Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd May 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Simmi scolding Ishita saying you are such a bad woman. Mrs. Bhalla says Subbu’s mum was right about Ishita, she is a drama queen and is of bad character. Appa, Amma, Mihika come home with Ruhi. They talk about Shravan’s birthday. Amma says Bala was worried as there was emergency of his friend. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Ishita and says you came here for Ruhi’s life but I can’t ruin my daughter’s life, go from our house now. Amma and Appa hear her shouting on Ishita and come there. They are shocked to see Mrs. Bhalla treating her like this.

Ishita asks them to go. Amma asks Raman what happened, what is all this. She says your mum is blaming Ishita, why. Raman asks to take Ruhi inside. He says you go home, its our house’s matter. Simmi says tell them the truth that Ishita blames Parmeet for molestation. She says Amma, that Ishita tried to have illegal affair with Parmeet. She tells them everything. Amma and Appa are shocked. Raman says Appa you can go. Amma says my daughter can never do this. Simmi says we have proof. Mrs. Bhalla says take your daughter with you. Amma says she is Raman’s wife, she is pure gold, she is right about Parmeet, she does not lie.

Mrs. Bhalla says he is my son in law and can’t see his insult. Amma says she is my daughter and won’t believe injustice with her. Amma asks Raman to speak up but he is quiet. Amma says Ishita will not leave this house, I will take her with me. She says I will not keep her with people with dirty minds. She says you pointed on her purity, how. She says I knew these people don’t know to respect. She says come Ishita, we won’t stay here. She tells Appa I told you not to give Ishita in this family, look at them, they drink wine, eat non veg Ayyo, but you did not listen to me, now see the result. She cries.

Bala comes there. Aanson ka rishta ankhon se hota hai, dil ko bhigota hai………………..plays……………….Ishita looks at Raman and leaves. Mrs. Bhalla says let her leave, come Parmeet. Bala talks to Raman and scolds him for breaking Ishita’s trust. He says you knew Sarika framed Ishita, did you ask Ishita how she spend time in the lockup, I was happy seeing you there, seeing standing for her. I was wrong, you did not tell anything in her favor when your family was against her, it means you are doubting on her.

Bala says she is your daughter’s mum, Ishita wants to keep your parents happy, I did not ask her anything as I trust her, I know she is clean at heart, I fought with my brother and mum for her. He says your mum have always blamed her. She says Ishita always wanted to bring Simmi and Parmeet’s life on track, you should learn to respect women. He leaves. Raman gets angry and throws the glass. He says it does not mean I don’t have anything to say, I will prove her innocent and then tell everyone.

Mihika cries and says Ishita you should have slapped that dirty man. She says I will not leave Raman, he feels we are weak, you have to answer him.

Appa stops Mihika and says everyone are angry there, not now. Mihika says enough is enough. Bala asks her to go inside. Mihika says how could Raman be quiet. Bala says you are right, but I m here, I will ask an answer from them, they have insulted my sister. He asks Ishita not to worry as he is with him. He says we have to show them how to respect women. We will see Parmeet, he insulted you. Its morning, Parmeet thinks what to do now. Simmi comes to him and says don’t worry, nothing happened.

He says what, we were good in lodge, she came in our life and brought us here to do this. She says why are you worried, the guilty should be worried, forget everything. Parmeet thinks its good Simmi trusts him. He says we have to leave this house. She says but where will we go. He says anywhere. He says I can’t show my face to anyone here. She says fine if you think so. She hugs him. Mihir comes to Ishita. Mihika faces him. He asks them to taste the food as its his engagement’s menu. Mihika says Trisha is sleeping. They ask Mihika to taste it.

Mihika tells Mihir about Raman and is angry. She says Raman kicked out his wife listening to people. Mihir says what. Mihika says don’t you know, oh you are busy in your engagement. Ishita says stop Mihika, its not Mihir’s mistake.
Mihika says his mistake is that he watches everything being quiet. Mihir talks to Ishita and asks what happened, is this all true. He says trust me, this can’t happen, I know him, he can’t do this, you come with me. Mihika taunts him. Mihir comes to Raman and asks him what happened. Raman says do you think I don’t trust her or I doubt her. Mihir says then why did you not stop her. Raman says my family is worried and Parmeet is my brother in law, they have a daughter, what would I do. Mihir says bring Ishita back. Raman says I will, but now I m helpless as I don’t have any proof.

He says I can’t point on Parmeet. Mihir says its not Ishita’s mistake, but yours. Raman says you go for the engagement. Mihir says your marriage is in problem and you care about me. Raman says don’t argue, go. Ishita cries thinking about Raman’s words. Raman is upset too. Yeh hai Mohabbatein…………..plays…………Raman sees a phone and thinks.

Raman tells Mrs. Bhalla that he left Ruhi with Ishita. Raman comes to meet Sarika and thinks he saw her earlier.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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