Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila asks Jigar what happened suddenly overnight that he wants to marry Pari now. He says he and Pari slept together yesterday night. Pari’s dad gets angry, slaps her and asks why did she ruined his dignity, now he is shameful of himself. Jigar asks him not to tell Pari anything and says he is responsible for yesterday’s event and now he wants to marry her. Pari says she does not want to marry him forcefully and says we both made a mistake and he should not feel guilty alone. She hugs Kokila and says if not in this life, she will become her bahu in next life. She hugs Gopi and says she will become her devrani in next life and tries to walk out.

Pari says Jigar that she loves him a lot and will love him her whole life. Pari’s dad says very bad happened to them this Dussehra day. Jigar stops her and says he wants to marry her even now, though he loves Rashi. Baa says whatever happened today is god’s wish. Kokila says she is right and says Jigar we tried a lot to convince you to marry Pari, but you yourself wants to marry Pari now, it is god’s wish. She asks Gopi’s decision. Gopi says she is with Jigar and says he has accepted his mistake and wants to correct it, so we should stand with him. Baa says we should get them engaged today on Dussehra day. Kokila says she will get them engaged in the evening.

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Kinjal says Urmila that she should be punished for frightening chawl people and asks her to do household chores, else she will inform Kokila. Urmila says she is not afraid of her mother. Hetal calls her and informs that Jigar has agreed to marry Pari. Urmila is shocked to hear that and informs Kinjal about it. Kinjal is also shocked to hear that. Urmila says it is just few months since her daughter’s demise and she will not let her jamai marry Pari. She says Kinjal that your mom convinced Jigar to marry Pari, now she will go to Modi bhavan and will scold Urmila for her mistake.

Pari’s dad says that she purposefully slept with Jigar yesterday. She says she had to do it as she cannot go out of Modi house without marrying him. He asks what if he would have denied marrying her. She says she knows Jigar is kind hearted and would have agreed to marry her. Dad gets angry and leaves. She thinks she will convince her dad soon. Roopmati brings juice for her. Pari happily hugs her and says her plan worked. Meera comes and asks about Gopi. Pari says she must be in temple. Roopmati/Radha asks if kids will accept her. She says Jigar will convince them.

Jigar apologizes kids for not taking their opinion. Kids asks why is he apologizing. Gopi comes and says your papa has agreed to marry Pari. Kids says what is the use now when you are there for us. Gopi says she is their badi maa and Pari will be your maa. Kids ask why is papa marrying Pari. Gopi says Pari loves your papa a lot and reminds them of Pari’s help. Vidya says she does not like her. Meera says people are not bad or not, their deeds make them good or bad. Gopi says she is right and asks them both to go and select dresses for their uncle’s engagement. She then says Jigar that kids need you must now. She hugs kids and says their badi maa will be always with you. Jigar says Pari will become a good mother and asks if they will be with him. They say they are with him and hug him.

Gopi draws rangoli and says god that as per your wish, she will accept Pari as her devrani, but her mind does not accept this, says she always follows god’s wish and even now she will follow. Pari comes and says she knows she is not happy. Gopi says it is not the issue of happiness. Pari says she is becoming her devrani now and should accept her. Gopi says she will accept her once she leaves path of lies and says she knows that Pari planned yesterday’s incident.

Precap: Urmila reaches Modi Bhavan and asks Kokila how can she forget Rashi within few months and get Jigar remarried.

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  1. Yes, finally Jigar and Pari are getting married. This serial is getting better. Please don’t take off this serial.

    1. pari is an ugly disgusting tart

  2. Yes, jigar and pari are finally getting married. This is the best serial. I hope this serial never ends.

  3. Lick an ass john

  4. Ok kk. I just did.

  5. I hate pari. Pari and jigar together doesn’t look good. The drama is becoming more and more bakwaas day by day. The only person I like in the serial is gopi. Please gopi stop this marriage.:(

  6. I hate pari. Pari and jigar together doesn’t look good. The drama is becoming more and more bakwaas day by day. T he only person I like in the serial is gopi. Please gopi stop this marriage.:(

  7. I hate pari and i like rashi now also and pari is stupid and ediot rashi is the best and rashi was the bst……..gopi stop this marriage…….

  8. Nothing is left in dis show now…

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