Sarojini 30th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Sarojini 30th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dushyanth seeing Sarojini and reminiscing she confronting him in traffic signal. Principal asks Sarojini to speak. Sarojini says Dushyanth that her son Soumendra is a waste body and is a nuisance for everyone. He is wasting money on him and will get nothing. Dushyanth gets irked and asks her to shut up, else he will cut her tongue and make shoes out of it. Sarojini says she knew he would react, but she is telling truth.

Sapna asks Nirjara to get her some pickles. Nirjara says Dushyanth will make their lives hell if he will know they ate pickles without his permission. Daadi asks if she is pregnant. She says when her grandson is always under his dad’s dhoti, how will she get pregnant. Daadi says it is respect for elders. Sapna says it is not respect, it is chamchagiri and says she is married since 3 years and her life has become hell since then. Bhaskar comes and asks what happened to her. She angrily walks into her room. he follows and asks what she needs. She says she wants to have pickles, but daadi and mom scolded her and are expecting child, but how will she when she is unhappy. He says he will get her pickles. She demands jackfruit curry/kathal korma and malpua/sweets also. He says his dad will kill him. she says until dad is out, they can live their life at least and suggests him to steal spices from store room by breaking lock. He says he cannot, but agrees and gets her jackfruit. Its milk sticks his kurta and he gets tensed.

Dushyanth scolds principal for not stopping Sarojini from badmouthing his son. He gives him money bundle and orders to construct many scool buildings, but pass his son this time, else he will burn whole school and push him in fire as incompetent teacher does not deserve to live. Principal gives his money back and assures him that he will pass Soumendra this time. Once he leaves, Principal thinks both dushyanth and his son are very tough nuts to crack.

Sarojini teaches her class students and questions them. Soumendra gives wrong answers. Sorjini scolds him that he cannot write this in exams and explains answers. Soumendra continues his mischief and troubles.

Bhaskar gets tensed seeing jackfruit milk on his kurta and says dushyanth will beat him for sure. Sapna says she will clean milk as she has kept Dushyanth’s given washing powder and will use it with hot water to remove milk stains. Bhaskar gets happy and praises her. She says now he looks like her husband and not Dushyanth puppet son.

Soumendra rags students and asks them to do situps.

School principal calls Sarojini. She reaches his office and sees her college principal there. Principal asks her to give her opinion regarding soumendra. She says they all are monitoring her class and saw how Soumendra disturbs whole class and is a big nuisance. College principal asks what happened to her boasting that students like Soumendra have to be taught with love and should not be kicked out. He reminds her all the words she told and asks what happened now. School principal says it is her duty now to mend Soumendra and it is a challenge for her. Sarojini accepts challenge.

Precap: Sarojini tells Soumendra that she will teach him now. He says nobody dares to challenge him and now he will teach her instead.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Wow…the serial is going awesome with sorojini and somendra…nice acting…luv u both…

  2. hey…this is an awesome serial…specially the sarojini and somendra….they both look so good…!! i luv both of them..!

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