Sadda Haq 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 27th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

All gather in the field for the final round. LITS team asks FITE if they are ready to lose. Parth gets angry, but Sanyu stops him from going to LITS boys. They are shown a demo with statues falling down from the wooden plank from elevation. The statues break down in pieces and they are scared to see it. Vardhan and Maya come there. Vardhan says, you all must be wondering what just happened. It is something that could happen with you today as well. I am sure you all must be anxious and excited to know the task today and to win the competition. He reminds them their goal is become a successful engineer, not to win this competition. This task will require them to perform under pressure. He explains the task that one team member will go up and stand on a wooden plank on an elevated tent. Other teammates will have to assemble trampolines right under it. They will get all parts they want. After 10 minutes, the wooden plank will start moving and eventually the team member standing on the wooden plank will freefall to the ground. Both teams will have to save their teammate. They have to get trampoline pressure correct, so their team member doesn’t bounce up or break the trampoline. If the team member that goes up doesn’t trust their team members, then he/she has choice to come down, but they will lose the competition. If they decide to stay up, then make sure they trust their team members, else it may be last decision of their life. LITS boys object and tell FITE to object as well. Vardhan reminds them that they signed some agreement in start. He asks Maya to remind them. Maya tells them there was a clause saying there may be some tasks which could be dangerous. If anyone backs out, then they would lose the competition. LITS boys can’t say anything now. Vardhan gives them 10 minutes to decide who will go up.

No one wants to go up in LITS team. Vidushi also refuses to go up. Parth says that was so expected. He says he’ll go up, but Sanyu says he is required on the ground. Randhir says he will go then, but Sanyu says his mechanical knowledge is required to assemble the trampoline. Sanyu says she will take the risk. Both Randhir and Parth stop her. Sanyu says do they trust each other? If they go up, do they think others will try their best to save them? They don’t trust, but she trusts them all. Randhir asks her to stop being a hero. She tells him to become hero and save her in 10 minutes. Randhir says in his mind, he won’t let her take risk. He says he doesn’t trust her that she might back out. She says she won’t. Vardhan comes to them and asks if they decided anything. Sanyu says she will go up. Randhir interrupts and says she can’t go up. She’s taking advantage of being captain. I want to go up, but she is not letting me go. Vardhan says enough, I want decision from the captain, not arguments. Sanyu says it’s final decision, she will go.

Maya goes to her team and LITS captain says he will go up. She says he better not back out, else it won’t be good for him.

Vardhan says they will have 45 minutes to work on the trampoline and then 10 minutes for their teammate to go up and stand.

Both teams start planning. Sanyu tells the team what they should do. Randhir is arguing. Sanyu asks him since when he started complaining. She thought they will win easily as her life is in hand of genius like him.

Randhir tells Sanyu to let Sahil go. She tells him not to start again and tell them how to assemble trampoline. Randhir is confused. She tells him to concentrate, then he will be able to do this. She trusts him. And it’s final that she will go up. Randhir asks everyone to start working. LITS team does a demo with a statue, but it breaks. They think it’s bouncing a lot. FITE sees them and Randhir says they should test too. They can’t take chance. Parth goes up with a statue as well. He throws it on trampoline and it breaks. All are nervous.

PK announces that 45 minutes are up. One member from each team can start going up. Others can continue working on trampoline. Sanyu tells the team that it looks almost perfect, they just have to put springs. Randhir asks how they will know where to put which spring. It depends on her landing, it needs to be perfect. Sanyu says all will go fine. She starts walking. Parth stops her and wishes her the best. LITS captain tells his team that his life is in their hands. Both start going up.

Instead working on the trampoline, Randhir is looking at Sanyu. He recalls how she said her life is in his hand. He starts working saying he needs to save her. On top, LITS captain tells Sanyu that he thought he will attend her engagement, but it looks like her fiance will stay alone. She’s taking a huge risk. She says, you only win if you take risk. She sees her tensed face and says, guys can’t accept their emotion right. She suggests him to accept his emotion. He says he’s not scared. It’s her who is scared as she doesn’t trust her team members.

Final countdown starts. Randhir says they will have to do something else. He runs somewhere and comes back with a spring or something and connects it to the trampoline. LITS captain is scared, he says he can’t do this. The wooden plank starts moving. Sanyu falls down. Randhir and all are holding the trampoline tight. Sanyu falls perfectly in middle of the trampoline. Everyone is shocked as she falls, but she moves and everyone cheers and claps for her. LITS captain didn’t do the task, hence, FITE wins. Randhr is relieved and somewhat emotional. Vardhan is proud. PK announces this year’s winners are FITE. Sanyu is still in somewhat disbelief and emotional. Maya is frustrated. Randhir warns Sanyu and tells her not to do any stupidity next time. He leaves. Sanyu cries and smiles in happiness.

Randhir takes out his anger by punching boxing bag. He says she takes everything as a joke. What if anything had gone wrong. Does anyone take this big risk with their lives?

Maya yells at her students and says they did what they had to. Now whatever she has to do, she will do in their college. She asks them to get out.

Vardhan comes in there and talks about the defeat, but she says defeats like this won’t do anything to her. She has seen both ups and downs. Vardhan is all smiling. She says she just lost this year, but next year she will be back. He asks her if she won’t stay there and come to his celebration. She asks who said she’s leaving. She will surely come to his celebration. Vardhan says great and leaves. She says to herself, that smile won’t be seen on his face for too long.

Randhir continues punching the bag and says she only thinks about herself. No one thinks about others. He asks himself but why he’s thinking about her. She has always been selfish. He then asks himself why was he afraid when Sanyu fell down as if his life was on risk. He says he doesn’t care, but then says, what if anything had happened to her for real. Ends on his concerned face.

Precap: Randhir: Jisse dekh ke gussa aa raha tha, kyun usse dikhe ja raha hun.
Ankit calls Sanyu and asks her to come home after 2 days as her engagement is fixed with Sameer.
Sanyu is missing in awards ceremony. Randhir, Parth, and Kastuki are searching for her.
Randhir: Jisse dekh ke hamesha door jata tha, kyun uske pass aa raha hu mein.
Just then Randhir sees Sanyu leaving the college.

Due to other personal work, I won’t be able to commit time to do updates anymore, so this is my last update for Sadda Haq. I’m happy I am ending with FITE win. Thank you all for all the comments and I hope you enjoyed reading the updates 🙂

Update Credit to: Tina

  1. One more thing to add, when randhir was concerned for sanyuktha after she has fallen , parth has noticed randhir’s feelings for sanyu, may be for the first time .

  2. The best part of the episode is the adjustment randhir makes at the last moment– he just connect the new springs one side each, he parth and vidhushi hold the ends of the springs , two springs each. So the force they are giving will be flexible accordingly as they can manage it by giving needed force pull…in other words if the new springs also connected from both sides it won’t be adjustable as per the needed force. So, a big hand for this ‘Team Work’ . The three of them would have felt sanyu’s falling weight means the force to their shoulders, but they were still holding the springs tightly.

  3. Aaj ke updates kaun karega!!!

  4. Can anyone tell me from where can I get the written update of 28th June 2014

    1. Hello can anyone plzz tell me how to watch the epi of 28th June
      Is this drama got over???????

  5. @ Nida – There was no telecast on 28th…. nxt episode is tom……

  6. Plz koi 28 june ka wu post karo yar .Plz kya koi mujhe bata sakta hai k sadda haq k 28 june wu konsi site pr milega

  7. Plz kya koi mujhe bata sakta hai k sadda haq k 28 june wu konsi site pr milega

  8. epi ws super…..i loved randhir so much….sanyu is really confident ….she ws ausum……i love sandhir



    1) sanyu gets call from her brother who summons her home for her engagement ,is this her end
    of journey to FITe
    2) – randhir follows sanyu on her date with her fiance and is dismayed when he watches them
    3) sanyu leaves college to attend her engagement ,randhir confronts her but in vain
    4) randhir leaves prize distribution ceremony midway. will he go to sanyu house?

  10. Tina, plz dn’t say it’s your last… ar u serious you knw i dn’t have television at my house i totally depened on ur updates …nd one more thing is the show ovr or wat?? plz tina come back soon….wid sadda haq …
    bye! and thank you very much fr such great nd gud updates…once again thank you…

  11. Tina… bst of luck……njoyed ur updates a lot…u wr awsom……gonna miss u dear….hope u com soon

  12. randhir was scared to dth when sanyu was gonna freefall i luv his concerned face so much sooo cute!!!
    the precap was super se uupar!!! will sanyu really get married to sameer???
    randhir saying all that is super exciting!!!
    really cant wait for mnday……

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