Ek Mutthi Aasman 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Suhana says Aryan lets call driver you shouldn’t drive. He says no we have got time to spend together after so long.
Aryna is looking for a good song. ‘Teri galiya’ plays. Suhana says stop here this song is so good. She says thanks for what you did for massi maa Aryan. You didn’t care about your life and saved.

Suhana and Aryna come home. kamla asks how is your hand ? Aryna says its fine. kamla says what doctor said ? he says its nothing major. Aryan says I am going to change. kamla gives water to suhana. Suhana says massi ma sit here I wanna talk to you. Do you feel too that Aryan has changed ? I m,ean he saved you. Kamla says I have always trusted him. He fought for me in the market. He told everyone how t respect a woman. He know relationships and I have seen love in his eyes for you. Eyes never lie. I am sure he will never disappoint you. Suhana recalls all that Aryan has done to make her feel better? How he protected her in the rain. Suhana says what you like I like that too. Kamla says really ? Suhana says yes. Kamla says your decision is right.

Scene 2
Suhana enters her room. Its all decoarated with lights and stars. Aryan comes in. he comes closer and says suhana I know I made a mistake and I got to know that I love you a lot. I am saying truth. I can’t live with out you. I really love you. He bows down and holds a placard will you marry me ? he has designed it delightfully. He takes out a ring. Suhana says Aryan, she says massi maa. kamla stops. suhana asks her to come in. Suhana says you know Aryan has proposed me. What should I do now ? Kamla says I think love should be answered with love. Suhana says I like what massi ma like. Arya smiles. kamla says I am glad you both have decided to marry each other. I think sanjay won’t be happy with the relationship and until he accepts your relation will be incomplete. Aryan says masi ma guide me how to talk to him. Kamla says I will talk to him. Lets see if he agrees. Kamla makes suhana hold aryan’s hand. he screams. Suhana says oh I am sorry. he giggles. Kamla says you are so mischievous Aryan. Kamla hugs them both.

Scene 3
kamla goes to temple. She takes a rickshaw and sits in it. she recalls her accident. She sees a car behind which the same cushion is placed that hit Mehta. she asks the rickshaw driver to follow him. they miss he car.
vitthal says pakiya since I have met suhana I feel better. I like to go out and work. So bring my shoes. Pakiya gives him his shoes. vitthal says bring yogurt and sugar. pakiya says there is no yogurt. Vitthal says bring the sugar only. Pakiya wishes him luck.

Kamla comes to dewan houseand sees the same car. Kamla asks watchman whose car is that ? he says I don’t know. Kamla says in heart that means someone who wants to kill suhana lives in this house.

Kamla goes in and sees suhana drinking a juice. She sas suhana don’t drink it I will make a new one for you. suhan says in heart I have to talk to her she I worried for something. suhana asks massi maa whats the problem ?
Sanjay asks kamla to make tea.
Sanjay gets a call and stands with shock. he says what are you saying ? all right thanks. dheraj asks is everything okay? Sanjay says Mehta is in the hospital. Dheraj stands up and says what ? sanjay says he met an accident but he is alive. he will be fine. Dheraj says okay we wil go to meet him. kamla says in heart no one looks fake here even after vitthal’s call.

Kamla says to suhana there is a silver colored car outside and there is a smiley pillow behind that car. whose car is that ? suhana says I don’t know. But if its in our yard it must be our. kamla says in heart I have to figure out whose car is it.

suhana is busy in doing the presentation. Aryan texts he I love you. he comes in from window. suhana says someone will see you. he says that means we are locked in a room. Suhana says go from here. he holds her from back and says I need one thing that every guy needs. She says I don’t know what you are saying. Aryan says I will make you understand. I want a kiss from my suhana. suhana says go out from here.

kamla sees sanjay going in the same car. She is shocked. She says that means sanjay planned accident for Mehta. that means sanjay is suhana’s enemy. what is the secret ?

Precap-vitthal asks did you find something ? Kamla says the silver car that Mehta, I saw I in the Mehta house and dewan drove it. Vitthal says a dad can’t do that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. malika samir

    owesome show and loving the show more these days mindblowing

  2. I realy like and even love the way show is going a head now days

  3. Please dont end the show

  4. it is goin good these days cuz its endin. …..other than that I doubt the story wud be movin along so smoothly

    1. maybe I should start back watching, just to give it a good send off then

  5. suhana and aryan are gd i like the show nowdays don’t end the show

  6. have to say that kamla is very good at being stupid. she plays the part of an uneducated person with no common sense very well, maybe she has plenty practice.

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