Sadda Haq 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
SAnyu sees parth’s medical reports in her room. She finds that he has nerve disorder.
SAnyu goes to Parth and says I thought we are good friends and we share our problems but you didn’t tell anything. He asys what I didn’t? SAnyu says that you have nerve disorder. He says what did vidushi tell you? sanyu says I saw reports in my room. Tell me since when are you concealing this? Parth tells her everything from the beginning. SAnyu says you didn’t even bother to tell us.
Parth says I didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t want any sympathy. SAnyu says you don’t tell any of us ? what would we do? Parth says how can a mechanical engineer show that he has nerve disorder. They will kick me out of college. sanyu says you could tell us. We would have helped you financially. SAnyu says I think vidushi seriously loves you. He says I don’t love her even when I pretended to. Sanyu says me and randhir love each other but we can’t be together. His parents divorce will haunt him everywhere. And I have left my family. Parth says what have you thought of college’s fee. Sanyu sees the notice of YSA on the board. She says Randhir won’t be able to face his mom.

Vardhan says to maya will you spend your life with him/ He will never let you live. maya says what can I do. Vardhan says you are strong you can take this decision. Maya sys this will effect my whole family. vardhan says and for others you will sacrifice your life. sanyu over hears their conversation. Vardhan says maya I will always be with you. Vardhan comes out and sees her. sanyu says I didn’t intend to listen to your talk. I came to request maya to cancel YSA.Randhir won’t be able to face his mom . VArdhan says the people we th9ink are weak never need anyone’s help. he points at Randhir looking at the notice board. Sanyu says why was maya ma’am crying? He says the people we think are strong are always weak inside. They need our help the most.

SAnyu says to randhir why are you looking at this? This will hurt you. randhir says I will compete and win this. I will arrange fees for both of us from this. Sanyu says I don’t want to depend on you financially. Randhir says I don’t want to be dependent on someone emotionally. sanyu says we are emotionally connected. we love each other. Randhir says but we are not in a relationship and I have no right on you.

Randhir goes to library and sanyu follows him. They work on the machine. Randhir says why you always do what I do. Relationship means no clashes and we don’t want that. He says if i stop you, you will go and fill up the form in first place. He leaves in anger.

Sanyu calls ankit and anju but they have blocked her. SAnyu says I will participate in YSA and I have to arrange the fees for myself. Vidushi is studying for scholarship. Vidushi says I am know Randhir will win its his mom’s scholarship. Sanyu says its an open competition and whoever is deserving will win. Sanyu says in heart I know you are filling this form for Parth.

maya is trying to call rishi. Vardhan comes in. she asks when you came? He says when you were deciding should I call rishi or not. He gives her divorce papers and says just think about it. You are intelligent and strong enough to lead your life.

Jiggy says to Randhir why are you studying. You will win it. Randhir says I want to win it for snayu. He says your relationship is even wired than mine. He says its not a relationship. Parth says what it is then? Randhir says its not a relationship that’s all I know. Parth says why are you hanging in between. Jiggy says yeah don’t get in this relationships all. Its mess. Look I don’t even know if kaustuki loves me or not.

Everyone is in the class. Yoyo says introductory letter. His pal says why maya is not here? Why is she late. Sanyu comes in hurriedly but heaves a sigh of relief to find maya isn’t there. Randhir says look at yourself, why aare you torturing yourself? you never listen to me. sanyu says do you? PA comes and says lecture in cancelled. SAnyu says why so? randhir says how would I know I have no concerns with others life. sanyu says then why you care about mine? Randhir says relationships aren’t everything. You came here to become engineer. Peon tell his mate that maya has cancelled all the meetings she was reading some paper.

Scene 2
Late at night randhir goes to maya’s cabin and finds the divorce paper.

Next morning, a girl asks sanyu why are you hair so good? Sanyu tells her shampoo to her. sanyu wonders why was randhir talking about relationships. Did I come here for him? Or both engineering at him. randhir comes and shows her the divorce papers. He says this what happens at the end. my mom hurt my dad, you hurt your familu and now maya ma’am. sanyu says do you even know whats going on n her life. Ranhdir says I don’t wanna know I have seen already in my house. Please end this topic right here. sanyu wonders what happened to maya?

Precap-rishi comes to maya and says how dare you to send me divorce papers. Maya recalls sanyu telling her to make her own way. He says lets go maya. He is dragging her out. maya says I won’t and slaps him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  7. Sadda haq special episode on sunday..
    Title- Yeh Saddi Dosti special..
    Spoiler- ysa takes place for the second time in FITE.both sanyu nd Randhir want the prize money.who will win..?
    Must watch..

    1. thankyou for spoilers anamika di !!! and i hope rd wins this time i mean thoda change zaroori hotha hai yaar !!! koi bhi jeethe wo kudke aur dusre ke fees bharenge ..

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