Ek Mutthi Aasman 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 27th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Pakhi asks doctor when will he be discharged ? He says he is recovering fast. He will be discharged soon. Ragahv is saying kalpi’s name gaian and again.
Doctor says who is kalp? Its better to call her. Pakhi is disappointed. He asks who will stay here ? Pakhi says I will. Kamla and pakhi come in. Kamla looks at Raghav and syas I am going home its late. Call me if you nedd and take care of yourself. she says lets go Kalpi. They leave.
Ragahv says kalpi again. Pakhi says are you okay ragahv ? Raghav again says kalpi. Pajhi says she is fine and you will be fine soom. Thank God Kamla maa’s blood group matched. Heaven knows what would have happened other wise.

Scene 2
Next morning, Vitthal is in balcony. He says to pakiya its too late and they are not back. Thye see kamla and kalpi comng. Vitthal says you made it too late. Manda says where were you whole night kamla tai ? Where did you saty ? Vitthal looks at her angrily. She says I was just asking.
Nettu asks what happened kamla ? Where were you ? Kamla says Raghav had an accident. We returned fro hospital ? Nettu says that means he is dead ? Kamla says don’t say that. HE is fine now. Nettu says no I mean is everything okay. She gets a call from Sahil. She says I can’t hear what you are saying. She goes out. Vitthal says did you have t do this ? Kamla says we have to be what we are, no matter what others do.
Nettu is talking on call. Manda comes to nettu and says madam take a side. She asks whats going on in there ? Nettu says Raghav had an accident. He is fine now don’t worry. Manda says he Is not my son in law why would I be worried.. Nettu says people like him should die. There will be an interesting triangle in the hospital. Kalpi poki and Ragahv.

Scene 2
Ragahv opens his eyes.
There kalpi recalls how Ragahv saved her and kamla. ANd how he held her hand even when he was unconscious.
Pakhi sees Raghav and says do you want something ?
Kamla ssya kalpi eat something. You have not eaten anything since yesterday. Kalpi hugs kamla and cries.
There Ragahv is not answering Pakhi and looking at the door constantly.
In kamla’s house everyone has slept except kalpi. She can’t sleep.

Scene 4
Kalpi prays in the temple please make Ragahv recover soon. I will come to you.
Kalpi is doing the dishes later and still thinking about Raghav. Kamla says Kalpi its time of meal. SHe is not listening. Kamla gets a call from Pakhi. She asks how is Raghav. Pakhi says better than yesterday. Kamla says take care of yourself and Raghav. Vitthal is there too. Kamla goes to kalpi and says Ragahv is fine now. Kalpi turns back. Kalpi hugs kamla.

At night, kamla serves the food and calls everyone. She says to kapi comeon have the food. Kalpi says I don’t want to. Kamla sasy till when will you be like this ? She leaves. Vitthal asks what happened / Kamla says she ahs not eaten anything she is just crying since two days. Nettu says how will she eat Ragahv is not in hospital and you are not even letting her go. Who does that to own daughter ? Vitthak says mind your own business don’t tell us what should we o.
He asks kamla to give th eplate and says I will make her eat.
vitthal goes to kalpi and syas its too hot kalpi. YOu did better by coming here out. We will both eat here together in the balcony. Kalpi says I am not in mood to. He says you used to do this in childhood too. You know how I used to make you eat. He ings a poen and gives her a bite. Kamla says we are not your enemies. We know you wanna meet raghav but the path you are choosing is not the right one. Ragahv has his wife there to take car of. Kalpi eats the bite.

Scene 5
Mummy ji is waiting for pkahi and Ragahv to return. They come in. Pakhi and mummy ji make Ragahv sit. Pakhi ays should I bring water Ragahv ? He says no thanks. Mummy ji says whats should I ask you Ragahv I can see you. He says I am fine now. Gauri comes in and says Ragahv how did this all happen ? Are you oaky now ? I was not even informed. Pakhi says I called you ut your number was out of reach. Gauri looks at her ferociously and says you better stay quite SInce you came in my son’s life there has been problems all around. Your family took my husband and now you are after my son. You people are a danger to us, Raghav says maa its not pakhi’s mistajke. Mumy ji says Gauri don’t say like that. mummy ji says pakhi take him to bedroom he is not feelng well here. Pakhi takes Ragahv to the bedroom.

There Kamla and Vitthal pray. Kalpi says to Kamla that I wanna meet rgahav can we go to the hospital ? Kamla says okay. Call kpakhi and tell her. I will meet her too. Vitthal is angry. Kamla says vitthal I can’t see her like this. We will just meet raghav and come back. I am going with her don’t worry.
Kalpi calls pakhia and says oh he has been discharged okay thank you.

Ragahv enters the room and sees its all decorated with flowers and its written welcome there. Mummy ji ays looks pakhi decorated whole room for you. Pakhi says I know you don’t like the environment of hospital so I did all this to welcome you back. Ragahv says thank you for doing this all for me. Gauri over hears and is so resented. Mummy ji says I will sne dyou the juice.
Raghav says to pakhu kalpi must have to hospital but I could not meet her. She must have called. Pakhi says yeahs he should have called but she didn’t. Raghav says that’s not possible. Call and tell her that I am discharged.

There kalpi wonders should I call raghav or not. How would be. I haven’t even talked to him.
Servant gives the phone to pakhi. Its rings. Kalpi is calling. Ragahv is asleep. Pakhi switches the phone off.

Ragahv says our relationship is just of force and friendship. Ragahv says mine and kalpi’s relation is of sindur. Look at God I made kalpi my wife in front of him. She is my wife.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Pookie b*t*h selfish she don’t love raghav for her raghav is like toy her zid

    1. vashtie motilal

      pokie is one nasty b*t*h she want wat not belong to her

  2. gosh i so not liking this…..

  3. She is kapoor and pookie is keep saying kamla ne usko feed Kia uske sanskar hai to kamla bhi kaha ki nice hai she is also a b*t*h uske sab bad manners pookie me hai

  4. I like the precp

  5. Me too like precap
    But nilani don’t be so happy Bcoz cvs pawandeep ESA kuch karengi ki raghana ko or dur le jaye gi Bcoz she likes shirina aka pookie
    Hate all ema mothers daadi pookie
    Only love raghavkalpna

  6. I was literally crying when kalpi was leaving the room. I just wanted to slap pakhi for switching off the mobile. She is a real vamp. Pakhi’s over possessiveness will make gauri come to her sense of reality. I guess now gauri have started to feel the threat Pakhi… and the pre cap wow, I think we all love it.

  7. Ek muhti aasman is my best series. Kamla is not a b*t*h because she has to do what is right.anybody in kamlas shoes will do the same but we all kno dat true love belongs to kalpi an raghav.in that one year let kalpi make it big and fulfill her parents dreams. The director is taking things the way it should be and I lyk it.Just kip up the good job

    1. I do not agree that Kamla is doing the right thing. She does not like her own flesh and blood daughter. She prefers the rich man’s child over her own. She never wanted good for her child she just wants her to work and make her(Kamla) rich so she can match up to Pahki. This dream is not Kalpi’s but Kamla. She needs to go live her life and let Kalpi live hers.

    2. if kamla is ryt den y is she suportng crimnalz?? Lol!

    3. no offence but you must be crazy, if you think her moral is good then you have no sense. i mean she doesnt even act like a mother towards her daughter and thats not even her daughters dream. her dreamshes is to be with raghav and make her parents proud. but kamla dont want that because she prefers paki then kalpi. she spoils paki but lectures and neglects her own daughter. not only that she hurt her right infront of paki and raghav. if her moral is rightouse then your not thinking straight. is being right slapping her daughter in her engagement for getting married to her lover? is being right favoring someone thats not your daughter over your own daughter? is being right removing her daughter sindoor from her head because the man she loves is married?
      is being right not saving her daughter from drowning and instead of apologizing she says she was trying to make her stronger? is being right refusing her daughter marriage for someone thats not related to her? is being right putting your baby on the floor neglecting it while picking up the other baby thats not related to her? is being right refusing to help her daughter request to save her husband but instead accept paki request? is being right refusing her daughter to see her husband in the hospital? is being right taking the other girls parshad and not her daughters to he temple? NO! its not, KAMLA moral is so wrong and she is a b*t*h! she needs to learn her place and vitthal is acting like one too. no one wants to be like her, how stupid of you to say anyone would do the same, wrong they would do the opposite.

  8. Pakhi is turning out to b neetus daughter after all…….she will never win raghavs love this way for being so cunning…….shes prepared to lie and be so desperate and separate raghav and kapli and kamla stil wana support her…….how did she raise kalpi and pahki as clearly it shows that kalpi is doing everything right and she is destined to be with raghav and yet pakhi is separating hem for her selfish needs……raghav and kalpi has to be strong and god is with them and will not let them be parted…

  9. Ya i also like the precap too.and also hope after pakhi come to know about the truth she will go away from raghav”s life.raghav have to unite with her kalpi only.none other than kalpi in raghav life,true and pure love only always have to win.and kalpi also have to stand against towards her parents for her true love raghav,this thing will make the story to become more interesting.

  10. To My Dear Friends Please help me why is daaballa carrying on so stupid, I don’t think she is for real,why is she pushing pookine in front like an apron always in the middle just like Wednesday in the middle, yesterday episode was very GOOD, I was so happy but today is only pookine . Why can these people see we love Kal and Rags please buy her a toy, Rags is not her toy he is Kals toy with lots of LOVE and down to earth person that’s my Kal. Get Well Soon, Please bring back Sammy, send pooknie on a holiday to brown town in Canada where she can get a nose JOB DONE.And Kal can sit by Rags bedside and take GOOD off him withlots of TLC.

  11. Frnds any body guess ki ragahv pookie par kyo gussa hai precap me
    I know Bcoz pooki ne kalpan ka phone dekhne cell off Kia raghav utha usne cell on Kia kalpi ka phone dekha hoga or after that …..

  12. Please somebody bust paki bubble

  13. Sorry this morning I was so mad I did not wait for the 4 and 5 series or the pre cap I was very upset with 1 2 3 series SORRY

  14. 1st tym neetu said d ri8 thng when kamla ddnt let kalpi meet raghav “WHO DOES DAT WITH HER OWN DAUGHTER???” only stupid kamla coz she has practically LOST IT!!! god save ema!

  15. Thanks Writers PDK for not making Raghav forget Kalpana in this Accident, and now how selfish & cunning Pakhi is, She is from begining lier, & desparate to have Raghav, so….disgusting…She has no selfrespect
    Kalpana Pl. come to Raghav He Needs YOU now from our home will be Positive Charisma of Raghna.
    We do not even want a shadow of Pakhi, She can go so low to hide Kalpi’s phone …In 21st centuary she is cheating basic simple thing in life Which is LOVE, and this love belongs to mutually RAGHAV & KALPANA
    Pakhi has NO PLACE in it even as friend SHE should make grace full exit….
    KAMLA is sick & possesed by Pakhi & she is unable to see need of her daughter. son & husband
    She in not qualified to make any sort of decission in Kalpana.s life. Kalpana is intelligent smart she can make
    her life decission smartly she also need her love RAGHAV

  16. whay is paki grandmother still in that house…isnt she better…i am so not liking paki…..she needs a slap…as for kalpi she needs to stand up to her parents and forget what society thinks……just as long as she knows the truth…the truth will always prevail….as for guri start treating paki they way she deserves….she is to happy that is not revenge and she is assuming she can turn friendship into love…..that will only work if the other person loves u and as well trust…..no woman must stoop so low to get any man….whether the like him or not….cheap tricks is not a good sign for a happy marriage..and so far she is only using cheap tricks….please let raghav and kalpi come together…they have been suffering to long especially………she has been really abused because she loves him…………paki as well knows that raghav wanted to see kalpi but she denied kalpi……more misunderstanding………

  17. frns dont be so happy for promo as every friday ema gi ves lolipop of raghna but actualy it is exaxctly opposite ……..it is done for trp only

    1. Yes u are very good reply

  18. Loving precap,oh paki made a negative side ….but l like Raghavs love,true love…possessed love caring love

  19. Kalpi. Pls move the life and success.your world is waiting for u baby…love u…

  20. Pakhi showed her true colours today.What kind of an idiot is she,can’t she get the message that Raghav and Kalpi love each other so much.The hospital was an eye opener for her when she saw Raghav and Kalpi’s true love. She noticed Kalpi’s tears, pain she felt in her heart,while holding Raghav’s hand and when Raghav called for Kalpi,it showes very clearly, he wants her beside him.Inspite of the doctor telling her to call Kalpi,she just ignored it, .I’m very sure all Ragna fans will not forget,when Raghav said in the temple that he will never let go off her hand. Even when he was semi-conscious he held Kalpi’s hand. Don’t try to win Raghav’s love by decorating his room so beautifully and welcoming him with your charm.It will never work,Pakhi you are a selfish person and it is the Kapoors’ blood. Stop building castles in the air,Raghav will never be yours.

  21. Not happy with current track of triangle. Raghav ko jitna jaldi thik kiya, utni hi jaldi raghav ka pakhi se divorce karwado. Not at all interested in stupid tricks of PAKHI and Kamala ka bhashan . They both are irritating, burns at least 2 ltr. of blood from each and every viewers. Please Kill both of them.

  22. Ramadan Mubarak to all

  23. I don’t get it! Raghav gets well in a day,
    Kalpi hasn’t eaten. Kamla doesn’t allow her to go see him or talk with him! A better story would have been that Raghav only Remembers kalpi and doctors say he needs this kalpi beside him to get well. Then she would be by his side and no one could object. Hey even better would have been if Raghav told the doctor to make sure only kalpi could take care of him. Then he could have had kalpi with him all the time BC everyone would want to see him get better!!

    I don’t get it,
    I hate Kamla and her crying all the time. She is such a terrible mother!!!
    She is giving a bed to neetu!!

    Where is sammy?? Anyone hear anything on his twitter maybe??

  24. Hello all TU friends, yes paakhi is really cunning lady b*t*h. she is so selfish she is in pain to see raghave is in bad bt she is not able to feel his ineer pain which calling kalpi and kalpi if paakh is really good hearted person she will loose everything and get ragahve and kalpi together but she is not even thought its good to show that shei is not good i hurt when raghave support to pakhi infront of his mother she again get ragahv support but i can notice when she hold him he hessitated but being friends allows her even to see his room decoration he is not tat much happy but i am scred that paakhi is doing her homework in wel manners but ragahve knows her he is smart and know she is cleaver lady he is in relation with her of friendship only becasuse of his true love kalpi for oneyear. i love precap i hope he will slap her and let her show her right place and tell her that she isnothing…but i am sure she will fight with him and say she is wife of his not her as she has court paper and she s real wife of her i hope this haappen and ragahve get to know true face of her selfish girl and go against her mom an say i will do revenge in m way but i cant stay with her anymore. and daadi ithink when she get to know about raghave and kalpi true love andraghave pain she will be with raghave and kalpi ot with paakhi. kamla u and pakhi both are bithch u brought her thats why she is playing game in your way being good and only doint what she wants to do. but god is there and he know who is right and wrong doesnt matter if u took his dicisiion as per ur expectation. one day you will beout i just want pakhi out from raghave life doest matter raghave kalpi abhi ek hou yaa na hou but pakhi raghave ke life maine bilkul naa hou sammy pls come and take care of ur freinds life wit kalpi whe he will come only than we can think about our raghave kalpana love birds. i love you raghave kalpan so much. and sammy as well
    pls raghave kalpi be with each other do not let ur true love in bin pls pls

  25. I just luv the precap but i don’t get 1thing.koyi pakhi jitna besharam ho sakta hai kya?ragav kalpi se pyaar karta hai yeh jante hue bhi voh ragav ko pana chahti hai..aakir beti tho neetu ki hena..shameless dafar.ragav bhi agar pakhi ko divorce dene se kyo rokta hai dosti karne ki kya jaroorat thi aur kalpi ko bhi ragav se ek saal dhoor rahne ki kya jaroorat hai.i hate kamla jo yeh jante hue bhi ki ragav aur kalpi ek doosre se kitna pyaar karte hey she is helping pakhi.gauri is the right match for pakhi to give her left and right.anyway pls ragav aur kalpi ko jaldi ek bana dijiye pls.i luv ragna and i hate rakhi…i luv u aashish…

  26. I hope & pre-cap is right Not DREAM or LOLIPOP for us..
    Because it gave us HOPE that RAGHAV will come with miracle recovery in ONE DAY & realizes how much PAKI is selfish ,manupilaiing & fraud .
    SHE takes him to party as friend & introduces to every body as HUSBAND in front of KALPANA Pakhi is very cruel.
    NO dignity, no self respect . No VAZOOD
    She is not let Kalpana know that Raghav is asking for KALPI.Pakhi fails to provide Raghav what he Needs I;E KALPI Daddi at her old age becommes COOCOOO like KAMLA
    she is supporting Pakhi in loveless wedding .
    Kalpana is crying praying & loving RAGHAV ALL THE TIME
    But PAkhi is BUSY IN changing designer sarees & decorating room… SHOW OFF
    PAkhi has no time to pray or light a DIVA in front of GOD
    LEAV STUPID PAKHI, DADDI,GREEDY NEETU GOURI who is enjoying Kitty PARTY& Kamla Who is even changing GOD to full fill her own wish …..They are all good with each other and they can kill each other in their own EGO

  27. Like your comment Sneh

  28. Hi Why don’t Gauri put pooknie and her grandmother out they can stay at daballas house with nutte , please where is Mr Sammy, Sammy please do us a big favor and take Our Rags to his apartment and then Kal can go to his apartment give him TLC server him his meals in Bed and then he can have a speedy recovery , Love To Both.

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