Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura comes to home temple hearing someone singing bhajan and modi family standing behind and asks if Vidya is singing bhajan. Meera turns and Gaura is surprised to meera singing bhajan. Meera’s mobile gets SMS repeatedly and she stops in between. Urmila takes her phone and asks her to continue bhajan, but meera does not as she was mimicking bhajan on mobile. Gaura taunts her that she is better roaming wearing jeans on her bike and cannot sing as she does not have shraddha in her. She asks Vidya to sign bhajan. Vidya says she will try and starts singing, buts stops. Gopi completes bhajan. Gaura praises Vidya and degrades Meera. Ahem and Gopi get angry seeing her insulting Meera, but don’t utter a word.

Kokila asks Gaura to stop joking with Meera and asks Pari to serve prasad to everyone. Gaura to frighten Rashi more gives her prasad and says if she does not eat, air will burst from her cheeks. Rashi shivers in fear. Gopi asks why is she afraid of Gaura. Gaura says rashi has not come out of fairy tale stories and forces prasad into her mouth. She thinks chatanki will ask Rashi again, so she will have to do something to her.

Urmila comes to Gaura’s room and thinks what must be in her trunk. Gaura enters calling her hone wali/would be samdhan’s pagal samdhan and asks why Pari looks irked always. Urmila says Pari is a good woman, but sometimes situations make a person frustrated. Gaura serves her beetle leaves and asks if she has dibbiti. Urmila asks if she means diabetes, she does not have. Gaura says she will give her gulkan paan and asks why tolu/molu call her naani. She says they are her daughter Rashi’s children. Gaura asks if Rashi is Jigar and Pari’s daughter. She says she is Radha’s daughter. Gaura asks where is Radha now. She says she is dead now.

Gopi tells Ahem that he did wrong by sending Jigar away from Pari as it created more tension between them. Gaura hears their conversation hiding near door. Gopi says she will go to Rashi’s room now as she looks tensed and walks out. Gaura thinks chatanki is hell bent to solve rashi’s problem. She will have to drag in her into some other problem to keep her busy. she gets into room and asks Ahem to give her some book to read. He shows her book rack and asks her to pick she likes. She says there are many books, so she is confused and asks him to pick 2-3 books for him.

Gopi enters Rashi’s room and sees her still afraid. She locks door and asks Rashi to tell what she saw in Gaura’s room. Rashi reminisces Gaura frightening her.

Gaura shows books to Pari and says Ahem gave her these books to read and gives he child’s book. Pari gets happy and says Jigar that Ahem is happy with his decision of having child. Jigar angrily walks towards Ahem’s room. Gaura starts brainwashing Pari that gents shy away from taking children’s responsibility, but if she gives birth to a child, Jigar will roam whole house with child. She asks Pari to get gujrati poem book from Ahem. Gauri leaves. Jigar asks Ahem what did he tell Pari.

Precap: Ahem tells Jigar that when whole family wanted him to have child with Pari, he sent him to US, but now he is doubting that he is taking Pari’s side. Pari hears their conversation standing near door.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. The cast and crew are so amazing.

  2. Please exposed the truth of Gaura soon.
    Irritating character of the show…………

  3. i want to kill gaura because she is so frustrating

  4. This serial is getting very irritating. and if they going to show Meera getting married to Sharvan’s father it is disgusting.

  5. Wat is happening in this show someone send gaura away n let the modi family lives in peace

  6. Yeah if meera,is going to marry shravan’s dad,then is totally unacceptable.

  7. Yeah if meera,is going to marry shravan’s dad,then is totally unacceptable.
    And they should send gaura away

  8. nothing new ..this story is full of evil… some new pesron will barge in and will create drama so damn cheap….

  9. My god it’s just disgusting
    How can meera marry to shravan’s father………..

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