Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 30th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 30th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
sanjana is worried in the hospital. Ayush elaichi and rest of the family come, Sanjana says they have taken ajay to OT, he was bleeding. Ayush says dont worry everything will be okay. Elaichi says dont worry about it. Ajay will fight this.

Vinati and shreya are with samar at his school. Amar calls vinati and tells her about ajay. she says what? We are coming there dont worry. Dadi says i am here with samar you both should go. Doctor says we are doing our best. Agarwal comes he says i thought i would see his dead body, he comes in and hugs sanjana, he says ajay would be fine don’t worry.
Doctor says next few hours are critical we cant say anything yet. They all come in ajay’s room. Amar says what have you done? shreya says first you married in court and now this, everyone is dazed. Shreya says i am so sorry i didn’t mean it.

Kirlok says we are going downstairs ayush keep us informed. Sanjana says i wanna stay here too. Avni says bhabhi please eat something, you have not eaten anything. Mishri says eat something and then come back. If you dont eat then we wont eat either. Agarwal says go sanjana. They all go only ayush and agarwal are left. Agarwal goes in ajjay’s room and takes off his ventilator. He says you married my daughter without my consent. Inspector and ayush come in. Inspector asks who are you? Agarwal says he is my son in law, I was looking if everything is okay. Ayush says who informed you? Sanjana says i informed police. Ayush comes downstairs and tells everyone that ajay is conscious.

Sanjana says have you forgiven me and ajay papa? Agarwal says why wont i? Ayush says inspector dont leave the culprit. He says yes we will find him out soon. Inspector asks what happned ajay? Ajay tells him from beginning. Sanjana says to ajay we are going out and tell us if you recall anything about thugs. Ajay recalls agarwal taking off his pipe and that these were same thugs that beaten him and ajju. He says inspector i remember everything. Sanjana says what is it? Sanjana says i remember one face as well. Ajay says one of them asked for jewelry. Sanjan says no they wanted to kill you. Ajay says i dont remember anything and my head hurts. Kirlok says we should let him rest. Ajay says in heart i cant tell sanjana about her dad.

Sanjana brings ajay in his room. She says you want anything? he says no. Sanjana says everyone is worried for you. Mishri and Avni are looking at them. She says what would have happened if we didn’t reach hospital on time. He says thanks for saving my life. I remember how you were stopping cars. She says wow ajay, you remember all this but you dont remember who those thugs were. there must be some reason, how will they be caught. He says i said what i remember dont ask me again and again. She says look in my eyes and tell me. He says they wanted to steal your jewelry. She says you are concealing something. He says forget it. She says they wanted to kill you, you didn;t know what i went through seeing you like that.
Sanajan says i couldn’t help you and there was a lot of blood, you life is so important to me. He says calm down please, sanjana hugs him. He says everyone has left leave me. She says yes it was too much.I am going to call cops to ask if they found something. ajay says dont call cops. She says i wont sit down until we find those thugs. He says in heart her dad will be exposed.

Precap-Shreya comes to sanjana’s room and finds her diary. She hears ajay and sanjana coming and hides. Bhushan calls shreya, dadi says her phone is ringing in sanjana’s room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Writters pls concentrate on ajay and sanju love story..

  2. Ajay though you dont want to expose the truth of agarwal since sanjana wud be hurt aftr hearing this, she wl definitely knw d truth frm her sister…

    1. He doesn’t want to hurt her. She’ll still be sad regardless of who tells her.

  3. Love you sanju

  4. Shreya and the diary, oh can’t be good.

  5. yes please , do concentrate on ajay and sanju..this shreya is senseless and bhusan(hell with him ,what to say), pls create unique story of ajay and sanju… the mom..moh..song for ajay and sanju is truly superb.get shreya exposed and let bhusan have some sense and make him realise he is a man.

  6. Ya please concentrate on ajay and sanjanas story they are such a loving couple

  7. Shame on u Shreya. I hate Shreya, her mom and Agarwal. Bhushan is very very bad

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