Sadda Haq 25th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 25th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vardhan maya and kavbir are in his cabin. kabir says I am impressed your team did well. vardahn says you came here to judge the mentor. What will you say ? Kabir says this attitude, if you had shown in before it would not have judged you. Vardhan says this attitude makes me the mentor of a champion team. kabir says if you were that good you wouldn’t have lost have lost niharika. Vardhan says I have not forgotten that. And since then I have been making each of student a champion, yet you haven’t changed. You still mix personal and professional affairs.
Kabir says lets get down to brass tack. He gives a paper to maya. maya says how can you reject the team kabir ? kabir says as a dean you must have taken care of the safety of the car. And vardhan you are making your students fool.
Kabir says your team is not going better luck next time. Maya stands next to him.
He is about to leave. Maya stands up and pushes him back to his seat.
She says my team isn’t inefficient you are inefficient. This is your first time and you probably don’t know your responsibilities. it was your duty to check the car, still I did. and they were fine before you changed the speed. He says I can’t help it you had to follow the standards. Maya says you should have notified us. I know your an vardhan’s history and I know what you are here for. If my team doesn’t go o international competition I will write and letter to Mr. Brooks and ruin your whole career so you better sign these papers. Choice is yours take it or leave it. He signs the paper of approval. Maya says we will fill rest of details now you can go. One more thing only I have right to challenge vardhan, get out Now.

Scene 2
Randhir is with sanyu in the hospital. He gives her the water to drink. Sanyu lays down and recalls their bike ride in the rain. When they ate spaghetti together. Randhir comes in with two plates. He lifts up the Sanyu’ bed. Sanyu sits. He gives her one plate. sanyu takes his plate and shifts all the meal in her plate. Randhir stares at her. The song ‘hamdard’ plays in background. Sanyu offers him the first spoon, she asks her to eat first. Sanyu eats and gives him the next spoon. he eats it. Randhir takes the plate and makes her eat. He gives her water afterwards.

Scene 3
Sanyu is shifted to her room. Kaustuki comes with soup for her. Vidushi says you will become stunt man rather than engineer. SAnyu says you need passion for everything. You won’t get that. Vidushi says I was feeling bad for you don’t lecture me. Kaustuki says I thought your life would be endangered but randhir saved you. And I was jealous of randhir. Sanyu says you will always be my special friend kaustuki. Kaustuki says I am surprised randhir risked his life to save you. SAnyu says in heart am I that special for randhir ? Sanyu asks did we qualify ? Kaustuki says I will ask parth. I forgot my phone is medical room.

Vardhan calls sanyu and asks how are you ? Sanyu says I am good. Did we qualify ? Vardhna says yes we have qualified and we are going to international competition. I am telling you at first as your risked the life. I wish you could come with us after all this. SAnyu says I am here because of you. If I hadn’t a mentor like you I won’t have been here. Thank you sir. Randhir texts her how are you feeling.

Randhir and rest of the team congratulates each other. Sahil says lets party. Randhir says we will party after sanyu is well. Parth says I you should dress your hand too. I will bring the bandages for you.

A pupil says my phone isn’t in my pocket. Another says mine isn’t here too. Vidushi looks at her bag.

Scene 3
Parth goes to the doctor and asks for bandages and cream. he says you care about randhir’s hand not your own. Parth says my hands are better than before. He says undergo the tests. Parth says how will I pay my fees. Doctor says I have talked to some doctors they will conduct your tests free of cost. Parth says really ? Thank you sir. He leaves. Vidushi comes in. Doctor says he has agreed. Arrange the money. Vidushi says I will arrange them.

Randhir is sitting in corridor. He sees sanyu coming. He ask what are you doing here ? Sanyu says you wee about to ask kaustuki about tm so I came here. You can ask. How is your hand ? He says you could ask on phone. SAnyu says I wanted to thank you personally. He says welcome now go back to your room. Sanyu says I wanna ask something. Randhir says you can’t walk still asking questions. Sanyu says why you did all this ? You didn’t want me to go and you burnt your hand for me ? Were you scared for yourself ? He says I am scared now you are mad. Now go to your room. Sanyu says answer me first. Who am I to you ? Randhir says you are my girlfriend. She say I ahev not lost my memory. He says no really you are my gf. You have been after me since first year. sanyu says I am not after you. He says now leave. I will have to carry you again. Sanyu says shut up and tell me. He says I would have done it for anyone. You aren’t that special. now come on lets go. SAnyu says in heart I know randhir I am special to you. I will make you agree to that.

Precap-Vidushi receives Sanyu’s parcel. Its her engagement card. vidushi says what the hell. she was lying to everyone till now. Sanyu says I have been waiting since so long to hear that randhir. I love you too, she hugs him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. sanyu ne aakhir RD se pooch hi liyaa – mi kyaa hoon tumhaare liye??? PRECAP – PLS S/ONE TELL ME IT IS NOT GOING TO BE A DREAM…. Sanyu hugs RD n says I LOVE U TOO RANDHIR!!!!

  2. awesome

  3. and MAYA she was wow…. she made sure that FITEs DT goes abroad…. and warns Kabir if someone can challenge Vardhan, it will b ONLY HER!!!

  4. really sanyukta and randhir are going to confess their love for each other i m super exited to watch that epi

  5. i guess that was the best part

  6. one of the best part

  7. well hii meera(should i call you didi)

    1. u can simply call me Meera… didi is not necessary..

  8. :-O about precap – is dat sanyu’s dream or true???cnt undrstnd nd guess anythng aftr watchng engegment promo..!!really its a thriller wknd

  9. Precap was awesome…hope cvs are not playing with precap

  10. Maya ur too gud loved u today she behaves like Randhir he also says Only I have the right to make u cry and she says only I have the right to challenge Vardhan ……interesting very interesting 😉
    Coming to Sandhir…..aaag lagai donno tarf bas boochna nehi chaiye
    @meera di I also wish the same that the precap is not dream … precap Randhir was not that happy whn Sanyu confessed and hugged him anyway I am little scared for 31st epi

  11. Really awsome epi I too hope that the precap is not a dream please don’t ruin our hopes

  12. Meera r u there????? I wanted to ask u wht do u think about future epi… there any links from india forums

    1. i was browsing if for spoilers just now…. no news as yet.. happened to see a newbie’s name there… akanksha…

  13. O_o, i ttly forgot abt Vidushi yaar…. she is willing to go to any level for Parth… does she really ♡ him??? i mean she stole other students’ cell phones to pay for his medical tests…. omg!!!! she is unpredictable just like DD…. ha ha…

    @ akanksha – r u a member of india forums????

  14. In precap Randhir’s reaction ws like he got to know about engagement or he is taking revenge and got succeed but feeling guilty for it…..I am scared seeing his reaction in precap 🙁 :-S 😐
    Pls everyone give opinion on his reaction in precap

    1. @ nila- revenge??? in what way?? he too hugged her….i don’t think he wl come to know of it tom…immediately i mean…only that duffer vidushi can do it..

      1. He too hugged her but not as happy as Sanyu and earlier whenever he tried to confess or dreamt of confessing he was more happier……about revenge any twist can come
        U again pls watch the precap on YouTube especially Randhir’s reaction u may get an idea

    2. @ nila – happened to read tnis fb just now – a few have the same views as yours… now i am confused!!! plz help me too alongwith nila…. Precap 25 aug
      # Scary rd’s expression dammm
      poor sanyu

  15. I missed today’s epi bt thanx to atiba n thank u so much fr d pix as well

  16. aaj ka epi fab tha !!! jst luved every1 yaar and for the first time i’m gonna say maya was awsome today kya baath hai !!!

  17. sanyu askin to rd mein kya hoon tumhare liye ….. soo nice
    vidushi is absolutely unpredictable she steals othr students cell phones for parth and she also says to sayu dekho kya haal banake rakh diya apna !!!

  18. kisi ke ghar pe tata sky nahi hai kyaa???? spoilers de dho plz……

  19. atlast sanyu ko atleast patha toh chale gayi ki rd ke liye sanyu bohoth special hai i mean kithne samay lag gaye yaar usse yeh choti si baath samaj ne ke liye !!! \
    and ya i too i wish ki woh precap dream na ho aur agar woh dream bhi ho na toh it should be a dream come true !!!

  20. ha spoilers…… jst waiting eagerly 4 them !!! agar koi spoilers kisi ne bhi pada hai na toh plz yaha post kijiye ga …

  21. Today’s episode was good….coming to Maya — she confirmed that the dream team is going for international competition wow….amazing and the lines that she said to Kabir just reminded me of Randhir when she said that ” Vardhan ko challenge karne ka haq sirf mera hai” the symptoms haan…..then to vardhan— he was so confident with his team and his worry that sanyukta will not be able to commence for the dream team competition……..coming to vidushi— she is really doing this i am a bit confused with her behavior….in one word just unbelievable and fickle minded……….and lastly to my favorite part sandhir — the care and concern of randhir looked so mesmerizing and their sharing of food surely showed that she cared randhir more than just friends uff…..sanyukta asking randhir about him saving her because she wanted his confession wow….i just waited for the day when sanyukta will know her feelings and she does(i was thinking about the day when sanyukta will realise her feelings in the morning and she realised in the episode wow)……….about the precap—vidushi got hold of the invitation card i wished that sanyukta would tell randhir about her engagement but i think (actually i know)vidushi will tell randhir about her engagement and i just wish the confession is true and not the dream of either of them…………………….lastly about the promo—this sunday a special episode “THE ENGAGEMENT” really the engagement will happen randhir was so broken and was acting like his drunk father….i just wish randhir understands sanyukta and they runaway just like in the dream of sanyukta……oh god please………………


  23. Param’s latest tweet – read in facebook just now…

    Hello darlings wats happening?? sorry for being away for while been really busy… All I can say is THANK YOU ! Lov ull b safe. 12:51 PM 25th Aug 14

    Ooooooo… eeekkkkkkssss he called darlings… me 1 amongst them…. ha ha

    1. Congrats meera di!!!!!

  24. Krrip Suri sir aka Prof. Vardhan Suryavanshi our mosstt favvv MENTOR has been nominated for Indian telly awards f
    for Sadda haq for best supporting actor… Pls vote for him… FULL DETAILS R GIVEN IN THE BELOW LINK…

  25. bt is me @shrox @AN ko include nahi kr sakte na …….are psb bhaiya jo hai in k… 😉 😀

    1. inhe pehle padne do teri comment ko!!!!

  26. confused about precap yar wo dream hai ya nahi i mean sanyu chahti bhi hai k randheer use especial kahe aur dusri taraf she is feeling guilty too as she lied randheer about hr engagemnt…i think wo drm hi hai…sanyukta knows k engagmnt us chomu se hone wali hai then y will she confess hr feeling to rd?

    1. now, i too hv a feeling it might b sanyus dream…..

  27. gc didi hamare naam bhi include honi chahiye after all we are the most precious darlings of PSB !!! 😉

  28. ya @an right aftr all all the sistrs r precious to their brothrs….to aap logo k param bhaiya k liye q nahi hogi… 😉

  29. arre gc didi aap mazak kar rahi haina i knw it 😉 !!!! agar mein PSB ke choti behen hui na toh aap bhi PSB ke behen hui na after all INDIA IS MY COUNTRY AND ALL INDIANS ARE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS !!! 😉

  30. nahi only indian girlz r my sistr….bhai logo k bare me mai ne socha nahi

  31. woh precap dream nahi hona chahiye arre kithna wait karvaoge ….

  32. toh gc didi PSB meri bhi bhai nahi hui na !!!!

  33. bye guys see ya in the nxt WU !!! 😀

  34. are aap bhul gayi kya aap ne hi kaha tha k param ki shadi harshita se ho aur aap us ki chhoti bahen ho….haina…to phir mai ne thodi kaha kabhi param ko bhai…

  35. arre mujhse bhi kabi kabi galthiyaan hothi hai na 😛

  36. k dear by c u

  37. dnt take seriously i was just joking..

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