Sadda Haq 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 22nd April 2014 Written Update

It’s 2:30 in night and all are still working. Vidushi tells Sanyukta that she will go to sleep as until her engine doesn’t work, nothing can happen. She leaves saying she wishes it works, but right now it doesn’t look like it will work. Sanyukta sends Kastuki to sleep as well. She’s working alone now. Shortly after, Randhir walks in with the bike. Sanyukta is adjusting her hair. Randhir watches her and recalls Sanyukta in Indian dress. He goes to her and says in his mind, she will use her hands and legs, but won’t use her brain. He stops her from using the wrong part, but she ignores him and doesn’t respond. He gives her the right part, but she still won’t take it. She starts the bike and looks proudly at Randhir. She says part was wrong, but she corrected it. Unfortunately, no one is there to set him right.

It’s morning now. All students are back. Jiggy is reading a book. Kastuki tells him that she was feeling low on confidence last night, but thanks you Sanyukta, she finished her task. She’s glad to have a friend like her. Sanyukta comes in and checks the bike. Only gear (Parth’s part) is left. She places it on the bike and tells Kastuki to call Vardhan as their bike is ready, and that too before deadline. Randhir just watches everything.

Vardhan comes in and unfortunately bike doesn’t start even though all look good. Randhir is laughing a bit. Vardhan asks the students if it’s a joke. How the bike would work without proper gear box. Sanyukta realizes, in hurry, she forgot to check the gear box. Randhir tells Vardhan, gear was Parth’s part, and he didn’t do it yet. Sanyukta called you without even checking the bike. Vardhan asks where is Parth? Everyone is quiet. Vardhan says unbelievable. He calls them all waste engineers and now makes the deadline of today evening. All wonder how they will finish the task by evening.

Randhir is angry with Parth. Kastuki says there must be a reason. Randhir says, losers don’t need a reason. All are frustrated at Parth. Sanyukta is quiet. Randhir says he won’t let the whole team fail because of Parth. He decides to take gear’s responsibility. Jiggy is happy. He says Randhir is taking responsibility that means it will be done. Parth comes in and says gear is his responsibility, he will finish it. He doesn’t need any help. Randhir says he is not helping, and he never will. He’s just trying to take team out of this situation. Parth tells Sanyukta she should have asked him at least if he finished his part or no. He will work and finish his part. He leaves. All others leave except Sanyukta and Randhir. Sanyukta says Parth must be in some problem, else he can’t behave like this. Randhir opposes it. He says, he knew love is blind, but he didn’t know people get blind in love as well. Sanyukta laughs and says, Randhir talks about love too? Their argument continues and In their argument, Sanyukta gets a hint from Randhir’s lecture. She hugs him and says, he always gives all solutions to her even if he doesn’t want to. Randhir says, I am not your Parth that you’re hugging me like this. He tells her, if Parth can’t do it, then tell me, I will do it on last minute. He leaves. Sanyukta is all happy.

Sanyukta is searching for a new student, a guitarist. She asks YoYo, but he says he has quit ragging so he doesn’t know anything. Sanyukta leaves. YoYo says, he’s changed now. Kastuki doesn’t like ragging, so he quit it. Sanyukta finds the student and requests him to give his guitar to her.

Parth is working on his part. He says he won’t let the team lose because of him. He will finish his task no matter what. He can’t concentrate. Suddenly he hears someone playing guitar. He turns and sees Sanyukta playing it. YoYo sees Sanyukta and wonders if she started part time work. Parth tries to ignore Sanyukta, but she keeps playing it. Parth goes away from there. Sanyukta says there is no effect on him. Vardhan comes in her way and he asks her what’s going on? Now she’s with guitar. He says it’s not a task, it’s challenge. He wonders if he made a mistake by picking this Dream Team. Sanyukta says he hasn’t made a mistake in picking this Dream Team, nor they have made any mistake. The challenge will complete, and that on time. Vardhan says he hopes so.

Randhir and Sanyukta meet again. He taunts her about being a joker. She says she is at least making people smile unlike him. She says she’s doing all this for Parth. Randhir asks what is guitar going to do? Sanyukta explains him how Parth is upset after he got that guitar, but then says, he won’t understand all that. She leaves.

Parth is now working in the canteen area. Sanyukta comes there and says in her mind, he’s forcing himself to work on guitar, but before fixing it, he has to fix himself.

She goes near him and starts playing the guitar. Parth again doesn’t give any attention to her. Vidushi wonders what happened to her. All students are getting irritated. Canteen boy says, she’s not playing guitar, she’s destroying his canteen. She will make sure it closes down.

Vidushi gets a glass of water to throw at Sanyukta, but Parth stops her. He goes to Sanyukta and shows her how to hold the guitar. Vidushi leaves. Parth thinks before playing the guitar. Sanyukta asks why he stopped. He returns it to her and leaves with his gear parts. Sanyukta is disappointed.

Precap: Parth is now in his room and his guitar is not there. He searches for it. Randhir is seen walking with a guitar. Parth asks YoYo about Randhir. YoYo says he saw a guitar upstairs. Parth runs. Randhir seems to be destroying the guitar. Parth enters the room where Randhir is, and he’s shocked. Ankit calls Sanyukta and asks her to come home as soon as possible as some problem has come up.

Update Credit to: Tina

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