Baawre 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Baawre 27th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yamini thanking Azam for saving her. He says when the battery comes out, call history goes. Nikumbh comes to them. She says see you have out me in trouble, you don’t know what happened yesterday. Nikumbh says so it means you failed in you task. He asks Azam to leave. Azam leaves. Nikumbh asks Yamini to sit as he has to talk to her. He says I have fear of getting in water and tells about his childhood. He says my brother learnt swimming so fast but I could not, my dad tried to teach me but I did not, so he left hope. A guy taught me swimming slowly, step by step, one day he pushed me in water and says you learnt swimming, come on swim.

He says everyone was watching me when I was shouting help. Then suddenly fearless Nikumbh came out of me, whom I did not know, then I had swim like I was an expert, I want you to meet the fearless Yamini in you. She says I know I can’t do this task. Papa might be waiting, I have to go. She leaves. Its evening, Dadi asks about Yamini. Yamini’s mum says she might be in her room. Dadi says she is not at home. Raghavendra calls out Yamini. They get tensed as Yamini is not at home. Her mum starts crying. Raghavendra says Nawab Sahab said she is not at phone.

His wife says call her friend and ask about her. He says who is her friend. She says I don’t know. He gets angry and scolds her. Dadi says I asked you to give her a phone, now you go and find her. He says she is not doing this on her own, someone is making her do this. Dadi comes in her room and calls someone to talk to Yamini. Yamini is at a beauty parlour. Yamini asks why is she doing this. Dadi smiles and says your dad is very tensed, he feels you have run away. Yamini says I will come home. She asks Yamini not to come home. Dadi says I m doing this as you should have a phone.

Yamini says my dad would be worried. Dadi says I will send Uttam, till then you get beautiful. Yamini says if Papa knows this…. Dadi says trust me, you will get mobile in evening. Raghavendra comes back home and says Yamini is nowhere. Dadi cries and says I told you to give her phone, it would have helped her. Raghavendra says its his wife’s mistake. Dadi says no, its your mistake, phone is a necessity. He says its two hours, I will find at the haveli. Dadi says I will also come. They leave.

Yamini makes a call to Nikumbh while he is talking to someone else. She says sorry I can’t come in rehearsals today, as I m stuck in personal work. He says fine, but principal was bringing sponsors today, you were needed here, come for an hour, then go home. He ends the call. She thinks of Dadi’s words. Dadi acts infront of Raghavendra. Yamini calls her but she does not take the call. He says did I do any mistake by making Yamini join theatre. She says no, its not Yamini’s mistake, you think after your dad left, if I had kept you strictly, would you have been free, your patience would have broken.

She says you keep it strictly, keep Yamini free. He says I also want her good. She says then give a phone to her. You want her to see world from your eyes, but your vision is weak. The narrator says Yamini is doing her role well, the principal is happy, but I m worried about her personal life. Sponsors meet Yamini and like her performance. They leave. Nikumbh is glad and says he is tensed as the dates are coming closer.

She says I have some work, I have to go. He says I know what is it. Dadi continues acting. Raghavendra doubts on everyone at haveli. The narrator says I have bad news, Raghavendra is doubting Yamini now. He worries for Yamini, thinking she may walk on wrong path, he doubts she is getting linked to someone and her career can get affected. Nikumbh sees the cream marks on Yamini and says go there at the parlour. He laughs and goes. Raghavendra does not see him leaving.

Raghavendra asks Dadi to go in and he will come after parking the car. Dadi is shocked to see Yamini there and asks her to hide fast as her dad is finding her. Yamini says but why to hide, what did I do, he comes and says Yamini looking at her. Dadi and Yamini get tensed. Dadi smiles and says we got here. He asks are you fine. She says yes. He asks why did you come without telling us, and without car. He says you did this for first time that I don’t understand. He says how did you get so much strength, tell me, whats going on. Dadi comes in between and says I did this.

She says I asked her to go without telling us, as you don’t understand what I say, I wanted you to give her a phone. She says if you worry for her so much, why don’t you give her a phone then? He leaves.

Nikumbh returns his phone and he asks about the task. He asks her to tell the truth if she regards him her friend and not break his trust.

Update Credit to: Amena

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