Jodha Akbar 29th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 29th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Laboni’s mom tells her how she did the magic on sangram and cut her finger for that. she says thank you for doing this for me, she says i had to do this or you would have been stuck.

Jodha lies with jalal and caress his hair. he says i like it when you do this to me. jodha says you want me to massage your heard? he says yes.

Rahim is angry, he says shahenshah would have sent me to kill maharana pratap ont the war if this spot really was mine. Just because salim is elder means thet he will her my spot. Shabuddin says spot is given to the elder. he says to rahim you would have to get salim killed to get the throne. Rahim says you should send some of your men with salim. Shabbuddin says you dont have to worry about it.

The beggar comes to pandit balinat. He says my parrot reaches where i have to go. Pandit says jogi abhay naat. He says this parot can tell your future, pandit says why you conceal for years? pandit says i want you to meet shahenshah. Jogi says he will have to come to mee. pandit says i understand that you are one of the renowned jogi but you should meet shahenshah. he would be glad to see you. jogi says jotak says shahenshah will meet me soon. He stands up and says soon he will need to meet me. Pandit says what did you see in his future? Jogi says he has won wires and faced problems but he will need magic to fight his evil. This can only be done with black magic. Pandit ji says black magic? He can fight with anything because God is with him. Jogi says he will come running to me when he needs me. Pandi ji wonders what was hidden behind his words.

A man sees the idol and says i feel like this is placed here by someone.
Salima asks hamida you know why has he called us here? Hamida says it must be important. jalal comes in and says i wanted to make an annoucement. its been long since there have been a meena bazar.Leela comes in and says what is meena bazar? Jodha says all the wives put their stalls in the bazar. Leela says i would love to participate in it. ruks says jodha wins it always. Leela says in heart i will win it this time.

Jodha is playing with the aram bano. she says i will beat you in meena bazar this time. Jodha says i will be with you on the stall. she says this is what i was telling you. jodha says the doll leela gave you you placed it somewhere else? You broke it. Aram bani says no i never broke any doll, Jodha recalls the broken doll. Jodha wonders why it was in shahenshah’s room.

Precap-laboni’s mom says you have to make jalal eat this sweet, he will be under your control after your control after that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Jadu tona is on…

  2. Thanks for fast update…

  3. Thnx atiba 4 the update.what did jogi mean?jalal ll also use black magic!hope jodha ll find out the truth as always.

  4. come on writers stop the black magic shit now we want to see more love between jodha and jalaltoooooooooooo much evil in all these serials now it is tooooooooooo monotonous and boring

  5. what is wrong with rahim…..? why is he jealous of Salim?

    1. ?

    2. Ayesha I think they mean is murad not salim may be too much black magic now in story line????

    3. I think that’s “murad ” Salima begum son …somehow writer put wrong name .

  6. This story now turn to magic story! Bit too long this bm took over the line

  7. can anyone what is
    trip of akdha

  8. Thanks nice plot.
    The jogi one& meena bazar also.
    let’s see who wins.

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