Sadda Haq 2nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 2nd May 2014 Written Update

Sayunkta reches college all stressed where she meets Kosthuki and explains about her schedule. Kosthuki then leaves from there when Randhir comes and irritates Sayunkta. Sayunkta warns him to never call her again during her classes and asks him to stay away. She is about to leave when her Saari (grooming classes homework) gets stuck in the table. SanDhir move forward to remove it together and get lost in each other. Randhir removes the cloth and Sayunkta then leaves from their. In the night Sayunkta and Kosthuki sit to work on Sayunkta’s homework when they hear some music. They go to check and realise that it is Parth all lost playing his guitar. Seeing him so sad and lost, Sayunkta promises to get him out of this state anyhow. Vardhan goes to Prof. Rao’s cabin and tries to break the lock. Unable to do so he breaks down. Parth is in the corridor when he sees Vardhan in this condition and gets shocked.

Sayunka is in her room working on her H.W. as well as trying to study. She feels drowzy and goes to sit near the window. Randhir sees her this sleeping on the window ledge and throws his pen to wake her up. Sayunkta wakes up shocked and moves away from there. However, Vardhan sees Randhir peeping in her window and misinterprets him. Sayunkta goes to her classes on time and is shouted upon by her teacher for not doing the work properly. Here in FIET, everyone’s in Vardhan’s class with Randhir constantly looking at Sayunkta’s chair all lost. Vardhan starts his class and finds Randhir still doing the same. Vardhan losses his cool and shouts at Randhir and asks him to leave if he is sitting in the class only for attendance purposes. Randhir rejects and states that he is in the class only. Vardhan counter questions and starts asking him questions. Randhir answers correctly until Vardhan moves towards Sayunkta’s chair still asking questions. Randhir losses his focus and answers wrongly. Vardhan shouts and points out that Randhir is no more himself but someone else. He asks him to get a grip of himself.

Sayunka and Randhir both come from opposite direction all tensed and lost and bump into each other on the stairs. Sayunkta tries to go when Randhir stops her. Sayunkta informs him that she has to complete her project when Ranhir informs her that he has completed her project. He states that he knew she wouldn’t complete her project so he did it as a favor. Sayunkta retorts and says no matter what she will never ask him for help ever again. She goes to the lab followed by Randhir and requests the professor for an extension of just an hour. The professor agrees and then Sayunkta tears the project that Randhir had prepared right in front of him.

Precap : Dream team is called by Vardhan with Sayunkta missing. Vardhan gets hyper. Randhir promises to get her back. He arrives at her classes shocking Sayunkta. Her ma’am misinterprets them.

Update Credit to: Born2dance

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