Sadda Haq 24th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 24th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Adda says you are lucky you are getting this mission, these kids will get killed and you will have new start in career. Randhir says i can’t kill innocent children. Adda says do we have to give another demo of our powers? Randhir says fine i will do it. Adda says remember we wont be merciful this time. If you try to back out or meet sanyu, you will get sanyyu’s corpse. Randhir says don’t take her name, i will do anything.

Sanyu is working in the lab, randhir sees her. The engine blasts, randhir comes to save her. He gets his hand burnt. sanyu says what are you doing? She hugs him. She says you save me everytime and kisses his hand. Sanyu hugs him, he says in heart i wont let anything happen to her. Randhir recalls what adda said, he says i have to go. Sanyu says in heart one time just tell me what is bothering you. Randhir says in heart you are important and to save you i have to put and end to this secret society.
Randhir researches that whoever tried to prove their existence met an accident. Randhir says i have to save sanyu and the kids.

Scene 2
Next morning, sanyu wakes up and sees tania crying. Sanyu says what happened? Taania shows her the book and says the author has put hero in a deadly situation, he almost died. Sanyu says its just a book and you dont believe in love and all this. Tania says yes you are right. Thank God i don’t love someone i can’t bear to lose. Have you ever felt like losing your love? Sanyu says i can’t imagine living without randhir. Sanyu says my life starts and ends with him. He is my life my soul. Tania says you people are adorable.

Vid comes to canteen and laughs. she says i saw a funny scene today tania was flirting a junior. Rishap says what? Vid says yes she was stuck to him. Feeling class nothing matters to her.
Rishpa goes to tania and says we have to go to library. The guy leaves. Rishp says who was he? Tania says what do you care? Don’t talk like i am your gf.

Ankit calls sanyu. He says i am outside board room. We are safe. Sanyu says we have to expose akash. Ankit says he has won papa’s blind trust. Ankit says i gotta go the meeting is starting. Sanyyu says okay keep me posted.
Adda says we can’t take sanyu lighty. I am keeping an eye on them. When sanyu randhir come close the point on the screen will blink. We can’t leave sanyu this time.

Someone comes in sanyyu’s room while she is asleep. Its randhir. He kisses her forehead.Adda’s tv’s volume is not working, she doesn’t focus on the screen.
Randhir says to sanyu always stay like this. He jumps out of the room.
sanyu wakes up and says i thought randhir he came. Vid says must be your dream. Sanyu says i can smell him. Tania says please sanyu let us sleep.
Randhir goes to his working room and writes, i love you sanyu. I am lucky that you came in my life. i dont deserve you. You loved me unconditionally. I wanted to grow old with you. I think thats impossible now because i am going to fight with the worst. I concealed that because that could endanger your life. If you dont find me don’t wait for me. just know that i did this all for you. I am lucky i found you, forget me as your bad luck.
Randhir steps out and recalls his moments with sanyu. The song ‘judai’ plays in background. He goes to his room and sleeps.

Precap-Randhir grasps sanyu and says i am worst you know but you dont have an idea how evil can i be. sanyu hugs him. Adda comes and knocks the store room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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