Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saxena bringing Mr Steve and introducing him to the family. Suhani says I hope I give my best and Rags gives her the laptop. Suhani starts the presentation. Suhani impresses Steve. Rags tells Menka to see what happens next. Suhani shows the mascot of the fitness club and everyone is shocked. Rags smiles. Suhani is shocked to see wrong image as their mascot. Steve says she is my wife. How can you joke with my wife? Steve gets angry. Suhani says I did not do this. Steve fumes and says how can you insult me like this. Suhani says I don’t want to insult you. Suhani explains him why she used his wife’s pic that he still cares for his wife’s fitness. She tells that guests is like Lord for them, and says her values.

Steve stops and she asks him to have food and go. Steve says you know my taste, that dish is my favorite. She serves his his fav dish and he is impressed. He says the presentation was good and even this dish is nice. She tells about Amitabh Bachchan. Even Steve is his big fan and they together tell his lines. He says Suhani Srivastav, you are the same girl who used to say Amitabh’s dialogues, I have taught you in school. He tells Dadi that he is very impressed as Suhani is known to him, he will finance this project. Everyone smile happily. Saxena thanks him.

Saxena says we are launching another project with this, about fairness cream. Suhani says no customers come on false promises. Steve says Suhani is right, I liked fitness centre idea. Saxena says fine. Yuvraaj smiles seeing Suhani. Suhani asks Steve to make his wife the fitness centre mascot. Steve agrees. Menka and Rags get annoyed. Steve says give my regards to your parents and leaves. Saxena asks Suhani why did she not say against the fair cream project. Suhani says I don’t lie, its a cheat with public. Dadi asks Saxena to go.

Dadi says she liked what Suhani did today, so she wants to make Suhani eat the sweets by her hands. Rags and Menka smile. Suhani is tensed as she is fasting. Dadi asks Suhani to eat. Suhani takes it and is about to eat it. She acts like she is having nausea and runs. Dadi asks Pratima what happened to Suhani. Pratima says she is not well. Menka says I thought its good news. Dadi says it might have happened as she eats any thing random. She tells Rags and Menka not to fool her, as Suhani can’t keep any Nirjala fast. Dadi scolds Rags and Menka and leaves.

Menka says we are mad. Rags says now we, you are mad. Rakhi eats chaat and asks Soumya will she have it. Soumya is upset as she saw Krishna eating food. Rags comes in her room. Saurabh asks what happened. He says I was wondering will you keep fast for me. She says I have many works and pushes him. She is shocked to see her nail broken. He says your nail is important than me. She says shut up and leaves. Saurabh says she does not worry for me. Menka comes to Anuj and says I want to keep Teej fast for you, but Dadi will be angry. Anuj asks her not to make Dadi annoyed.

Menka asks him to take her out. Anuj asks will you come with me. Menka says yes sure. Anuj says fine, we will go out, to my gym and you can workout. She gets annoyed. Rags comes to her saying its big problem. She says my nail broke. Menka says its such a big problem, now what. Rags says come with me. Rags shows her nail. She says I feel my nail got stuck in laptop keys. Menka laughs. Rags asks her to go and get her nail from Suhani’s room, if its there, then throw it, if Suhani sees it, she will know I did wrong things to her presentation. Menka goes.

Lata praises Rishi to Pankaj. She says if Suhani did not get Yuvraaj’s proposal, we would have made Rishi our son in law. She says Rishi will be good for Jyoti. Bhavna says no. They ask her why. Bhavna says Rishi’s marriage talk is going on. Lata asks is she having any problem in her in laws, why did she not go. Bhavna says nothing like this, Amit is not here, I feel very lonely there, I miss you all there. Pankaj asks her to take care. Bhavna leaves. Pankaj says there is something she is hiding. Lata says no, she said the reason. He says she is my daughter, I have seen it in her eyes, she does not want to tell us. Lata says she won’t hide it from Suhani, I will ask Suhani to talk to her. Pankaj says this will be right.

Yuvraaj comes and sees Pratima and Suhani talking. Suhani apologizes for lying to Dadi. Pratima says fine, the presentation was good. Pratima leaves. Suhani tells Yuvraaj that she kept Nirjala fast for him, don’t tell anyone that I wanted to keep this for his long life. He says he does not want long life. She keeps her hand on his mouth, and asks him not to say this. He asks her not to act like she loves him. She says she won’t spoil her mood. He leaves. She says why was he angry, maybe as I lied today.

Suhani gets Rags’ nail. Menka sees it and tells Rags that Suhani came to know that you spoiled her presentation. Suhani comes to them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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