Pavitra Rishta 25th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 25th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ankita seeing coming to her room and saying she knew she would come. Pari says it is her house and says she has to come go back as she is trying to intrude her property and she tried to ruin her life 5 years back and now also she has come back and will ruin her life. Ankita asks her to forget that she will go back and says she has not come back for the property, but to teach her and Naren a lesson and says she left Naren herself 5 years back and tells the rason behind it. She even says she does not want Azoba’s property and says she is sorry for her house sale, says Naren sold it for your and Naren’s mistake. She says now she will not go back and says they way she is feeling sorry for Naren, even she is feeling sorry as she was her husband. Pari says she does not believe her story, which only Azoba and Aaji believes it and says she will see how long she will stay here. Ankita says let us see who will stay and who will go.

Ashi says Naren that people are performing janmastami pooja and wearing new clothes, even she wants new clothes. Pari says she bought her clothes few days back and will not buy again. Naren asks her to stop scolding Ashi and promises Ashi that he will bring Krishna idol and new clothes for her. Pari says why did he make fake promise to her and says they have to save money now instead of spending.

Ankita brings Krishan’s idol to Pari and Naren’s portion of chawl. Pari asks her why did she come to her house. Ankita it is her house as Azoba gave the whole property to her and says she will perform janmastami pooja tonight.

Ankita goes to temple and sees Naren there. Naren says he wants to talk to her. She asks if he wants to deny his involvement in accident, she will not believe him as she herself saw everything and says he will have to accept truth in front of everyone. He can just say sorry to her, nothing else. Ankita says she has come to get justice for Ranvijay. Naren says he is helpless and will not accept it. Ankita says he is not helpless but trying to hide his mistake and says she is happy that he is not her husband and her Naren was not like this. She says he was better as a mad person as he behaved like a human that time. Naren thinks if he tells the truth, Pari will be in trouble.

Ankita comes back home and thinks she came here to get justice for Ranvijay, but she is again falling for Naren and prays god to show her a way. A voice tells her to hear her heart’s voice. She thinks she is listening to her heart and prays to give her strength in getting justice to Ranvijay. Mansi comes there and says Priya is like you and always tries to show her superiority. She asks what did she do. She says why did she go without informing them. She says she came back for them. Prashanth says she has come to take revenge from Naren and Pari and heard what Pari told her. Ankita says she does not care what Pari told and has just come for her siblings. Prashanth says he knows she is telling lie and asks her to share her sorrows with him anytime she likes.

Mansi asks Ankita when she went from here, she was pregnant and asks where is her child. Ankita says she had come to this world, but lifeless and says he would have been of Priya’s age and she would have pampered him like she pampers Priya and says when this tragedy struck me, nobody was with her and she was alone. She emotionally cries and hugs. She hears Ashi singing her song and goes in search of the voice. She sees a baby girl signing this song and reminisces she used to sing it for Naren. Ashi sees Ankit and hugs her. Ankita reminisces meeting her in Agra and asks why is she here and what is her name. Ashi says her name is Arushi Karmarkar. Ankita asks who taught you this song. She says her dadda/father taught this song and shows Naren. Naren says she is her daughter. Ankita goes from there after seeing Naren. Ashi asks Naren why did she go, says she likes her and asks if she is angry on her. Naren says may be.

Precap: Ankita asks god if it is his wish that she should stay with her family.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Rushali is very stupid for taking ankitas child but I hope she will get her child back and lol I was the first to comment

  2. ohhhh I’m 2nd

  3. Lol iam the third
    (Y) cool episode nice saying ankita i hope you’ll soon unite. With you daugther!! 😀

  4. I hate this stupid naren

  5. i hate naren.he is stupid pls ankita you can forget naren.

  6. Pari is a so annoying, she blames everyone for her misfortune. she refuses to accept her wrong doing anyway I just wish ankita use this opportunity to take her revenge on all those that have wronged her.

  7. i just wish ankita , naren and ashi comes together as one whole family and rushali and pari should be punished for their deeds

  8. Boring episode.cannot beleive that to why rushali not punished yet.poor law

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