to her room and asks vidushi to get up. Sanyu pulls her bed and vidushi falls down. Vidushi is shocked. She says you engagement called off again ? Sanyu doesn’t respond. Viduhsi says I am late lecture must have started. Sanyu unpacks her stuff. It has her engagement photo too. she places it on the side desk. Sanyu reclls how Samir insulted and shoved her dad.

Sanyu geos to college and meet kaustuki. kaustiki says you won’t stop shocking me. At least you could have texted me? Sanyu asks where is Randhir ? Sayu says have you guys seen him ? Parth says no. Yoyo says parth Bhai sanyu’s velocity and direction shows missile will hit the target.
Sanyu rummages for him in anger. She goes to a lab where randhir is sitting. Sanyu grunst Randhir Singh Shikhawan. Randhir stands up and kicks a chair. Sanyu slaps Randhir on his face.

Precap-Radnhir says stop starring at me. I hate your face. SAnyu says you have my face right from now you will miss this place everyday. You may forget my name but not my face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hadh hothi hai yaar… sanyu fir se RD ko ek thappad maari iss baar nafrath sirf nafrath!!! just cld not bear it… i felt like slapping her…..seriously sanyu, u hv completely lost it…how r the CVs justifying sanyus character.. women oriented show???? sanyu pleading, begging samir to let her do engg…. CVs r right now portraying her as a ablaa naari!!
    sanyu is all set for revenge with Randhir….

  2. Aah..Slap slap,randhir ko bhi reply me ek thappad lagana chahiye tha sanyu ko,tb dimag theek hota uska

  3. gals – read that there is going 2 b another special episode in saturday 6th september @ 8 pm. Sadda Haq- Girl In A Man’s World- Sanyukta” . a/one aware of it??? hope it is not another bakwaas epi…..

    1. I thnk on dat mega epi dey will shw sanyukta’s journey in college as if it will be a new epi dn there would be atleast one promo aired

    This man will be Maya’s (Swati Taldar) husband who has been tormenting her for quite some time. And the actor who
    has been finalised to play the role is none other than the talented Mitil Jain who was last seen in Saraswatichandra.
    The plot will soon revolve around how Maya will want to get out of her sad marriage with her husband and Vardhaan
    (Krrip Suri) will help her in this task. And soon a love story will evolve between Vardhaan and Maya.
    When we buzzed Mitil he quipped, “I had auditioned for the role but there has been no confirmation on the same. I
    would thus not be able to confirm anything as of now.”

  5. Aaj ke epi me to bas sameer hi sameer dikh rha tha,mujhse to cntrl nhi ho rha tha,is chomu ki shakal kya awaj tk nhi suni jati,feeling irritate yr

  6. serious doubt – Samir sending Sanyu to FITE is it temporary till their marriage or even after marriage????

    1. Well,yr marriage to hone wali nhi h,atleast itna ghatiya to nhi sochenge dd n ss sanyukta ke liye

      1. whst twist do u think dd n ss wl bring in to break off her alliance with that chomu???? waise maannaa padegaa, Actor portraying Samir is also smart…. i am bashing only his character!!!

    2. I think till marriage, ihave also one doubt will their marriage will be happen

  7. game changer

    hug kiss k sath sath ye log thappad ka bhi record banana chahte hai….ye jungli billi sanyu kitni bar slap kr chuki hai rd ko…

    1. Aj ke epi ka lke 4 br thapad kha chukha hai rd 🙁

  8. game changer

    are cvs rd pr attyachar band karo yar i want pehle wala genius mr.attitude rd back… bhigi billi jaisa rd nahi

  9. Rd.. 🙁 y sanyunkta !! Y soo much hatred ?? She is juz ovrreactng :@ m srsly hating her…plss cvss..jaldi se kuch positive laaoo..pls pls pls..stop dis nonsense crap…asap!

  10. i hate time she is telling that randir is her friend next she thinks she loves him(in pre. episodes) then she kisses him and ask him to take her away from engagement.then she insults and finally slaps him.she doesnt deserve randir. for her mcp samir is right. stupid girl. who couldnt even take decision about her life and always bowing before wrong person. she cant be a role model or intelligent.waste fellow.

  11. I jst ht sanyukta frm the bottom of my heart nd d credit goes to the great talented cvs

  12. about tdys slap —- read in facebook just now — comment by one of sandhirians –..shyd sanyukta k mind me ye chal rha h ki kese b kr k randhir sanyukta ko hate krne lag
    randhir apni lyf me move on krne lag jaye..

  13. game changer

    guyz did anybody read ystrdays cs last comment…..ek aur especial episode aane wala hai…

  14. 1) do check this link –

    2) in tdys epi, did sanyu place a framed photo of samir on her table, moment she entered her room????

  15. Fially sanyu is back 2 cly….. abhi thoda thoda karke nafrat fially pyaar me badal hi jayegi….am waiting 4 tht time when they they will be together…. kash wo pal jald hi aa jaye….

  16. Why is parth’s hand shivering

    1. maybe due to sm kind of disease …. vidushi is lot better than sanyu woh parth ka kithna khayal rakhthi hai chahe woh samjhe ya na samjhe par sanyu hai ki …. ufff yeh ladki kab sudhregi …

  17. y sanyu y tumne rd ko kyu slap kiya u knw what u r completely out of ur mind ….

  18. ab ek aur special epi … kash ki yeh epi bhi last so called “special” epi ke jese na ho plz plz plz

  19. guyz special epi k naam pr bewkoof bana rahe hai cvs hame….ek week pehle promo dikhate hai promo me kuch aur hota hai epi me kuch aur hi hota hai
    pehle especial epi me hum ne socha tha rd will propose sanyu bt nahi kiya
    dusre espcl epi me humne socha rd will brk sanyus enggmnt bt nahi toda…….

  20. New promo has been aired..wu of promo-sanyu sat on her hstl room nd thinks how rd twice pushed his dad..she says i will nvr frgv u fr dis..on d othr hand rd says to his dad i will suprt u on d dvrc cs..
    Sanyukta gt renuka’s lawyer phn cl to suprt hr…bckgrnd says kya in dono ki dushmsni km hogi ya aur bad jayegi!!

  21. Nd guyzz fr all of ur kind infrmatn no nw mega will gonna hpn ds wk..on ds strdy’s mega epi dy will jst shw sanyukta’s jouney till dnt get afraid..

    Nd many thinks rd nd sanyukta will again kiss on tmrw’s i dnt think dere were many students in d bckgrnd whn sanyukta (chudel) slapped rd

  22. Rd ki black t-shirt kinna cute lagta h,tshirts kitni jamti h na randhir pe

  23. ab to mujhe definetly lagta hai ke rd ke life me new girl ani chahiye.sanyu ke liye tin tin larke or rd ke liye sirf ek bo idiot sanyukta.aisa kiu.randhir ko v equaly importence milna chahiye.

  24. Ok guyzzz, sorry in advance for d long cmmnt, i have a LOT to say…….
    1)come on guyz,engmnt spl itna bhi bura nahi tha- forgot the kiss????
    2) Mega epi ki news kahaan se mili???
    3)Mere dimaag me ek bohoth Daravna khayaal aaya hai- kahin ye log show ki trp badaane ke liye toh ye sab nahi kar rahe naa? Ye sab as in itne jaldi ek aur spl epi? N trp badaane ki koshish matlab trp currently low hai n low trp may lead to SHOW BANDH!!!! :'(
    4) One more proof of this is ke i hv noticed ki shq ke ads bohoth aa rahe hain aaj kal,n they r launching new promos very quick. This may mean 2 things- 1-They BADLY want to raise tthe trp
    2- They have a very gud trp n so a big budget…
    5) On the other hand, show aaj kal bohoth sad ho gaya hai so that shows ki the show isnt gonna end soon coz they CANT end it on a sad note!
    ( Achu,this is spclly fr u)

    1. Dear I don’t think TRP ke liye ye esa karenge kyu ki current track ke karan TRP kam ho raha hai( only my thought)
      About special epi I think there will show journey of Sanyu
      Anyways the chances of ending is less as now Vardhan and Maya luv story, Parth’s disease,Parth and Vids luv stry, Koustuki’s luv triangle,Randhir’s parents divorce,Chomu ka character ka the end, SANDHIR luv stry too whn these things get cleared thn only show will end as of now

      Chill and enjoy TRP badaao all SANDHIRIANS

  25. And new girl ki entry is a MUST!!!!
    I share the same thoughts,@ riya!

  26. @game changer just wish tum ne jo FB mein paddda wo sache ho
    Meera Di, akshara,achu,AN where are you all??? missing you come back soon

  27. good morn’ Randhirians!!!!!

    do check this link – read all the comments there page-wise… pls pls…. awesome posts..

  28. anamkia di, even this post at IF is good… – titled : SAMEER – Taking a closer look at the jhanwar!!!! do check….

  29. 1) What happened to Kanika aka Kannu her bestie? She did not attend Sanyu’s engagement? Only that bimbo Kaustuki…. Y Y Y?

    2) a few at fb and IF feel Sanyu’s ♡ still is genuine. They say she is acting this way for just 1 reason – she wants Randhir to hate her even more and move on in his life.
    (even if CVs bring this 1 point n justify her actions in the later epis, I WL NOT B HAPPY, it is so illogical, let any reason thy give us b reasonable, acceptable).
    My question is how can someone stand still like a statue when her bro’ & security guards beat him brutally? she was just thinking abt the dhakka he gave her dad. 1stly, moment RD tells her he is coming to her engagement, she did not want him to come, then when he did come, her eyes were searching only for him, she meets him alone, hugs him kisses him soooooo passionately, asks him to take her away with him (meaning literally eloping) – then she never thinks abt her familys honour or her dad and the very next minute she refrains herself as a 3rd person as if she has never seen him…. she even tells him that she wl hand him over to the cops!!
    so weird!!!
    a few here, earlier used to call RD a confused soul. Now I say SANYU is the confused soul apart from her room-mate.

  30. Sanyu is wearing a diamond (engagement) ring right??? While in her practicals, s/how or the other, I want her ring burn in fire…. or it shld break…. O_o.. me n my “bad” imaginations!!!

  31. One thng i shld..sanyun…ko agar uski galti ka relaisation nai karvaya aur..srif randhir ko hi uske piche bhagaya ..main yeh shw kabhi bhi nai dekhugni..vaise bhi m nt watchng only bcz of currnt if in future track dis wont hppn..i vil loose all my intrst..wthr dey vil shw der luv stry or way sanyun is bhvng she is lyk…jaisa jo bhi hua hai sab sab randhir ki galti hai…uski ki toh koi galti hai hi nai!! I hate her…actly i use to hate her frm the bignng bcz the way she used rd for her benefits….i cant bear tht..! For me atlst for nw..she is a looser not gainer..nobdy can change der feeling juz within fraction of minutes..! Evil sanyukta! Sorry if any one gt hurts..wid my wrds…


  33. well i read the wu’s to catch up with ya … and now i feel that “thankgod i didn’t watch the engagement wala epi ” agar mein dekhthi toh yaha par flood ho jayega…. feeling very bad 4 rd

  34. mere exams khatham ho gaye hai aur kal onam celebration hai school mein aur uske baad onam holidays !!! iska mathlab mein T.V bhi dekh sakthi hoon aur comment bhi !!!! 😀 😀

  35. sanyu slapping rd… so not good poor rd na …

  36. koi hai yaha par ???

  37. hi nila !!! THANKYOU !!! 😀

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