Tu Mera Hero 29th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Gulgule finding Titu. He spots Titu and gets glad. He says he wants to talk about work. Titu says he knows it and he accepts it. Gulgule says listen to me, and takes him to side. He tells him something. (mute) He says no one should know you wrote the lines, I will give you 15000rs cash, tell me do you accept. Titu says he will not write anything. Gulgule says don’t worry, I will make anyone write, you just dictate your thinking. Titu says deal done and hugs him. Gulgule says you ended my worry and dances. Titu thinks now few days more, and then he will get Panchi out of jail by his earnings.

Bhagwati asks Sundar where was he. Sundar says he wants to study this. She says this is not part of your study. He insists. She reads improper. Sundar says she does not read any line well. Bhagwati says I will read another line. Everyone look on. Rekha thinks why is Sundar not saying anything. Sundar says he will fail if she teaches him. Bhagwati scolds him. Sundar says Vaishaili reads well and goes to her. Vaishaili reads it well. Rekha thinks this is her real status, now her son will also insult her. Keshav sees Bhagwati sad and goes. Rekha says Sundar did well, good. Vaishaili thinks what is she doing.

She reads about Gulgule and says they got an idea, Mukund can become heir in Govind’s eyes. Golu talks to Titu. Titu says the advantages of becoming a star after death. The warden asks Cheeni why did she steal radio, she has stolen things from mall too, she has to stop this. Panchi looks on. She asks Cheeni did she steal it really. Cheeni says I did not know it can’t be taken, I wanted to hear romantic songs. Panchi says it means you are in love and smiles.

Titu says I want to bring Panchi out of jail. Golu thinks Titu is working in love. Cheeni says I don’t know his name. Panchi asks her to sleep. Gulgule says Titu will help him and smiles. Manorama says before Rachna comes and stops me, I will give tea to Gulgule. Gulgule talks to Titu and tells him to reach venue. Manorama hears him taking Titu’s name. Titu says he has to meet Panchi.

Golu says he came late. Titu leaves with him. Gulgule makes excuses. Manorama gives tea to him. He says you care for me, I don’t know how to thank. Panchi sees Cheeni drinking juice with the straw and smiles recalling Titu. Cheeni tells Panchi about her love Golu. She says she does not know anything about him and says how he has bumped and held her. Panchi recalls her and Titu’s first meeting and smiles. She thinks about Titu and recalls the moments of her love story. She recalls Titu’s laziness and gets sad.

Titu comes to meet Panchi. Keshav says he has kept 10000rs i=under his pillow. Govind says this is 8000rs, if he gets careless, how will he give him duty, be careful next time. Titu tells Panchi that he got the job. She gets glad and asks what job. He says he can’t say. She asks why, what job is it.

Panchi tells Titu not to do anything that…. He says he will free her in 4 days. She says the 24 day bet will be completed.

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