Sadda Haq 30th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 30th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir wakes up parth gives him a glass of milk. Randhir says my head hurts do you have headache medicine? Parth says but you don’t have a headache you have a hangover and meet dean. Randhir says for what? Parth says he is giivng you an award for last night’s performance. Sanyu is worried for randhir. Tania says relax you won the bet.
She takes him to class. Randhir says to sanyu dean called me. What happened last night? Sanyu tells him everything from the beginning. Randhir says i have to go. Sanyu says i will tell dean its my mistake punish me. Randhir says only i have right to punish you. Now do ups and downs. Sanyu starts, he says now say i am idiot and my bf is so smart. Sanyu says it. randhir kisses her forehead and says this is all. SAnyu says what if dean suspends you? Randhir says don’t worry.

Adda comes to ranawawt’s room and says why you have confidence in me? I wont win the competition. She sees the car blue print. She says people here have talent and a lot of time. You are working on this car project and someone is working on another. Ranawat says what you mean? she says nothing. Adda says i just wanted to ask where you went by leaving all this. Ranawt says i dont remember and you have a busy schedule then to investigate my personal life. She says all right. Ranawat says adda.. She turns back. He says nothing.

Randhir comes to dean’s office. Dean says what are you here for? Randhir says you called me here for last night? dean says i didn’t call you. What happened last night? Randhir is dazed at his oblivion. Dean says maybe you are not okay, you should relax. Randhir says i wanted to meet pkc sorry i disturbed you. Dean says focus on your health. Randhir is shocked. He gets a call. A woman says how is that randhir? at least smile.
She calls him again and says i can always see you. Randhir says but why me? She says because you are the choosen one we want you to shake hands with us, you are too good.
He gets another voice message, she says are you sure? Just look at what we can do maybe you change your decision. Randhir comes in and sees that everything and everyone in FITE is still, he says how can you stop time? Randhir is confused, he gets a text game over.Everyone starts moving again. She says you can reach anywhere if only we let you. Randhir says how can you stop time? She says we can becuase we are more genius than normal society. Randhir says but at least tell me. She says if i tell you we will have to kill you. Randhir says you want me to work with you? Okay i will. what do i have to do? she says keep patience.

Next morning, Adda is taking a test, randhir is not working on the paper. Sanyu nudges him. Randhir says this is all stupid. Adda says what is your complaint? Randhir says tech has moved so fast, people are doing things we can’t even imagine and we are solving these questions. We can become utmost average engineers. Ada says you mean i dont know anything about engineering? randhir says i am saying we are far behing. She says you can’t clear this test and you want to compete the world, it would be better if you bring your mind here, you will fail otherwise. randhir says i have never flunked. She says there is always a first time. She says then have a competition. Randhir and i will have a hacking competition in which i and randhir will access each others’ social history in ten minutes.
The competition starts. The time is up. Randir says everyone, meet miss Chadda from Raziaabad. She failed in third grade, she likes eating. This is all anyone can read about you now. now give me my intro. Adda says yes search yourself, randhir shekhawat the famous wanted terrorist. Cops are looking for him, including indian cops.

Precap-Randhir says they said they will call back but when and how? Someone comes and takes randhir with them. Sanyu is out in corridor.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Nice frst..

  2. Ye kya ho raha haii story strange

  3. wats happening in sadda haq nw???… i didnt understand anything

  4. Wow I love it . mysteryyyyy

  5. a little bit confusing randhir se woh kya karana chahate hai nd i think adda is the master mind for all this

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