Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari sees Modi family having breakfast and tries to talk to them, but nobody talks to her. She says they made a mistake by trying to kick her out of their house and now they are not talking. She says will do sit ups as an apology and asks Kokila not to drag the issue like a TV serial. Kokila asks if she wants punishment for her mistake. She says yes. Kokila asks Gopi to bring rope. Pari thinks she wants her to do skipping. Kokila asks her to turn back and ties her hands backwards. Pari asks why did she tie her hands. Kokila says this is her punishment and she cannot use her mobile today, takes whole family from there while Pari pleads to free her hands.

Gopi gets tensed that Pari deleted all the videos and they cannot bring out her secret now. She thinks to meet the goon who was blackmailing Pari. She sees Pari going to bathroom and checks her mobile. Pari comes out and says it is bad manner to check someone’s phone. Gopi says she wants to know who is Paridhi Metha. Pari says she already deleted goon’s number.

Kinjal asks Urmila why did she steal Rashi’s jewlery from Modi Bhavan when everyone were busy with Pari’s problem. She asks her to give back the jewelry. Urmila says she will not give jewelry and says she will kick her out of her house. Kinjal says she knows how she bought this chawl with Modi’s money and says this house also belongs to me.

Gopi says Kokila that she did not find any proof against Pari yet. Kokila says they will find soon. Gopi asks if they are punishing Pari harshly. Kokila says no and says this is the best way to kick Pari out of their house.

Pari gets irked with her hands tied as she cannot call anyone and thinks of calling it from her legs. Meethi sees her and thinks she is trying to suicide, calls all family members. Jigar and others come there and ask why is she doing this. She says she cannot live with her hands tied. Gopi says suicide is a sin. Pari starts laughing and asks why will she suicide, she was just trying to use her phone with her legs.

Kinjal informs Dhaval about Urmila stealing Rashi’s jewelry from Modi Bhavan. Dhaval says she is still in shock of Rashi’s death. Kinjal says if she misbehaves with her, she will not leave her.

Kokila sees Pari trying to free her hands and asks if she should free her. Pari says as she wishes. Kokila asks what about her challenge and says she is going to serve food for all now. Pari says she can starve for 1 day for day. Once Kokila leaves, Hetal brings her water and adds straw in it. Pari drinks it happily. Kids see that and talk among themselves that Pari is not all disturbed with her punishment and thinks of doing something. They loosen Pari’s bed’s screws. Jigar comes in search of Tolu/molu and Meethi says she saw them in Pari’s room. Pari comes and is about to sit on the bed when Jigar comes. Pari pulls her and they both fall on the bed. Pari gets happy and says she loves him. Jigar tries to get up, but falls back. Tolu sees them in that position, apologizes Jigar and leaves. Jigar gets angry on Pari and leaves.

Pari asks Kokila to give her food as she is very hungry. Kokila does not agree and leaves. Pari falls unconscious. Gopi sees that and holds her.

Precap: Kokila sees Pari unconscious, frees her hand and feeds her food.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. First…… and regret why did i come to read this lousy serial…. am leaving byeeeeeee

  2. Nothing nice to say……i have no hopes from dis show now……
    the writers are all set to run a permanent track of paridhi in a show…..
    good bye to the show foreever….

  3. Xixysjztqicysfjckvlbistsycfeuduhucc
    Writerji….this the way the serial is going on no meaning no moral n irritating……n disgusting…. Kick this paridhi out of the show…first of all she is trying to occupy Rashi place n later trapping jigar…..I don’t like this idiot over action girl…..this serial is losing its craze…..n driving away from the theme….don’t now why these guys r desperately trying to drag this serial which doesn’t even have a meaning now…..”it is just looking like making a murder plan to kill a dead man”……….

  4. Stupid serial stupid most paridi

  5. Lokeshwari… LOLZZZ planning to kill dead man… hehehehhe what an idiom…. I liked it….. it’s so interesting to read your comments.

  6. this show is getting worse why dont this show goes off air always nice shows goes off air quickly and boaring show goes for 4 to 5 years till then they keep showing same drama

  7. just complete BS. Why is this show on air? And how dare the writers think that we are stupid and will take this kind of crap?

  8. Hi,

    Only by reading the serial already make me fed up with it. since the death of Rashi I only read and no more watching this boring serials.

    Its time for the producer, writer and even the director to end the show.

  9. Lokeshwari….. Nice to read ur comments….I don’t like this serial anymore stopped watching reading comments only.

  10. I wish paridhi would have kidnapped rashi alive and reg rashi quits the serial etc will all be a promo.

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    1. i dnt care. bowt hu u luv.dis aint a game.jus cmment on da drama and move on.btw ur question dont make sence.whom does i love does anyone know?dnt u mean ‘guess hu i love?’

  13. Agar tumhe nahi pathatho how can we know??This isn’t any international problem…n dont make this type of comments here as it is a public messenger follow the rules below ……

  14. Paridhi is ruining the show, she needs to go… oooooooooo
    she is so foolish, the whole show is so stressful.
    it is supposed to be entertaining but it just makes me sick

  15. most hilarious drama of the century.. holy lord.. wat is happening.. that girl – paridhi.. is acting like lunatic.. wonder if in real life she is like tat ????

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