Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 24th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki recalling its Bihaan’s sim card. FB shows Thapki going to thank Bihaan for saving them from goons and giving him dinner. His phone falls and she says your sim card has fallen too. He takes it. She thinks it means Bihaan is trying to break her marriage with Dhruv. Thapki tells Aditi that she has seen this sim with Bihaan, it fell from his pocket when she went to give him food. Aditi asks what will she do now.

Bihaan recalls Vasundara’s words and is sad. Paan says you changed my face by beating me so much, and asks him what is he thinking. Bihaan says if thinking could do anything, I could have broken Dhruv and Thapki’s marriage, mum would have hugged me being proud of me, I won’t be alive now, as I m not able to end my mum’s pain. Paan says we will think something.

Thapki calls Bihaan. He asks what happened, is everything fine. She says yes, but you know will it be fine ahead, your sim card is here at my home. He gets shocked. She says you have called my dad, right, tell me the truth. Paan says tell her its not your card. He tells Thapki sorry, but its not Bihaan’s card, how could she see this, maybe its goon’s sim. She says maybe you are right, I m sorry. She ends the call. Paan asks Bihaan not to worry.

Paan says he has a plan and asks for Dhruv’s pic. Bihaan says I have family pic, whats the plan, tell me. Dhruv comes to meet Thapki at night and holds her hand. She gets scared and calls out Dhruv. He asks her to be quiet. She says we can’t meet till marriage. He says that’s why I standing at other side of pillar. She asks him to go. He says he has come to celebrate these moments before marriage, and shows the cake.

He says you have taught me to live happy and celebrate life, and has put cake on my face. She smiles and says I did mistake. He says it was beautiful mistake, that changed my life, we will be becoming husband and wife tomorrow, and we should celebrate these moments today with memories, celebrate those promises….

Dhruv makes Thapki have some cake and applies on her nose. He says we will make this ritual to apply cake on face, take a selfie in my phone and give, as I can’t see you till tomorrow. She takes a pic and Adiit comes there. Thapki gives the phone to Dhruv. Aditi asks what are you doing here, are you hungry. Thapki says I m alone here, I came to have water. Aditi says fine, come, its your marriage tomorrow, don’t you want to look fresh, you are the bride, come. Thapki leaves. Dhruv smiles.

Dhruv is dressed as groom and family dances in the baraat along Dhruv. Aditi and Poonam compliment Thapki for looking gorgeous in her bridal dress. Vasundara tells Bihaan that she is btrusting him and keeping her ad Dhruv’s life at stake, this marriage should not happen. Bihaan says don’t worry, I did all arrangements to break this marriage. Thapki hugs Poonam, while Dhruv dances in baraat.

Dhruv smiles seeing Thapki. Poonam is about to do tilak to Dhruv. A lady comes and stops marriage. Bau ji asks who is she. The lady says Dhruv is my husband.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. That stupid lady will try to trap Dhruv on Bihaan’s saying.Really?? Bihaan don’t you have brain to think why Vasu want to break Thapki and Dhruv marriage?Which dad has brought you up now you are not listening to him.You got blind in that mom who never accepted you as her son till now.God please give him some brain to think so…

  2. very nice epi…waw moment of the show was thpki nd dhruv together nd in next epi.what dramas are creat so bad …..overdrama..let’s see what happen slowly slowly….

  3. My god what are you doing Bihaan ,it’s just enough.poor Dhrub & Bihan ,Dhrub fall in the traps of Bihan & Bihan fall in the emotional trap of vasundara..

  4. Thapki ka kya hoga jab ouski shadi dubara tar jaye …..

  5. I really don’t like that precap. What a cheap idea Bhiaan how can you do such a shame full thing.

  6. bechari thapki…..ek bar fir dulhn k libas m sj k rh jayegi… beautiful she looking…very nice binan ki nhi ye sb pan ki planning h

  7. Y they swap the groom?y the writers and directors not responding to tha viewers thots..plz don’t make bihaan ND thapki as a pair..otherwise it may lose many of fans..

  8. Hey someone plzz tell me y does vasundara doesn’t accept bihaan as son…n bauji doesn’t join dhruvs function…plzzz as m new I don’t understand what’s going on….so plzz help me out guyz

    1. bihaan is not real son of vasundara and bauji. he saved bauji’s life when he was a kid so baudji adopted him. that’s also the reason why bihaan feels that he owns his life to bauji and vasu and will do anything just to see them happy. Bauji has a different way of handling situations which involves violence and guns. druv doesn’t like bauji’s ways and always opposes him that’s why bauji and druv don’t really have a ideal father son relation.

    2. Ohh… thanks a bunch

  9. No, will not lose many viewers with the groom-swap and will gain some too. Net result would probably be zero at worst. Have you seen swaragini’s ratings and how pair-swap has helped the TRP?

  10. The language used here is good.But in kalash wriiten update it is very terrible.

  11. Nice ep druvki romance is amazing i think bihan is mad plz druv aur thapki ki shadi krwado vasu u are bad thapki is gud for ur family

  12. indira bhajan

    Plez let druv sir and tapkie marry

  13. What is wrong if vasu thinks like that. All parents want the very best for their children. How can then vasu accept thapki. Of course she should have directly talked to dhruv rather than doing back biting

  14. Why can’t mother speak directly to dhuruv that shows she does not love him. Otherwise she should have thought about his happiness orshe can just stop marriage why ruin an innocent girls life

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