Pavitra Rishta 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ankita’s mehandi ceremony. Savita sees Rushali standing next to Ankita and jokes how come she is seeing Rushali here. Rushali says she has hanged and is serving her bahu. She apologizes Ankita and asks if she forgave her. Ankita nods yes. Savita then jokes that it is Rushali for sure. Teju asks mehandi woman to write Naren’s name secretly on Ankita’s hands. Naren comes there and takes Ankita to search his name. She says he cannot search it now, but he is adamant to search it.

Pari comes to the marriage venue, takes alcohol bottle from waiter and finishes it off. She then breaks bottle and holds it against Ankita’s neck. She says Ankita has to die and she has to give Naren pusishment. She says her baba was like Naren who left her mom. Naren asks Pari to leave Ankita, but Pari says she will kill Ankita today for sure. Naren pulls Ankita, and Pari falls on ground. She sees Arjun and Purvi standing in front of her. She identifies them as her parents. Arjun asks what is she doing. Pari asks them to stay away from there and says for her, her parents are dead and when she needed her parents the most, they were not with her. Arjun asks her to listen to him. She says she does not want to listen to a man who did not care my mother at all. Purvi asks Pari to listen to her. Pari says she is not as great as her to forgive her dad, says she still remembers the day when her father was missing from her life and asks them both to leave her alone. They both are devastated with Pari’s behavior. Purvi identifies Ankita as Soham’s daughter. Naren takes them in.

All ladies dance on Marathi song. Archana, Savita and other oldies see Purvi and get happy. Archana emotionally hugs her and says she did not know that they both are alive. Purvi then hugs other family members. Sachin recieves Arjun. Sulochana thanks god to send her children back. Teju asks what happened. Purvi says Arjun had a brain tumor and was operated. Arjun says Purvi helped her got out of his illness and she is responsible for his second life. He says in plane crash, everyone died except them. Savita asks why did not they call them. He says he wanted to, but after plane crash, you all believed that we are dead, Purvi was very ill, so he thought once she gets well, he will inform about them. Sulochana prays god to give happiness to Purvi from hereon and says this is called Pavitra Rishta. Ovi comes and says she is telling right and says she could not resist coming here hearing about Ankita’s marriage. She says she would not have forgiven herself if she would not have united them. Arjun says they are happy. Purvi asks why is Pari behaving like this.

Pari reminisces Rushali telling that she will not help her. She then reminisces Ankita telling that nobody can separate her from Naren and Arjun trying to console her. Arjun comes to her room and tries to console her, but she says she does not want to listen to her and asks why did not come back when she needed him and says she does not need him now. Arjun says he agrees his mistake. She says he did injustice to her and her mother and says his injustice made her independent and it does not make a difference if he comes back or not.

Precap: Serial’s finale episode is promoted.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Way to go PARI You are number joker but in the end you did steal the show. Good luck to everyone in their future endeavors. It was a nice show after all. I will miss you all. Good luck everyone again.

  2. i think it was a good episode. Rithvik and Asha i am so glad you came back. i really want to see you back on screen together

  3. great but am missing them already I would have been more happy to c ankita aur naren a bit more after they married to c if she would be pregnant again but I love the way it ending tho but I want to c soham b4 it end

  4. plz writers let soham in plz its a request

  5. i liked atleast purvi and anjun r back

  6. so don’t u want soham bck

  7. love you ashvik <3 <3

  8. Abubakar Kalgo

    Woo PR is winding up. What a nice story full of mixed scandals anti culturàl intriques. Next epi should be more educative and culturally centred… Miss Anita,Karen,purvi and kinnari.

  9. wow I am hby to see arjun and purvi are back

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