Sadda Haq 29th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 29th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
sanyu calls anju and asks how are you today mom? anju says yes i am fine. sanyu says if you are okay can i stay in college for some days? anju says dont worry for me, i will be fine, sanyu says if only you are fine otherwise i would come back. anju says your success is the most important things. If you come here and you lose the competition i wont feel good. sanyu calls anju and asks how are you today mom?

Parth is working, vidushi comes and says what idea do you have now? he says let me work sh says lets go to cafe or canteen. he says i have to work. vid says i will call namit he is a better company. He will teach me dance along with studies as well. parth says you think i can’t dance?? he takes her to hall. They dance on

Sanyu is going in a hurry, she collides and falls on her. he says you keep an eye on me and fall on me. she says i have to go i dont have time. Parth is hitting the punching ball, randhir says ignore her if you are not interested. or control her if you feel for her. Parth says you are saying this? you show sanyu all the attitude not me you will lose her this way.

vid collides with a girl she says sorry i have IT test so i was in a hurry, Vidushi comes back to room and says to ragini what is this? she says its a novel. Raghini says i have studied for that aleady.
Randhir calls sanyu but her number is off. He comes to the room and aksks vidushi where is sanyyu? she says you could have called him. he says its off. SHe says you didn’t care about her when she was your gf. randhir says call her home. vidushi says is sanyu home?anju says no, vidushi says oh yes she is in college, dont worry.
randhir tracks her phone, she is in hariyana. Randhir says dont tell me she went to find ranawat. vid says i dont know. He says in heart that is village of raghini as well.

Sanyu is in the village she asks everyone if they know abahy? they say no. sanyu says let me show you his photo. He shows he says no i have not seen him. sanyu roams from street to street and asks people. she comes to a dhabba and asks a waiter. She says i have been trying to find him. He says i dont know him.sanyu sits there, she says address cant be wrong, this is the village pkc told me about.
The waiter goes in a room and says to ranawat your work is done. I told her there is no ranawat here. i told her the address is wrong, she doesn’t look like she would give up. ranawat says sanyukta..

No Precap

Update Credit to: Atiba

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