Uttaran 2nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 2nd May 2014 Written Update

Pavitra and Kajri are out in a market. Kajri keeps looking around to make sure none of Maharani’s men are around. Munna is drinking tea on a nearby stall only. Pavitra reminds her that she is a widow and this doesn’t suit her. Kajri lies that she is scared as this is a very big city. They cross Munna just then and Pavitra tells Kajri to walk faster which doesn’t go unnoticed by Munna. He and his partner start following them while Kajri walks covering her face. The ladies stop an auto. Kajri turns to look around one more time and in the process both she and Munna notice each other. She immediately gets in the auto and it drives off. Munna runs after her but in vain.

Meethi and Kanha are at the City Hospital. He has brought Vishnu’s reports. A peon gave it to him when he had gone to Mukta’s home. He dint show it Mukta as she is already in a very bad state right now but Meethi feels that they should tell Mukta everything. They are called inside by the nurse.

Doc tells Meethi to asks Vishnu to meet him asap as his treatment is already delayed. They are curious to know what has happened to Vishnu. Doc shares that his wound at the head has left him mentally unstable. Rest of the convo is in mute. Meethi and Kanha are sad to hear about Vishnu. They thank the doc and leave. They have no idea how to tell this to everyone at home as Mukta is pregnant. Yuvi was coming for his checkup and collides with Kanha. Vishnu’s reports fall down which he bends down to pick. Meethi recalls that he is Mukta’s boss. He nods. I spoke to Mukta yesterday and came to know that Vishnu is missing. This is so unfortunate as he is missing when he is mentally unstable. Meethi and Kanha leave from there.

Meethi is walking in the corridor unable to understand what to do. She recalls what Yuvi had just said and stops in shock. Kanha is confused. She shares that no one other than the two of them know about Vishnu’s condition. Neither Mukta nor even Vishnu know it then how does Yuvaan know it? why did he say so?

Meethi comes back home and tells Akash about Vishnu’s mental condition. Even Kajri didi said that he dint remember why he had come there. This means that someone took him there and he very well knew about his condition. Akash is confused but he notices that Meethi is lost somewhere. She begins to shares about her meeting with Yuvaan when Kajri comes inside running. Akash and Meethi notice that she looks scared. She shares how she somehow managed to ditch Maharani’s men but is sure they will reach here too. How long will we hide it? And if they come here then they will take me away again? Please save me I don’t want to go back. They both assure her that that will never happen.

Mukta is not ready to eat anything. Tappu talks about the baby inside her for whom she needs to eat. Vishnu will be back soon. Meethi and Akash have gone to bring him. Mukta doesn’t trust them. Only Yuvaan Sir can help me right now.

Vishnu’s wound is bandaged now. Yuvi readies an injection and lies down beside Vishnu.

Mukta comes to meet Yuvi. Vishnu takes Mukta’s name in his sleep and she too feels something. She gets up as she grows emotional feeling something deep inside her. Yuvi smiles at Vishnu. You are missing her so much. where will you go Vishnu Kashyap? You will be unconscious till the effect of this injection lasts after which more will follow. You wont be able to go anywhere. Mukta is roaming around in Yuvi’s house because she can feel Vishnu’s presence. Om tryambhakam plays in the background. Yuvi gives him the injection. Vishnu opens his eyes for a second and looks at Yuvi’s face but then he loses conscious. Mukta comes outside the door of the same room and stops right outside. She keeps looking at the door weirdly. Yuvi is shocked to see her there and goes to open the door. She has not seen anything as the glasses are not see through but more of a mirror. He is surprised to see her there. She felt that someone had called out to her. Your servant had gone to get water so I came here without asking anyone. He closes the door as soon as he steps out assuring her that she can come over any time she please. You don’t even have to call me. She nods. He suggests going back to the living room but she cannot help herself from looking back at the door of that very room. They finally go back.

Maharani comes to Bundela House with her gang. They start dancing on the beats of drum. Pavitra calls out for eEkadish who comes and tells them to stop the noise asap. why have you come here? There is no good news or marriage here you please go. Maharani asks her to dance with her. I am very happy today for I will get what is mine. She again starts dancing along with her gang and even pull Sankrant along who stands there confused. Akash holds the drum stick and they all stop. Maharani and Akash glare / stare at each other. He recalls how she had lied in front of Mukta and Jogi yesterday. Stop your drama and get out of here. Maharani instead winks at him. She wants Kajri. She wont go without her.

Precap: Maharani has tied Akash on a chair. She asks for Kajri. Akash repeats that the person she is looking for is not here Plus we don’t know any Kajri. Maharani puts the knife on his neck angrily as she is losing her patience. I am uneducated and know counting till 3 only. She counts till 3 and the door bell rings. Akash realises who it might be and looks worried. She herself goes to open the door and finds Meethi who looks at her quite confidently.

Update Credit to: pooja

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